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Good Morning Wednesday 29th December 2021

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Michael12 Wed 29-Dec-21 05:59:04

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , but looks dry outside here in brackley .
I must start to get my weight down again having put it on over xmas , so I plan to get the bus to Bicester ,and do my usual there .
Otherwise sorting things out in the flat.
Take Care,

notgran Wed 29-Dec-21 06:13:10

Good Morning, I'm up and sat here in my heated rollers. Number 2 Daughter and I are off to the Ballet later to-day. Like you Mick I'm having to start to address the Christmas weight gain so have decided to walk from Waterloo Station to Sadlers Wells. Just short of 3 miles, I think if we take our time it should be quite doable. I'll let you know. This way we are avoiding The Tube which must be even more unhealthy these days. We will probably Uber back. I have my COVID Passports (the certificates from the NHS AP) to show I am fully vaccinated which are apparently needed and I took a test yesterday. Fingers crossed we avoid all the nasties.

NotAGran55 Wed 29-Dec-21 06:21:02

Good morning from wet West Berkshire.

Back to work for me this morning and clean eating.
I’ve enjoyed the break and the over indulgence but must admit I feel so much better physically and mentally when I’m being busy and eating well.

Have the best day you can.

AGAA4 Wed 29-Dec-21 06:35:07

Good morning from North Wales. Notagran I am envious of your trip to the ballet. Have a lovely time.

I was very tired last night after travelling over last few days to Harrogate and then High Peak but I have been able to spend time with all my children this year so I'm not complaining.
A quiet day for me today.

Have a pleasant day everyone and 💐 for those who are not well or have troubles.

Ashcombe Wed 29-Dec-21 06:49:07

Good morning, everyone, from a soggy Torbay.

Our journey home from Crewe was somewhat tedious with rain until we were South of Birmingham then congestion, causing slowing down several times South of Bristol, where we thought of grandMattie and hope her journey went rather better. As on Christmas morning, there were few lorries on the road but that trip took four hours whereas yesterday's was five and a half! We concluded the increased volume of traffic was due to New Year holidaymakers heading for the West Country and sale shoppers.

A trip to Sadlers Wells sounds marvellous, notgran - a real treat! Which ballet will you see? Have a wonderful time!

So sorry to read yesterday of the sadness in your life at the moment, ginny. 💐 and a virtual hug. 💜

A quiet day at home today is welcome but we have some happy family times on which to reflect. I hope you all find something to cheer you today. 🦩🥰🦩🎄🦩

Gagagran Wed 29-Dec-21 06:51:09

Good Morning everyone from a damp and mild south coast.

Hope you enjoy the ballet notgran. I am going to see The Nutcracker on 6 January and looking forward to that very much.

Nothing much on the agenda today apart from DH's blood test appt. at the surgery. I need to do one or two sorting out jobs but nothing stressful. Wondering if we will finally get a postal delivery as we haven't had one for well over a week and there will be some cards, for sure, when it finally comes.

Have the best day you can everyone. sunshine

Daisytwoshoes Wed 29-Dec-21 07:00:52

Good morning everyone
Not sure what the weather is doing yet .haven’t looked outside, just thinking about going downstairs to make my first cuppa of the day .
Had a walk yesterday afternoon down by the river .there were quite a few people about enjoying the dry but windy day .
A few bits of housework to do this morning , going to see DS DIL and DGS after lunch .
Have a good day and thoughts to those who have troubles or are feeling under the weather💐

FannyCornforth Wed 29-Dec-21 07:07:25

Good morning everyone from, what I can make if it, is yet another dreary and damp day in Derby.

Currently drinking hot chocolate in bed and listening to Ngaio Marsh (the Canadian Christie) on Audible.

Top of my to-do-list today is to rectify the disgusting / embarrassing situation re my broadband provider.

Today’s (ahem) Fanny’s Funnies (humour me) are by one of my favourite cartoonists, Tony Husband.

Wishing you all a pleasant and peaceful day x

FannyCornforth Wed 29-Dec-21 07:13:32

At the risk of these posting twice…

FannyCornforth Wed 29-Dec-21 07:13:55


GrannyGravy13 Wed 29-Dec-21 07:18:51

Morning Mick and all

Still dark in S E Essex, we are forecast up to 15’ here today, how odd for late December.

Our plans are up in the air, The Imp
started vomiting around 6.30pm, very hot leading up to vomiting all over DD’s bed in the middle of the night. Washing machine is on already, they are asleep in another spare room. We are meant to be having the other AS’s and their families here for dinner tomorrow, we will have to see if we have any more sickness this morning if so I will cancel and hopefully rearrange for Sunday.

Sorry you have so much to contend with ginny 💐

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

boat Wed 29-Dec-21 07:20:39

Good Morning Michael and all from North Warwickshire. It is still dark but I can hear raindrops pinging on the roof. Deep joy.

Laundry today. Also I have to arrange for our local freelance Dracula to come and take a blood sample as the pharmacy is threatening to not fill my next prescription if I don't get my blood tested.

I hope everyone has a decent day.

Ashcombe Wed 29-Dec-21 07:21:13

Always good to start the day with a smile, *FannyCornforth! Thank you!

Gransnet HQ will remove the duplicate if you report your second post, although everyone understands the frustration of posting pics that don’t immediately appear!

BlueBalou Wed 29-Dec-21 07:21:46

Good morning! Another wet start here in north Wiltshire so DDog and I will have a squelchy walk again.
Nothing at all planned today so probably will do some card making I think or start clearing my crafting stash out. I honestly don’t need all the yarn I have accumulated!
I really don’t like these dreary days between Christmas and New Year, they seem to drag.
Hope you all have a peaceful day x

Marydoll Wed 29-Dec-21 07:29:48

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow.
Thanks for the double dose of humour Fanny 😉

Not feeling too good today and WiFi issues, so a very short (much to the relief of many) post from me.

For those with sorry and pain, I wish you the strength to get through the day💐 and for those with plans, enjoy!

Grandmajean Wed 29-Dec-21 07:48:05

Morning all.
Been wet here in Chester.
Lovely lazy day yesterday. Cooking and shopping today and tomorrow for Hogmanay and New Year's Day visitors.
Not many posters yet this morning.

Serendipity22 Wed 29-Dec-21 07:53:16

Good morning everyone from a dark, damp Yorkshire. Too dark to see the poor sheep in the field opposite me but i know they're there, brrrrrr.

Yesterday myself and my granddaughter watched Home Alone in a .... spigeltent! Didnt have a clue what it was, until yesterday. Afterwards she went on the fabulously spectacular carrousel, brilliant day.

Today is McDonald's! Horrible food, but she likes it.
Whatever you do today, ENJOY smile

Gingster Wed 29-Dec-21 07:54:15

Good morning and yes GG still dark but mild here in
Essex. Sorry to hear that The little Imp is poorly. Hopefully just too much excitement, goodies etc. 🤞

Today I will have little gd as her mum has a hospital appointment. I’m feeling full of cold and quite lethargic, so we’ll , hopefully, have a quiet few hours. Reading and doing puzzles..etc.

This dreary weather is so depressing. We all need a bit of sunshine .

Wishing you all a gentle day 💐

Beechnut Wed 29-Dec-21 07:57:16

Good Morning everyone from a wet Severnside. It was raining when I went to bed at 4:30 am. I wanted to concentrate on reading something last night so I muted the tv then fell asleep. I was quite shocked at the time on waking. My chair must be comfy 😂
I’ve a parcel coming today so I have something to look forward to and will carry on with my dressmaking.
Yesterday I had a lovely FaceTime with my sister in law and brother. He was looking very relaxed.

Stay safe all 🎄🦩

brook2704 Wed 29-Dec-21 07:58:44

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s still very cold, icy and frosty outside. The warmer weather is due up here later today so that should thaw out the ground and garden soon.
Today I’m going to the gym for my splash around at the Aqua class which is good fun and then finishing packing for our trip to see DD1 and family in Cambridge over the New Year. We’re not going by train this time but getting the Inverness to Luton flight in the morning. Hopefully it won’t be too busy and everything on time etc
Hope the Imp is better soon GG poor lamb
Marydoll hope you’re feeling a bit better soon
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Pittcity Wed 29-Dec-21 08:00:52

Good morning from rainy Colchester. A mild wet day forecast...yuk.
We are having our usual Wednesday morning coffee meetup in the town centre. A new lady has shown interest so I hope a few others turn up.
Probably won't pootle in town afterwards as usual because of the weather but may try to persuade DH to drive to Aldi or Lidl, which are both in walking distance.
No chance of weight loss here today.
Love to all 🦩 x

Chrissielou Wed 29-Dec-21 08:04:20

Good morning from a damp, mild Oxfordshire, we actually had some sunshine yesterday afternoon. Today will be some housework, soup making and dog walking, nothing exciting but I'm enjoying the time off work so much, I will need to conjure up some enthusiasm next week though!

kittylester Wed 29-Dec-21 08:09:42

Good morning all from a soggy North Leicestershire. One of the routes out of our village and the next village is flooded again which sends more traffic down our road.

Not much on the cards today - I think we will eat at lunch time and do some TV catching up this afternoon.

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 29-Dec-21 08:13:05

Good morning all from dark Harrogate
Enjoyed my trip into town yesterday, it was surprisingly quiet, although it seemed to be getting busier when we were coming home
Today I have a call from physio to check on my arm after cracking a bone when I fell in November, the arm is fine. Normal service has been resumed. After that it will probably be housework.
You will be glad to be home after your tedious journey Ashcombe
Enjoyed ‘Fanny’s funnies’ Fanny
Hope you all have the best day possible

GrandmasueUK Wed 29-Dec-21 08:19:50

Good morning Mick and all who follow from a very grey and quiet Lancashire/Cheshire border. The family have just departed to the airport and it feels so empty here. Thankfully my Dd and OH will be back after dropping them off.

I'll be thankful we don't have to watch Power Rangers or Star Wars until summer when they will return.

Lots of washing and tidying today. The camping bunk beds were a hit but have to be packed away and put into the loft. I'm looking forward to the quiet but will seriously miss the playing.

Hope people with ills or troubles find a little sunshine🦩🤗 today.