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varian Sat 12-Mar-22 17:27:49

There is a lot of bad news about right now, so how about sharing some good news?

I'll start. This is a bit of Granny boasting, but why not?

One of my grandchildren, who has been struggling with her maths, has just been offered the chance to move up from the third set to the second set !

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 12-Mar-22 17:28:42

Well done , that will boost her confidence no end .

I was rubbish at Maths.

V3ra Sat 12-Mar-22 17:31:23

Well done to your granddaughter! Hopefully this will boost her confidence in her maths 🙂

Jaylou Sat 12-Mar-22 17:34:12

After 5 months and a lot of pfaffing by solicitors my mother exchanged on her house sale/purchase on Friday. She is moving to a lovely independent living apartment.
I was more stressed for her house move than mine, last year.

V3ra Sat 12-Mar-22 17:34:34

Our good news is that having viewed and offered on his first house last April, our resident son finally received his keys last week and hopefully will be moving out of ours fairly soon 🤞

varian Sat 12-Mar-22 17:44:27

Great news V3ra - it's the start of a whole new life for him - and for you!

V3ra Sat 12-Mar-22 18:07:08

It's been a long time coming varian, he moved back "for about six months" but that was over ten years ago now 🤣

Luckygirl3 Sat 12-Mar-22 18:11:25

Parents' evening for very very brainy GS who is at a excellent school on a scholarship and is top in everything .... DD tells me that all the teachers kept saying how kind he was to everyone. We knew they would say he was academically on the ball, but this meant more than anything.

I did not want him to be a self-absorbed academic geek! So proud they said this.

Grandma70s Sat 12-Mar-22 18:14:58

Last week I saw my grandchildren for the first time in two years. It was as if we had never been apart. They are now 9 and 13.

varian Sat 12-Mar-22 18:26:36

How lovely to actually see them and be able to hug them Grandma70s

Josieann Sat 12-Mar-22 18:27:06

Nice thread. Boasting is good!

After a hard 8 months' slog, I am finally reaping the rewards of a gruelling puppy training programme. Not just "sit" and "down", but coming back on the beach when called and keeping paws off the worktop. Small stuff, but keeps me happy!

Witzend Sat 12-Mar-22 18:30:49

It wasn’t from today, but this always gives me a 😍 sort of lift:

Zoejory Sat 12-Mar-22 18:47:05

I hated maths. Well done to your GD, varian!

This time last week we were all in a tizzy due to 3 year old GD being in hospital with a chest infection.

She was only in for 2 nights but it felt like months.

Today she's totally back to her mischievous self and it's as if last week never happened.

varian Sat 12-Mar-22 18:55:19

What a relief Zoejory. I hope she's fine from now on.

Luckygirl3 Sat 12-Mar-22 22:41:00

Grandma70s - well that certainly is good news - how wonderful!

Zoejory - what a relief.

Shinamae Sat 12-Mar-22 23:02:26

After two years searching my son has found a bungalow and he gets the keys next Friday, I am absolutely thrilled for him… but he had to put a quarter of the value of the house down as a deposit 🤷‍♀️😬

rafichagran Sat 12-Mar-22 23:11:37

So pleased for your Grandaughter.

sharon103 Sat 12-Mar-22 23:21:42

Well done young lady. smile

sharon103 Sat 12-Mar-22 23:24:04

Well done Shinamae's son.
I hope you'll get an invite round for dinner. smile

Shinamae Sat 12-Mar-22 23:38:03


Well done Shinamae's son.
I hope you'll get an invite round for dinner. smile

Thank you, it’s such a relief with the way prices are still rocketing… he had to put a huge deposit of a quarter of the value of the house to get the mortgage, luckily he has sold her house a couple of years ago and by maxing out its credit card was able to do it

I feel so sorry for the youngsters today I have my youngest son and his girlfriend living with me because they cannot afford anywhere of their own. I gave up my bedroom upstairs and they use that as their bedroom and therefore my bedroom as a lounge and I have my bedroom in my former dining room and that’s fine for me …

Shinamae Sat 12-Mar-22 23:44:44

HIS house🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

sharon103 Sat 12-Mar-22 23:48:44

I've still got two sons living with me Shinamae. No way they could afford a mortgage.
Gone are the days of a 100% mortgage.
I really don't know how they manage what with the bills and cost of living.
I hope your son will be happy in his new home.
You'll perhaps have to take your own dinner round then grin

Kim19 Sun 13-Mar-22 08:19:46

Had wonderful news yesterday that son 1 is coming north to visit next weekend. Haven't seen him in the flesh for a long time but he does call me regularly. He announced his arrival by casually telling me of the local football match (near here) he was going to attend for his birthday (yes, that too!). As he's football crazy, it took me a minute for the penny to drop but, boy am I one happy bunny and not too long to wait. Oh, and I'm going to the football too! To be with him, I can live with that. Yippee! Quite true that we never know what a day will bring and rightly so.

silverlining48 Sun 13-Mar-22 08:43:04

My gd has been picked and got through the preliminaries for TVs Junior Bake Off.
We await final confirmation but getting as far as she has is exciting enough, particularly as I am no baker myself. It has really cheered me in these difficult days.
It is secret so not able to tell anyone yet, but as I am anonymous, I can tell you all. grin

Kim19 Sun 13-Mar-22 08:52:18

S48👍. Your secret's safe with me. Brill!