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I do love them BUT……

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Esspee Tue 22-Feb-22 17:38:49

I am sure many of us have people in our lives that we love but who sometimes drive us crazy.
As an example my OH and I are a great match BUT he constantly leaves drawers, cupboards and doors open. I am constantly closing things and I have to check the outside doors as they are often unlocked.
He is 75 so I reckon I am unlikely to be able to change him so I try to remain calm and ignore it.
What drives you crazy about your loved ones?

aquagran Tue 22-Feb-22 17:40:30

How long have you got? 😂

Esspee Tue 22-Feb-22 17:44:02

Let it all out Aquagran

MissAdventure Tue 22-Feb-22 17:46:25

Grandson mumbles I'm deaf, is always in the toilet when I need to go, doesnt put things away and then asks "Where did YOU put my (pen, tie, shoes....) takes about 5 towels into the bathroom with him...

Millie22 Tue 22-Feb-22 17:48:44

Crisps!!! ... lots of them.

M0nica Tue 22-Feb-22 18:20:31

Oh, Esspee, I so understand, my DH is just the same and it drives me totally nuts! I am usually up before him, but when I go up later all the drawers in the chest of drawers are not quite closed. I too have to check the doors at night

He also never puts anything away, but leaves items neatly on the work top just under/above the cupboard/drawer they ought to be in. I sometimes I wonder how much of my life has been spent closing drawers, locking doors, putting items back in cupboards.

The problem is I cannot ignore them because I am a very tidy person and untidiness like this makes it dfficult for me to function.

It is not as if I can blame his mother. She did her best but she used to say in despair 'born in a barn, if I didn't know better'

I have to confess that DS is even worse! The day the kitchen fitters finished their new kitchen I was talking to DDiL and said, half joking, 'Has DS left his socks on the new floor yet? 'Funny you should ask that' replied DDiL,' I have just drawn his attention to them.'

TheOtherCatsMother Tue 22-Feb-22 18:30:40

Oh that is a door you don't want to lean against.

Kate1949 Tue 22-Feb-22 18:33:17

My DH takes the last biscuit, cracker or whatever and leaves the empty packet in the cupboard/fridge. He constantly can't find things although he's 'searched thoroughly'. I usually find it straight away.
Another favourite is 'I put a piece of paper on the table this morning and someone's moved it's. I say 'I assume you mean me?'. He says 'I didn't say that'. Well there are only two of us living here. He usually remembers that he moved it himself. hmm

JaneJudge Tue 22-Feb-22 18:35:00

collection of crockery in bedrooms
expecting washing to just be magically done
the where is the washing? t be folded outside of the tumble dryer
the ;what have you done all day' to the response of invisible daily grind

Kim19 Tue 22-Feb-22 18:37:08

When I was having a little vexed rant I asked my husband what irritated him about me. He quickly took the fifth!!

Elizabeth27 Tue 22-Feb-22 18:57:15

I am one of those annoying people, I live alone now so only annoy myself. I am a very tidy person but am always leaving drawers and cupboards open.

It has to be me, there is no one else in the house but I go into a room and am surprised to see a cupboard or drawer open.

Cherrytree59 Tue 22-Feb-22 18:58:26

I have a Crumb phobia grin
Food in bed or actually taking food upstairs is a no no.

Dh will make sandwich or eat digestive biscuits whilst happily watching the birds through kitchen window.
All Good but no plate under biscuit .

The worktop is by now covered in crumbs.
He can't see them as not wearing reading glasses.

AND then in his head he is wiping crumbs up.

NO he is using tea towels to spread crumbs across work surface or onto floor

Ho humhmm

tobyandsocks Tue 22-Feb-22 19:01:08


cornergran Tue 22-Feb-22 19:11:37

Mr C is in the not shutting doors (of any kind), or drawers gang. Never has as far as I can recall. Items find their way into cupboard by dint of some magic, as do clothes into the wash.

One totally bemusing thing is someone who worked as an engineer and IT specialist finds the washing machine unfathomable.

He does have oodles of good points and is remarkably patient with my foibles. Think I’ll keep him smile.


Baggs Tue 22-Feb-22 19:19:29

Putting mugs with wet bottoms (cos he's just rinsed them messily) on the worktop right next to the cloth I've put there for him to put wet things on.

Auntieflo Tue 22-Feb-22 19:25:56

My DH is also a keeper, but, he will put on a light in the hall cupboard, and then leave it on.
If there are things to be hand washed, he will do all of it except one thing!
We have lived here for over 50 years and he still can't find the right cupboard to put some things away.

He does make me many cups of excellent tea and coffee. 😘

Kate54 Tue 22-Feb-22 19:30:52

Draining board and worktops never wiped despite excellent washing up skills.

Coastpath Tue 22-Feb-22 19:33:56


Draining board and worktops never wiped despite excellent washing up skills.

Yes. How do they not see that!!

Edge26 Tue 22-Feb-22 19:37:23

My OH is forever whistling, it drives me mad and what makes it worse it's always the same tune!!

Serendipity22 Tue 22-Feb-22 19:37:55

Ohhhhh blimey, where OHHH WHERE do I start ?!?!?!

Casdon Tue 22-Feb-22 19:40:17

Fridge blindness. Opening the door seems to render every man in my life blind and dull. An item can be right there at eye level, at the front of the shelf and neither of them can see it. If I hear ‘Mum we have run out of butter’ which is the cue for me to find it, one more time I’ll scream.

glammagran Tue 22-Feb-22 19:50:44

I don’t think H has ever washed a pan up satisfactorily. I’ve told him (must be a 1000+ times by now) he needs to use more washing up liquid TO REMOVE GREASE!!). Saucepans which have boiled over have muck all down the outside but he only cleans the interiors. And like Casdon mine is unable to ever find anything even at eye level in fridge or cupboard. And zero chance if whatever he is looking for is not “on top”.

Katyj Tue 22-Feb-22 19:58:24

Mine can’t find anything ! He’ll be looking in the fridge and shout from the kitchen where’s the ham, me on the 2nd shelf at the back, him you must have eaten it all 🙄
And why can’t he use the grill I’ve explained at least a dozen times which setting to use, still try’s to grill using the oven. I give up.

Redhead56 Tue 22-Feb-22 20:08:03

My husband always brings me a cup of tea in the morning a lovely gesture. Often forgetting to take his dog walking shoes off. Then letting the dog run all around the house soaking wet shaking her fur everywhere. That's just a great start to the day and it gets my temper going. That's before I even get down the stairs!

Kate1949 Tue 22-Feb-22 20:10:50

Mine wipes worktops when he's washed up but never the hob, which is always covered in crumbs or spills.