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Music for my funeral, I'm forward planning!

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Lilylaundry Fri 18-Mar-22 13:08:08

Does anyone know of any suitable pieces of music which can be played at my funeral? I most certain want Sailing By but haven't found another two pieces. I just love Annie's song by James Golway (spelling??) but I'm not an Annie. I have heard some classical pieces which are soothing and beautiful to hear but never caught their names.

Soozikinzi Fri 18-Mar-22 14:39:19

Elgar' s cello concerto ? Vivaldi four seasons ?

Soroptimum Fri 18-Mar-22 15:03:53

Adagio for Strings by Barber. Almost too sad….

Chestnut Fri 18-Mar-22 15:15:58

If you want to bring them all to tears try 'A Day Without Rain' by Enya which is so beautiful.

Witzend Fri 18-Mar-22 15:21:27

I’m not religious but one I’m def. going to have at mine is Panis Angelicus, a niece’s school choir version, featuring her solo in a very pure and sweet soprano. To me it’s heartbreakingly beautiful anyway, but this beats any other version I’ve ever heard. We played it at my mother’s funeral, too.

Floradora9 Fri 18-Mar-22 15:23:27

Nimrod by Elgar often played at remembrance services .

grandMattie Fri 18-Mar-22 15:29:14

Rachmaninov’s Vespers (All night vigil)
Tallis - Spem in alium
Purcell - Dido’s lament…
The Mahler used in “Death in Venice”
Brunch - Kol nidri

I could go on.

Blondiescot Fri 18-Mar-22 15:33:43

I've picked the songs I want played at mine and they're all rock/indie music.

Kate1949 Fri 18-Mar-22 15:35:44

Con te partiro by Andrea Bocelli is lovely.

nadateturbe Fri 18-Mar-22 15:36:41

There are so many. I've changed mine a few times.
Of course one that will definitely by played is Nade Te Turbe. It's so peaceful and calming.

nadateturbe Fri 18-Mar-22 15:41:03


Con te partiro by Andrea Bocelli is lovely.

It's beautiful Kate

Nade te Turbe

Soroptimum Fri 18-Mar-22 15:43:14

And my dear mum wants ‘Myfanwy’ sung by a Welsh Male Voice choir. Not sure how I’m going to organise that one!

Greyduster Fri 18-Mar-22 15:45:04

Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus; Laudate Dominum; May the Wind be Gentle from Cossi fan Tutti; The Evening Hymn (When At Night I Go To Sleep) from Hansel and Gretel. Any of these will do me, but I have specified that I want to go out to Coronation Scot; “The corpse now leaving platform three…..”.😁

Bodach Fri 18-Mar-22 15:51:20

'An Ataireachd Ard', (The Surge of the Sea), performed by Capercaillie, has me in tears every time I listen to it. You'll find a couple of verses worth on YouTube. Your mourners will likely not understand a word of the Gaelic lyrics, but they cannot fail to be affected by the haunting tune.

paddyann54 Fri 18-Mar-22 16:28:44
The Parting Glass by Cara Dillon,,this is my favourite version of the song though I've heard dozens

Pythagoras Fri 18-Mar-22 16:30:12

My mother organised the music for her funeral too, 25 years ago now. On the list was Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring which none of us (her children) thought we knew, until we heard it and recognised it. It's by Bach:

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 18-Mar-22 16:35:54

Insomnia by Faithless - the 20 minute version
How Great Thou Art - a cousin sang this at mum’s funeral. She is 10 years younger than me so if she’s still with us, that would be good

Auntieflo Fri 18-Mar-22 16:37:54

Thank you for this thread. I am duly taking notes and will listen, on You Tube, if they are available. DH may already have some in his collection.
I love the piece that I think is called 'Gabriel's Horn'

GrannyLaine Fri 18-Mar-22 16:42:52

Auntieflo do you mean 'Gabriel's Oboe' from The Mission? One of my all time favourite pieces of music and I chose it for my Mum's funeral. Likely it will be chosen for mine too....

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 18-Mar-22 16:47:07

Nunc dimittis by St Paul’s cathedral choir (featured in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy).

hazel93 Fri 18-Mar-22 16:47:18

Andrea Bocelli "Time to say Goodbye ".
All that needs to be said, not a dry eye in the house but so beautiful.

Purpledaffodil Fri 18-Mar-22 16:53:39

Do beware of Crem music system if you’re planning a cremation. I specified the exact track I wanted of Land of my Fathers at my father’s cremation and Obitus provided a rugby match version with whoops and cheers. 😱

dottiem7 Fri 18-Mar-22 17:33:57

No music, simple green burial with my family and close friends.

Auntieflo Fri 18-Mar-22 17:38:12

GrannyLaine. Thank you.
Yes, I think I probably do. Just wrote down what popped into my head.
It is so nice to hear all the favourite chosen music.

Calendargirl Fri 18-Mar-22 17:38:27

Canon in D by Pachelbel.

Going Home by Sissel.