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Laughing till we cry

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Serendipity22 Sun 20-Feb-22 10:31:08

My GD has just reminded me of a few weeks ago when we literally cried with laughter and just now when she reminded me we laughed so much my sides hurt.

The incident is unexplainable, it was literally a case of you HAD to be there.

There are countless other you HAD to be there moments but it all lead me to starting this post of WHAT MADE YOU LAUGH TILL YOU CRIED hahahaha.

A happy thread for a dismal Sunday morning....


FannyCornforth Sun 20-Feb-22 10:39:21

A long winded, true story becoming ever more absurd.
It involving my friend; her caravan; a donkey; and a TV aerial

I can’t even remember the details now!

Coastpath Sun 20-Feb-22 10:53:27

My dear old mum never, ever swore. If anyone else swore they would be on the receiving end of a terrifying stare and the sort of tut that only ladies of a certain age can achieve.

Then my dad bought a video camera. Mum took the camera out to film the dog playing in the park. As she filmed she banged her knee on a park bench and let out a stream of swear words that would make a stoker blush.

She thought only she had heard this.....until we all sat down at Sunday tea time to watch the family's videos of the week!!! Oh my goodness we were roaring...the entire family was bent double laughing until we cried...even mum.

Serendipity22 Sun 20-Feb-22 11:27:10

Fanny ha ha ... i sounds intriguing.


BigBertha1 Sun 20-Feb-22 11:30:17

Since I laughed like that but I remember how much we used to laugh at Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson in Bottom- Pure slapstick really which I don't like but it was much ruder of course. RIP Rik Mayall.

midgey Sun 20-Feb-22 11:32:03

Coastpath that made me laugh out loud!

henetha Sun 20-Feb-22 11:38:13

Yes, In Paris in 1988, on holiday with my friend Mary.
She broke a sundae glass in a posh restaurant and ran to hide behind a curtain, leaving me to explain and apologise in my schoolgirl French. You had to be there... Can you actually die of laughing? We nearly did!
On that same holiday, we were in an even posher restaurant; the only thing we could afford were the French version of sandwiches. They resembled polystyrene ceiling tiles in every way and we laughed so much that we were asked to move away from the window and sit at the back of the restaurant as our laughter was putting people off from entering. At least, I think that was what the waiter said as he moved us grin.
I really must phone Mary. I haven't seen her since 2019.

Witzend Sun 20-Feb-22 11:38:37

I still remember very fondly one Christmas when my mother was with us. We watched the Royle Family Christmas Special - none of us had ever seen it before.

My mother was soon crying with laughter, which set us all off even more.
For quite a while afterwards dds only had to say a typical line from the programme - ‘Y’all right there, Nana?’ to set her off again.

She was the same while reading the first few pages of Bill Bryson’s book ‘Small Island’, which admittedly had me near hysterics, too.

Georgesgran Sun 20-Feb-22 11:46:28

DD2 and I were flying off to Dubai 2 years ago. Being a wheelchair user she needs assistance and wears special splints in order to stand up which need size 9 trainers to accommodate. She leaves these to the last minute to put on. Delving in her bag she was mortified to find her DH had packed one black and one white, but thankfully a right and a left otherwise we’d have been snookered. After the initial shock, we laughed like drains for ages - I’m sure some of the other travellers thought we’d been at the Duty Free!

MerylStreep Sun 20-Feb-22 11:49:58

I went to lunch with my step daughter this week ( she’s extremely funny)
After a couple of disastrous relationships she decided to go onto a dating site.
She showed me a pic of one respondent: he was wearing a nappy.
I was hurting with laughing so much. 😂

Aldom Sun 20-Feb-22 11:57:21

Who remembers the comedian Max Wall? He used to wear black tights and looked rather like Richard 111. When my friend and I were about 14 we were watching Max Wall on TV. We laughed so much that my friend wet herself, then we laughed some more!!!
I laughed till I cried when reading The Moon's a Balloon, by David Niven. We were on holiday at the time and I read the book in bed before going to sleep. I happened to be talking about how funny it was at breakfast one morning. The man at the next table agreed with me. He said he could hear me laughing from his room. grin

Blondiescot Sun 20-Feb-22 12:10:24

Sad as it seems, I don't think I ever have.

MissChateline Sun 20-Feb-22 12:21:14

A rather naughty story which I read in the paper whilst at work. It involved a group of students on a beach somewhere in Scandinavia. They came across a dead female beached whale lying on its back. One of the students jokingly climbed onto the whale and started to give a mock guided tour. Unfortunately he stepped backwards and fell down the poor whales vagina and all that could be heard were muffled calls for help. Fortunately he was rescued and came to no harm.
For some bizarre reason I started to laugh so much in the office that I was crying and everyone came to see what was going on. The entire office saw the funny side of this tale.
The following day I was working in the crown court and was quietly listening to proceedings when the vision of this young man popped into my head. I got an uncontrollable fit of the giggles and had to excuse myself from court. Fortunately I wasn’t required to apologise to the judge or explain why I had disgraced myself. Even now several years on the story still makes me laugh.

dolphindaisy Sun 20-Feb-22 12:31:09

I usually end up crying with laughter listening to one of Bob Mortimer's stories on Would I lie To You

ShazzaKanazza Sun 20-Feb-22 12:32:10

Myself and DD laughed till we cried when I told her of my dream.

Simon Cowell lounging on a mattress on the floor surrounded by candles looking super gorgeous waiting just for me. I am just about to join him when I say ‘I can’t sleep with you because I’ve let myself go recently’
I was gutted when I woke up.

Curlywhirly Sun 20-Feb-22 14:28:00

I will second Bill Bryson's books for hysterical laughing. I was reading the Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (an autobiography of Bill's childhood in America) and the part where he describes a day out at the local lake when his neighbour decides to dive in, is just hysterical; I was reading it in bed and laughed so much that the whole bed was shaking - hubby was getting cross as he was trying to sleep, and this just made me laugh more, the tears were rolling down my face and I just couldn't compose myself at all. I had to go in the spare room!
On another theme - my son (who has a very loud laugh) went to the Comedy Club in Manchester and was told to stop laughing (at a comedy club???)!!! Which of course made him and his mates laugh even more 🤣🤣🤣

SusieB50 Sun 20-Feb-22 14:51:29

A few years ago my late DH and I were on holiday travelling in France .He had packed his favourite fisherman’s smock that he had had for about 20 years but not worn for a while,. It was bit chilly and he popped it on when we stopped for picnic lunch .Later when we stopped again he decided he was too hot and needed to take it off. He then realised that he had put on a bit of weight since he last wore it ! We were both in hysterics whilst he tried to get out of his armour ! Eventually he managed it with my help tears of laughter streaming down our faces The people in the car park thought we were completely mad ! I do wish I had taken a picture ….

halfpint1 Sun 20-Feb-22 14:52:11

I am just re-reading Bill Brysons' The Road to little Dribling',
it makes me laugh untill I cry.

BridgetPark Sun 20-Feb-22 15:00:57

I was in the local chemist, waiting for my prescription. In came a gentleman who was a little bit inebriated.... the assistant asked for his address before he could have his prescription, as is usual. He held up his hand, staggered a bit, then said... No, No, Hang on, Don't tell me.........
After he left, me and the assistant were in fits of laughter...

Sandycat Sun 20-Feb-22 15:14:46

Some years go now my dh and I were getting a lift from a friend in his VW beetle when it came to a dead stop. Friend got out to examine the engine when I noticed a VW repair business right beside us. DH and I then burst into uncontrolled laughter as we tried to explain to friend that the car was clever enough to stop at exactly the right place! Needless the friend did not find it funny and this made us laugh even more.

VioletSky Sun 20-Feb-22 15:21:51

Working with children sometimes they do things and you can't not laugh or another adult goes off and you all get the giggles and it's very difficult to then deal with it

Maywalk Sun 20-Feb-22 15:41:43

This is something that happened when my lovely hubby was still alive but I still giggle about it now.

One evening when hubby was well into the first throes of Dementia my son had called in to see us and hubby was looking a bit frantic and said

"I cant find my walking stick."

Son.... "Is this it?" as he picked one up off the floor that had fell between the chairs

Hubby.... "Let me have a look because mine is different to your Mums "
he then proceeds to turn it upside down

Son..... " What on earth are you doing Dad?"

Hubby..... "I know which is mine because I have worn my nob out"

Son looking bewildered..... " YOUR NOB"???????????????

Hubby ....." Yes my rubber cover got worn out my thing is sticking through"

Son ........" Do you mean the ferule protector?

Hubby ........" No I mean my end bit has worn through and you can see my middle bit showing that scrapes on the floor."

Son....... " Dad shall we start again?"

Needless to say I was rolling up with laughter.

Floradora9 Sun 20-Feb-22 16:18:11

DDIL keepts a tight grip on my DS's diet . They visited recently and before he was allowed to eat my Jordan's cereal she took the package and said " I am just examining his nuts "

Marydoll Sun 20-Feb-22 16:30:48

I was at my future DIL's hen do a few weeks ago, where we had a murder mystery night.

I was the murdered person's widow, a cockney, who had married a very posh bloke.
When it came to my part, I alternated between an over exaggerrated posh voice and a cockney voice and sometimes my own Scottish accent, as I pretended to become more and more upset.
I heard this noise, which sounded like crying. I looked up and my DD was lying across a sofa, crying with laughter, tears running down her face, joined by the others in the room.

She had never seen this side of me before. It got so bad that I had to give up, as I too started laughing. My sides were aching.

PS, I was also the murderer, which only one person out of fourteen guessed!

Serendipity22 Sun 20-Feb-22 16:40:04

Maywalk hahahaha.....
That is funny.


Does us good to laugh and giggle ( or cry ) ....