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What is there too much of ?

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nanna8 Wed 09-Mar-22 07:12:23

The obvious one to me are adverts on tv. Far too many and quite intrusive these days. There used to be a limit on the time but that seems to have disappeared. I could also say ,especially with politicians, too much talk, too little action.

FannyCornforth Wed 09-Mar-22 07:14:51


Greenfinch Wed 09-Mar-22 07:18:27

Hyperbole. “Everything” these days is incredible, unbelievable or magnificent. These words should be used sparsely and with their correct meaning.

Witzend Wed 09-Mar-22 07:23:40

The ads are the main reason I record a lot of programmes - can then zoom through the cruises, funeral plans, how to buy a car the noo! way, etc.

As for politicians talking too much, John Prescott was IMO the master of this - he could keep going like a bulldozer, scarcely pausing to draw breath so that no interviewer got a chance to interrupt. You had to admire his technique!

Many of the others have perfected the art of slithering around the question like an oiled snake - I often wonder whether they’re given a course in How To Keep Going Without Answering The Question.

argymargy Wed 09-Mar-22 07:42:47


Hyperbole. “Everything” these days is incredible, unbelievable or magnificent. These words should be used sparsely and with their correct meaning.

Yes, thank you @Greenfinch So many things are apparently incredible but I believe them!

Lucca Wed 09-Mar-22 07:55:03


Josieann Wed 09-Mar-22 07:55:17

But a lot of things ARE amazing, stunning, awesome, (mind blowing) if we think about it. The hyperbole sort of works, especially when used in a positive sense.
Too many choices makes it difficult to streamline our lives.

Witzend Wed 09-Mar-22 07:56:12


Hyperbole. “Everything” these days is incredible, unbelievable or magnificent. These words should be used sparsely and with their correct meaning.

And ‘amazing’ applied to all sorts that just isn’t.

Hyperbole is rife. Just the other day there was a MN post from someone who was ‘terrified’ of hosting a small child’s birthday party.
I couldn’t help thinking of all those genuinely terrified people in Ukraine, with shells exploding all around. I refrained from saying as much, though.

FannyCornforth Wed 09-Mar-22 07:59:36

If we’re talking about politicians - faux clarity

As in:

‘Let me be clear…’


‘The Prime Minister has been very clear…’

Often said by Nadine Dorries.
And then what follows is anything but clear

Serendipity22 Wed 09-Mar-22 08:13:58

There is far far too much of lack of manners and respect

lixy Wed 09-Mar-22 08:17:16



joannapiano Wed 09-Mar-22 08:19:03


GrandmaSeaDragon Wed 09-Mar-22 08:21:20

Lack of consideration and thought, whether for other people, the environment or anything else.
Celebrities, why?
TV channels.

BlueBelle Wed 09-Mar-22 08:23:51


3dognight Wed 09-Mar-22 08:24:23

Fly tipping down country lanes round here, also in the forest. Why I wonder go to the trouble of going off road into the forest? Surely it’s more convenient to go to the recycling centre.

nadateturbe Wed 09-Mar-22 08:28:28

Dog poo

Teacheranne Wed 09-Mar-22 08:28:51

Smart motorways!

Lexisgranny Wed 09-Mar-22 08:34:20

“Sources close to”
“Royal commentators”
Reality programmes where young people sit around trying to make a new career out of doing nothing.
Repeats on prime time tv that were never very good in the first place.
Panelists on current affairs programmes who feel the way to get their point across is to talk loudly over other panelists.
Presenters who make their personal bias obvious.
Interviewers who ask questions but do not allow replies to be given before interrupting.

Grumpy elderly women such as myself who swore they would never become grumpy elderly women such as myself!

Jaylou Wed 09-Mar-22 08:36:16

Probably get shot down for this one. Too many (inconsiderate) cyclists on the road

MerylStreep Wed 09-Mar-22 08:37:32

The word all
As in:
Don’t we all
Haven’t we all
We all think. Etc etc.
I want to scream NO WE HAVN’T

BlueBelle Wed 09-Mar-22 08:43:02

jaylou too many inconsiderate motorist opening their doors as you cycle passed or coming so close you can tell the time on their wristwatches 🙃

Sarnia Wed 09-Mar-22 08:51:33

Celebrities, including those who think they are.
Social media
Litter, fly tipping and graffiti
Prima Donna footballers
Children suffering violence and abuse
Illegal drugs
Impatient people
Cosmetic surgery

Sago Wed 09-Mar-22 08:59:22

Take Aways
Food waste

Iam64 Wed 09-Mar-22 09:02:00

Substance/alcohol dependence and the violence, child/domestic abuse/crime that goes with it

Urmstongran Wed 09-Mar-22 09:02:01

Virtue signalling.