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Good Morning Saturday 2nd April 2022

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Michael12 Sat 02-Apr-22 06:04:25

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight , but its dry and clear here in brackley this morning.
I am still going to recuperate,maybe do a small local shop, looks like I hade a cold to contend with as well , weakening me a little.
Take Care,

Beechnut Sat 02-Apr-22 06:36:49

Good morning everyone from a dry Severnside. I’ve woken with a headache this morning.

I have some crafting to do and may do some sewing. If it’s not too cold I’ll make a start on clearing out the shed. Although that will make me warm doing that. I have a new recipe to try with tuna and carrot and coriander soup to make.

I hope MrMattie was able to return home yesterday and is comfy.

Have a good day all especially those with worries 🌺🦩

Pantglas2 Sat 02-Apr-22 06:38:00

Good morning Mick and all - gosh, you’re having a tough time at the moment - let’s hope you feel better soon along with t’others in sick bay at the moment 💐💐💐 🌞🌞🌞

I’m hoping Lauranorderr has got that weatherbarn on the island sorted after the chilly weather she’s been getting rid of these last few days and her stocks of sunshine ☀️ are replenished soon, brrrr🥶 there’s snow on Snowdonia!

DH has kindly trotted off for a paper and will provide my chamberpot ☕️ on his’s mine and his Blossoming - you can see why we named it 🤣

Have a lovely weekend all x

grandMattie Sat 02-Apr-22 06:40:47

Good morning from an overcast E Kent. We are promised a glorious day. It has to be better than the sleet, hail and gales of yesterday.
We had to wait for 5 hours for the hospital to deliver DH’s prescribed drugs to the hospice. It was exhausting and wore poor DH out. He was in a lot of pain by he time we got home. Today will be easier as we shall be free to do what he wants rather than being helpless to other people.
Didn’t sleep well as this wretched cold made me cough half the night. Shouldn’t complain as it’s the first cold I’ve had in about 7 years. DH no longer sleeps well. He dozes most of both day and night.
Dear*Marydoll*, I’m glad you are ok, even though feeling rotten. Please try not to overdo things.
Take care, dear virtual friends, make the most of today. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩

grandMattie Sat 02-Apr-22 06:42:32

Oh, Pant, I have several of those…. I call them a more elegant “bucket”! 😂

ShazzaKanazza Sat 02-Apr-22 06:49:51

Good morning Mick and everyone from a frost but dry Hull.
Mick you are going though it’s aren’t you. So sorry you aren’t feeling at your best at the moment.
I love the big mug Pantglas I’m a big mug lover too. I love my cups of tea.
Today we are heading on the train to Leeds for two nights. I’ve never really been in Leeds city centre, we are seeing War of the worlds at the arena tomorrow. Tonight we are booked in to a fully gluten free restaurant which I’m excited about. I have the choice of the full menu.
DHs procedure went well yesterday. It’s the final test and everything is ok. The problem is still there but thankfully it’s nothing serious.
Take care everyone and hope Saturday brings moments of joy🌻🌻

ShazzaKanazza Sat 02-Apr-22 06:51:16

grandMattie 💐 thoughts to you and DH for a more relaxing day.

cornergran Sat 02-Apr-22 06:53:41

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset is dry, it does feel cold, just 1 degree out there.

Enjoyed a walk around a sunny if very windy marina yesterday, a little sorting on our return while Mr C did some outside jobs but no, didn’t get to the paper sort and shred. Oh well. Today maybe.

First job is to take a redundant plastic ‘half shed’ to the tip. Mr C delighted in telling me there had been a large toad sheltering underneath. I know they won’t hurt me but I thoroughly dislike them so was pleased to have been busy indoors and not made it’s acquaintance. Be sure each piece of shed will be carefully inspected to make sure we aren’t transporting livestock.

Hope a calm day ahead for you both grandmattie and you feel more robust soon mick. Get well wishes to all poorly folk.

Hope Saturday is kind to us all.

baubles Sat 02-Apr-22 06:59:56

Good morning Mick, morning all from chilly South Lanarkshire.

Take things easy Mick, rest until you’re feeling more like yourself.

Pleased to hear that your DH is home, hopefully you will both be able to have a little nap or two today Mattie

Work today will be hard going as I only have one volunteer for four hours, it’ll be tricky meeting my targets. I’ll have to find sixty good items of clothing to tag, price, steam and get out on the shop floor as well as a similar number of non hanging items. Hey ho.

Have the best day possible folks. Let’s hope for a 🦩or two🦩🦩along the way.

BlueBalou Sat 02-Apr-22 07:10:52

Good morning everyone, it’s frosty here in Wiltshire.
I seem to have acquired a stinking cold, not a happy bunny ☹️
I will walk DDog and I have to take DH to the chiropractor this morning then I will come back to bed I think.
Have done a LFT and it’s negative, not that I have any idea where I could have caught Covid because I rarely go out!
Hope everyone has a good weekend x

Chrissielou Sat 02-Apr-22 07:11:54

A beautiful bright but frosty morning in Oxfordshire. Car is bring taken for mot this morning so fingers x all OK.
I will walk dog whilst DH is doing that.

Baking and cooking for DD1 and GC later. Plans to light the fire and have an easy supper tonight as its Saturday.

So pleased to hear DH is home GM I hope you can relax together today.
flowers for you.

I had flowers delivered yesterday, an early birthday surprise, unfortunately I ended up thanking the wrong person as I have 2 friends with the same first name blush, we all laughed at my error!

Jaxjacky Sat 02-Apr-22 07:25:51

Good morning all from a frosty, -2, S Hants. Pleased MrMattie is home, hospital pharmacies are so often the reason you hang around, I don’t know why.
I went out for a meal last night, first night for years without MrJ, bitterly cold coming home.
Hope all sniffly colds improve and you all have a lovely Saturday 🦩🦩

Pittcity Sat 02-Apr-22 07:31:04

Good morning from sunny Colchester. It is frosty but the wind seems to have dropped. We had snow again yesterday on and off all day.
I was in and out of the surgery and the pharmacy and home with antibiotics for my ear within an hour yesterday. The nurse said that coming early in a blizzard was a good idea.
DH is off on a Duke of Edinburgh award trip as it is the start of the school holidays. My ear is much better so I'll nip to Aldi to stock up for DS and I and then hunker down.
I looked at my energy readings for yesterday and despite using the same amount as Thursday, the price has doubled!!!! I'll have to make a plan.
Love to all 🦩 x

Gingster Sat 02-Apr-22 07:39:54

Good morning all and it’s bright and frosty here in Essex. The wind seems to have dropped though.
Had a message from our neighbour at our seaside cottage to say the garage roof was flapping, so Dh messaged our lovely handy man to ask him to secure it. . Neighbour said the winds up there have been as bad as the gales we had! 😩.
We must try to get up there as soon as we know when Dd will have her op. 🤔.

This morning I will take little Dg to ballet class and then on to singing class. They have a show coming up in May!
Dd, and gd will come here for lunch along with twin gs’s (if they haven’t got anything else on) 🤣. They’ve requested a shepherds pie.

Glad to hear your dh is home GM. Take it at your own pace now. 😌.
Mick take it easy until you feel 100%.

Hoping you all have a pleasant weekend. 🌷🌿🌱

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 02-Apr-22 07:40:54

Good morning all from sunny Harrogate
Glad your DH is now home Grandmattie it will be better without the Hospice regime.
Sorry you have had a cold Mick did you do a test to make sure it wasn’t covid?
Hope your cold gets better Bluebalou
Yesterday went to the hospital for my appointment to find it has been postponed til next week (thanks for telling me)!
The hospital cafe was overflowing so we went to Morrisons for a cuppa and a little shopping because I had to get back to the hospital for a PCR test, which was negative. Got back home to self isolate continuing until Monday, when I have a gastroscopy.
Have the best day possible folks

Beauregard Sat 02-Apr-22 07:41:50

Good morning from a frosty Derbyshire. I've got to go out soon, so it will mean de-icing the car. Hope your DH has better days now grandMattie

Yesterday DH blacked out and fell after suddenly feeling light headed following a short walk. He'd stood up quickly after bending to change his shoes, so that may have been the cause of it. He spent the rest of the day on the sofa. He seems to have had a good night's sleep and is still in bed, so we'll see how he is today.

Nothing much planned for us today.

Hope Saturday is a good day for all.

BlueSapphire Sat 02-Apr-22 07:46:54

Good morning everyone from a bright and frosty Northampton, -1° today. Just put the towels in the washing machine, Hoping they will dry.

Having my spring booster jab late morning; a friend is taking me and then afterwards we are having lunch out. Later this afternoon I am heading into town for DD's first concert since before lockdown, nearly three years. Really looking forward to seeing her band play again, and I know they are excited to be playing to a live audience once more.

Glad your DH is home again, grandMattie, familiar surroundings will hopefully lift his spirits.
And Mick and Marydoll, please take it easy.

Wishing for a pleasant weekend for all.

Urmstongran Sat 02-Apr-22 07:59:25

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. It’s still very cold out but no frost so must be a bit warmer. No taking L’il Miss to ballet she told me last night she has a birthday party to go to for a class friend “who will be 5 now grandma, like me”.
The Boy Wonder has a football match and his dad likes to take him so we oldies are redundant this morning!

We have no plans for today but Himself has booked us flights - with EasyJet this time - back out to Malaga, 3 weeks today (St George’s Day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿) for our next holiday. Hopefully it will have warmed up by then and we will enjoy sunny days this trip!

Nice to hear your man is home with you grandMattie. And baubles who on earth gets set such onerous targets! Those setting them maybe aren’t aware you’re on your own today? Pace yourself lady.

brook2704 Sat 02-Apr-22 08:06:14

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dry and bright but still very cold. No sign yet of the return of some warmer weather let’s hope it’s soon …
Good to hear your DH is eventually home GM I hope things get a little bit easier, please look after yourself too
We’ve nothing planned today, I might wrap up warm and do a bit more in the garden. We’d usually take DGD to her dance class but she’s missing it today as all the family are off out for the day visiting SiL family
I’m also another fan of a very big mug of tea 🍵
Hoping your DH is feeling fine today Beauregard
Sounds lovely BlueSapphire listening to your DD playing in a band - enjoy!
Take care all whatever the day brings 💐

NannyJan53 Sat 02-Apr-22 08:09:48

Good morning from a bright but icy cold Black Country.

Met Mum in Wolverhampton for her audiology appointment. It is quite concerning how quickly her memory has deteriorated, she was thinking the appointment yesterday was for the Dentist. She had forgotten all about how she needed a new mould for her hearing aid!

Off over to DD's later this morning as they are going out with friends this afternoon, then a meal out with them this evening. So I will be staying over. I will take my two DGD to the village pub for our evening meal.

So pleased your DH is now home grandMattie

Wishing you all a lovely weekend

Marydoll Sat 02-Apr-22 08:10:44

Good morning all from a sunny Glasgow. Well, I think it is. I am still in bed, where I have been since Wednesday afternoon, after much nagging from Mr MDoll. ( He is probably fed up with my incessant chatter and wanted a rest.)

My RA flare up and heart issues are making it very difficult to do much. I know from past experience, things will settle.
My sprit is willing, but my blooming body has let me down, again.
Thank you all for all your kind messages, much appreciated, I was wallowing a bit, so they gave me a bit of a boost!

I seem to have lost track of what is happening here on GN, apart from GM's good news. Consequently, I sending a general hug, to all who are struggling for whatever reason. If you are seeing family today, enjoy!

DD is back home from a tour of the whisky distilleries up North today and the honeymooners should have arrived home early this morning from Orlando. I have missed them! I'm off to check the Glasgow Airport arrivals board, then I can settle for an easy day.

Take care, everyone!

Ashcombe Sat 02-Apr-22 08:12:21

Good morning, all from a chilly, initially sunny Sarthe but now it's snowing! One of our cats, the blonde female airhead, went out but was soon pawing our bedroom window to come back in! When DH opened the window, she dithered so he “encouraged” her to remain outside so she then appeared at the other window. Sigh!

We were late waking today after DH had had a poor night for no particular reason. DD2 is coping with Covid, I’m pleased to say and was delighted to receive flowers from us yesterday, via a company called Bunches whom I thoroughly recommend. Discount vouchers are usually available online, besides the loyalty points which give a discount.

It’s good to know your DH I’d home, grandMattie, which will be better for you both once you recover from yesterday's frustrations. Enjoy your trip, ShazzaKanazza and others with plans. Thank goodness for understanding friends, Chrissielou! 💐🤔 baubles: what a difficult challenge you’re facing!

Enjoy your plans for the weekend, folks, and best wishes to those with colds, etc. 🦩💐🇺🇦🥰🦩

P.S. We shan't be going far: the snow is becoming thicker….! ☃️❄️⛄️

Gagagran Sat 02-Apr-22 08:12:26

Good Morning everyone. It was -1c at 6.30am but the sun is out and working its magic here on the south coast and already 2.2c. A nice day is forecast.

We have been for the click and collect, had our treat breakfast of croissants and coffee and DH will be leading a group of his cycling club out for a morning ride. That gives me an empty but I have chores lined up as our DiL is coming this evening, prior to a sailing course in Chichester harbour tomorrow. She is a keen sailor and has her own boat in Essex. It will be good to have a catch up with her. She is very dear to us and a wonderful wife and Mum to our DS and DGDs.

Hope both you and your DH get some peace and rest today, Mattie. Don't hesitate to call for help if it gets too much. Remember what the advice about oxygen masks is for passengers on aeroplanes in case of emergency. Sending warmest good wishes to you both. flowers.

Hope you soon pick up Mick but resting seems to be the best idea until you do.

Have the best day you can everyone. sunshine

Ali23 Sat 02-Apr-22 08:14:49

Good morning everyone.
Grand Mattie, I’m so pleased to read that Mr Mattie is safely home. There is nowhere quite like home, is there?

Mick, I hope that you will be feeling up to an outing soon.

We have no ‘tasks’ on the calendar today, so we’ll trot through the day doing this and that, I expect.

Yesterday I went to do some sewing with my late friend’s daughter. She was sooooo excited to tell me that her sister is expecting a baby. Brilliant news, and we chatted about it all afternoon, although bitter sweet as I know my friend would have been over the moon and such a great granny too.

Ashcombe Sat 02-Apr-22 08:15:58

Sorry is, not I'd!
Feel better soon, Marydoll! 💐