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Toilets, why are they not better designed?

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JaneJudge Mon 03-Jan-22 14:48:32

Especially public toilets. Why are they not designed with easy cleaning in mind?

Why has no one come up with a design for a bathroom/toilet that self cleans and drains away?
I just don't understand it. The seats themselves have so many lips/bits/seams

Also does the You bend have to be so visible, couldn't it be elsewhere as that is difficult to clean too. As are the screws that screw the toilet bowl to the floor

Parsley3 Mon 03-Jan-22 14:51:11

I think there are self cleaning toilets in Japan but will Google in case I have made that up.

labazsisslowlygoingmad Mon 03-Jan-22 14:52:16

that would be heaven living with a man I would like one!

Parsley3 Mon 03-Jan-22 14:58:23

There are always pros and cons. 😏

JaneJudge Mon 03-Jan-22 15:16:48

I can't think of any cons. I often wonder how AWFUL it must be being a toilet cleaner in a commercial place, like a service station where they regularly get blocked up.

I think I am also thinking of a hose next to the toilet that you could shower it over and any water on the floor drained into a trough at the back like in swimming pool showers but it all looked much nicer than my description smile

Visgir1 Mon 03-Jan-22 15:33:52

Last summer I was in Exeter and came across the best public loos, I have ever been in the design makes it easy to clean .
Seen similar at an Airport but never a public loo in a City.
Well done Exeter Council.

Galaxy Mon 03-Jan-22 15:36:50

Yes it must be a terrible jobs some times.

Galaxy Mon 03-Jan-22 15:37:22

Job I mean not jobs. That was accidental grin

Blondiescot Mon 03-Jan-22 15:41:14

My husband runs a commercial cleaning company. I have had to help him out on occasion - I cannot even begin to describe the state of some of the toilets I've had to clean! Good job I'm not squeamish, that's all I can say.

Allsorts Mon 03-Jan-22 15:53:36

I’m amazed the staining on public loos it seems the floors and surfaces are wiped down but no bleach or cleaning of loo. If it wasn’t an emergencyI wouldn’t venture in most if them. I would hate the job, if I had it I would venture in with goggles, mask and gloves, flush everyone without looking at the loo, then go round with a gallon of bleach, slosh it under rim etc, leave it a couple of hours, sorry about the environment, scrub all the surfaces, bleach and mop floors. Then go round with a brush on toilets. Stick up an air freshener , then, put a note on the door out of use. They would have to use somewhere else until they realised they had to leave it as it was found. Somehow I don’t think I would get the job though.

NotTooOld Mon 03-Jan-22 15:53:47

I agree with the OP, there are far too many nooks and crannies on your average toilet to make cleaning easy. The same applies to showers, well it does to mine. Too many ledges and fiddly bits that go right round the base. soo annoying and difficult to get at. Every time I do it (not that often) I decide it must have been designed by a man someone who never cleans anything.

Cherrytree59 Mon 03-Jan-22 15:56:54

Nightmare for me.

I would like all exit doors from public WC to have a foot button on the floor to open door .
I absolutely hate touching door handle after having washed and dried my hands.
Having to use a tissues or hope that someone is opening door from t'other side.

I will only use toilets in a clean establishment. I have an aversion to outside public conveniences including railways, trains and aeroplanes.
Have travelled to Australia
without using plane toilets
(Thankfully nice clean WC in Dubai airport).
Also managed to travel via coach from Birmingham to Paris without using (in those days hole thingys) WC.
Made it to McDonald's on the Av. Des Champ-Elysees.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 03-Jan-22 16:00:32

I agree about loos and showers. My pet hate with loos is cleaning under the rim. I’m so glad we now have a wet room so the ledges and corners of showers and the glass screens are a thing of the past. These things are definitely not designed by women (or at least, women who do their own cleaning)!

Marydoll Mon 03-Jan-22 16:31:27

I havee seen self cleaning toilets in both Italy and Germany.

MerylStreep Mon 03-Jan-22 16:34:56

We have self cleaning toilets in Southend.

Peasblossom Mon 03-Jan-22 16:38:21

Well my nice new toilet isn’t self-cleaning, but it hasn’t got a rim or screws to the floor. And the seat unclips so that you can clean that bit easily.

(Can’t believe I’m taking photos of a toilet😬😱)

Peasblossom Mon 03-Jan-22 16:39:50

Oh the pictures didn’t work. I’ll try again

dogsmother Mon 03-Jan-22 16:40:52

I too agree, not only cleaning but here we have intermittent vandalism in public toilets.I-am always wondering why they don’t provide anti vandalism ones, surely there must be such a thing? It would probably be a lot more sensible long term economically speaking.

Peasblossom Mon 03-Jan-22 16:40:57

Oh they did work after all. Now it
Now it looks as if I’m obsessed with my toilet…

MiniMoon Mon 03-Jan-22 16:41:04

After retiring from nursing, I worked for a year as a cleaner in Waitrose. The women's toilets weren't too bad but the men's regularly got blocked, flooded the floor and none of the men ever reported it to me. It was always a surprise as to what I would find whe I went in there.
All I can say is, thank goodness for strong over the elbow gloves and a large capacity bucket!! 😱🤢

Marmight Mon 03-Jan-22 16:52:02

Most of the motorway loos I use on my travels are kept clean. Pub ones are the worst.
Most public WCs have doors which open inwards almost touching the loo which involves squeezing against the wall then pirouetting round the door once it is closed. A bit more space or outward opening doors, which I’ve seen in Oz, would help. Heaven knows I’m not exactly slim but how larger ladies manage I have no idea 🙄

Margiknot Mon 03-Jan-22 17:09:23

There are some self cleaning public loos in France. The floor and entire toilet are flushed by a sort of automatic shower and drained between users. The downside is everything is wet! I always fear I will get the timing wrong and get showered with bleach scented water!

PamelaJ1 Mon 03-Jan-22 17:15:07

JaneJudge they have hoses next to the toilets in the Middle East but they are for washing your nether regions…. Not the floor. My sister has one next to hers here in the U.K. IT IS COLD WATER. Sorry had to shout. Too horrible to contemplate IMO😱

Jane71 Mon 03-Jan-22 17:17:01

Is it because they are designed by men?

Millie22 Mon 03-Jan-22 17:17:48

Fascinating 🤣

It's a while since we had a thread about toilets. Brings to mind Marydoll and the Rome toilet story.