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Good Morning Wednesday 16th March 2022

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Michael12 Wed 16-Mar-22 06:00:02

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight and looks dry outside ,and could turn out to be a nice day weather-wise here in brackley.
Today , a small shop early and then comeback and do a bit more spring cleaning before maybe making a coffee with biscuits ,and then watch cycling on TV this afternoon.
Take Care,

Pantglas2 Wed 16-Mar-22 06:16:40

Good morning Mick and all who follow - here’s some 🌞🌞🌞🌞 from Sharm along with the dratted 💨 which means a cardi has to be worn at brekkie and supper!

Apologies for missing birthdays 🍰 and babies 👶 and as always kind thoughts with those having a tough time at the moment- won’t name in case I miss someone 💐👋

I’m looking forward to seeing pics of the Glasgow Gathering yesterday - think I might have hopped on a train and made an overnighter of that if I’d been back in Wales...the lesser spotted Welsh gatecrashing Granny 👵🏻 !

I’ll pop back later ....😊

grandMattie Wed 16-Mar-22 06:22:34

Good morning from a grey E Kent. Signs of the sandstorm sent over by Urms hasn’t appeared yet!
Laundry and stuff today. Meeting a friend for a brief coffee this morning.
Yesterday was full of reassurance from the hospice m visit from district nurse, etc. DH felt well enough for a couple of little walk. That was a mistake as he dozed for the rest of the day. He has been eating a bit, so I have search my brain (or the compost heap of my memory as a late fried to to say) for uncomplicated things he enjoys eating.
Hope the Glasgow meeting went well. I’m very jealous! 😬
Take care, Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Sar53 Wed 16-Mar-22 06:28:41

Good morning from Essex by the sea.
I'm off on my long journey to Leamington this morning, train, two tubes and another train. I love going to see my daughter and granddaughters but hate the journey. Luckily my daughter picks me up at the other end. It's the carrying of my case up and down stairs that I find difficult.
I'm sure I will be walking to school this afternoon to meet the two youngest granddaughters, I've not seen them since Boxing day.
I hope the Glasgow grans had a wonderful meet up yesterday.
We finally got our ferry booked last night, using our credit note from 2020. France here we come in May.
Have the best Wednesday you can everyone xx

BlueBalou Wed 16-Mar-22 06:29:34

Good morning everyone from foggy Wiltshire, I hope it clears a bit before I venture to B&Q for a few bits.
Nothing exciting happening here, a bit more gardening I hope and a nice walk for DDog later.
Take care everyone x

Gagagran Wed 16-Mar-22 06:53:11

Good Morning everyone from a very grey south coast. 9.6c. Think we are promised rain later so DH has postponed his Wednesday cycle ride until tomorrow morning.

Our cleaning fairies are due at 8am and will accomplish in 1 hour what would take me at least all morning and probably all day. Then I am off to the hairdresser for a much needed trim.

Hope you find something to tempt your DH's appetite Mattie and don't forget you too need nourishment!

Looking forward to hearing of the Glasgow Grans escapades too and hope Marydoll was not too shattered afterwards.

Take care everyone and have the best day you can. sunshine

NanKate Wed 16-Mar-22 06:56:05

Good morning Mick and All.

We have a very overcast day here in South Bucks but the following 3 days look set to be sunny.

So pleased you DH managed to go for a walk yesterday grandMattie. Does your DH like Teatime food such as poached eggs, scrambled egg and crispy bacon, or just toast and marmalade ? When I am unwell I turn to the foods I ate as a child and I always find them comforting.

monk08 Wed 16-Mar-22 07:03:34

Good morning all from the Black country, bit cloudy here at the moment but we've had 2 sunny days so mustn't complain.
DH has the dentist this morning so an early start, his dentist is an hour away but he's been with them nearly 40 years so feels reluctant to change. I shall wonder round the shops whilst he's there change of scenery for me.
Looking forward to hearing about the Glasgow meet up.
Take care all enjoy your Wednesday and may you all find some 🌞.

MawtheMerrier Wed 16-Mar-22 07:03:49

Good morning all from N Bucks where it is dull - oh well, you can’t have sunshine every day!
Normal canine service has been resumed- after three days of milking her wounds and injuries for all she is worth, Rosie has bounced back to the cheeky, contented (and permanently hungry) dog she has always been. Sigh of relief.
Now snuggled up beside me in bed and sleeping off her morning biscuits.
I have my two Zoom courses today - Fidelio on Opera Plus, and MissBehaviour on Movie Mix. A pleasant, undemanding day but must get out too or my derrière will be taking root in the study chair.
Gentle hugs to all with family health worries, I know how they can cast a huge shadow over everything flowers

grandMattie Wed 16-Mar-22 07:11:42

Thank you for advice re. Food. He does have those, but I suppose I have spoiled him and we rarely have the same meals for ages and ages - hence the brain search. It’ll come! One thing - he loves milk puddings which I loathe and never give him. Perhaps I’ll have to learn to make these? 😂

harrigran Wed 16-Mar-22 07:11:46

Good morning from the NE where it is dry at present but rain is forecast.
I am off to to have fasting blood test at GPs, BIL will take me at 8am.
Looking forward to hearing about the meet up, will come back later.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 16-Mar-22 07:15:22

Morning Mick and all

It’s grey and rain is due here in S E Essex.

I had a terrible night, little sleep and when I did nod off it was only to have horrible dreams, hence the banging headache I now have. Of course I have a busy day, so no idea how I will feel later.

Sar53 safe journey, enjoy your time with your DD and GD’s.

grandMattie (((hugs)))

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Grandmadinosaur Wed 16-Mar-22 07:16:54

Good morning from a dull skied East Yorkshire.

Yesterdays coffee morning was a mixture of usual fun but also concern over 2 of the ladies with health issues. Both came as a shock but as a warning to them.

I have an empty until tomorrow afternoon. DH has been invited to go to the Cheltenham festival. Left yesterday afternoon and will be at the racing today. I slept quite well for saying I was on my own but have just had to get up and make my own cuppa which I’m enjoying back in bed.

Have one more wash load of shirts to catch up on from our holidays and I might have a wander out somewhere. Then a hair appt this afternoon.

Looking forward to hearing about the meet up yesterday.

Take care everyone.

Chrissielou Wed 16-Mar-22 07:19:50

Very grey here in Oxfordshire this morning, but with promise of some sunny days to follow and over the weekend. Drier walks with the dog recently, a lovely long one yesterday along the river after work was just what I needed after a somewhat stressful day.
Big virtual hugs to everyone in need of one, and thank you to those who have been so generous with their kindness and support.

cornergran Wed 16-Mar-22 07:22:52

Morning Mick, morning All from a grey and gloomy corner of Somerset.

Routine day ahead. Grocery delivery and dust removal. A decorator is calling late afternoon to give us a quote, I’m preparing myself for the shock.

Safe journey Sar. Hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

Ashcombe Wed 16-Mar-22 07:25:52

Good morning, all, from a very wet Torbay.

I hope you find something with which to tempt DH, grandMattie. Perhaps a little and often instead of normal meals at traditional times.

Yesterday, I learnt of more Covid cases within our theatre community but both my tests were negative. I’m hoping my symptoms (sore throat, headache, etc) are just caused by a head cold.

Have a good day, if possible. 🦩🥰🇺🇦💐🦩

brook2704 Wed 16-Mar-22 07:33:25

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dry and bright with just a little grey cloud.
I had a really good catch up with Glasgow grans yesterday, good friendly company and it was lovely putting names to faces and getting to know everyone a little bit better. I’m looking forward to the next one!
Today I’m going to the Aqua class at the gym and then lunch afterwards with a few of the ladies from the class.
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

kittylester Wed 16-Mar-22 07:33:51

Good morning all from a dull North Leicestershire.

Today we have the last of this session of Carer's courses so, yesterday, I made a cake!! We always treat the carers to a bit of a 'party' on the last day to remind them to look after themselves too.

Lunch yesterday with the Witness Women was cathartic and fun - the ironing, less so.

Thank you everyone who sent kind thoughts and pms about my daughter. Isn't gn great?

Sending love and support to everyone else in need of it for whatever reason.

Jaxjacky Wed 16-Mar-22 07:34:19

Morning all from a dull S Hants, as Gaga said, rain due. Library, a small market to visit then greenhouse pottering. Hope your DH enjoys Cheltenham Grandmadinosaur we’ve been a few times and MrJ has family from NI there for a couple of days. I’ll watch this afternoon.
Thoughts with those poorly.
gMattie hugs to you.
Enjoy your Wednesday all 🦩🦩.

Grandmajean Wed 16-Mar-22 07:41:43

Good morning from Cheshire.
Dull and cloudy here.
Not much happening ( I hope ) here today.
Had two friends round yesterday afternoon and we set the world to rights.
Need to find out if any more Covid cases in DS's family but putting it off.
Glad your DH is brighter *GrandMattie "
So sorry to read your news yesterday KittyLester flowers

Gingster Wed 16-Mar-22 07:42:15

Good morning all and it doesn’t look so bright out there, here in Essex.

Today I’m taking little pooch to the groomers. Her eyelashes are soooo long , - I’m envious! 😂. Then on to pick up little Dgd who has tonsillitis and I’ll look after her for the morning while her mum goes for an appointment.
Everytime gd goes to these soft play parties she ends up with a bug. They are the hive for infections. 😤.

Sar I hope your journey is straight forward with no hiccups. Enjoy your time with your girls. ❤️.

GG - a sleepless night is horrid! Hope the headache eases! 🤞.

Chrissielou -and Kitty - my thoughts are with you this week 🙏.

Hoping you all have a gentle day, 🌷🌿🌱

Grandmabatty Wed 16-Mar-22 07:49:51

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 6° and damp and gloomy. Yesterday was fun. It was such a nice meeting in Glasgow with some of you and as Brook says, putting faces to names. Marydoll thought I would be blonde and tall. 😂 The conversation never stopped. I met really nice people and it's fair to say they were all as charming and lovely in real life.
Today is a visit to mum then I'm picking up dgs1 from playgroup for the last time as he starts nursery next week. Dinosaurs and trains will feature highly in our games. Have a good day all.

Serendipity22 Wed 16-Mar-22 07:55:41

Hello from dull Yorkshire, seems everyone is waking up to a dull sky this morning, cant do much about it, it is what it is but what we CAN do is make sure our mood isn't dull.

I am looking after my youngest GD today, always do on a Wednesday. We are making broken biscuit squares .... ive got some mini eggs to decorate.

I hope everyone has a lovely happy day and leaves NO ROOM for dullness.....


Grammaretto Wed 16-Mar-22 08:05:14

Good Morning from the Scottish Borders. Rain again but luckily it didn't for yesterday's Glasgow trip. It felt really good to see new and familiar faces and to learn some new words. Someone's DD approaching the mentalpause had me giggling to myself on the train home.
I don't think I will ever learn own names and GN names,
Thanks for organising it Marydoll and Bridie. I hope your earring turns up MD
My new tenants settled in while I was away. My helper and I coped OK in our "new" premises which still aren't complete

Today I have booked a time slot to donate to charity. (we have to do that here) A trip to the tip and a gossipy morning at the yarn group. Pity it isn't a good gardening day.
Sending healing vibes to gMattie and Kitty's families and all who need.

Anniebach Wed 16-Mar-22 08:07:39

Good morning Auntyflo and all x