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bevisp1 Wed 27-Apr-22 15:42:14

Anyone else really fed up seeing how every court case she has, somehow ends up with just a fine or caution. Several times now I’ve seen/heard that she could possibly go to jail, yet still doesn’t. Personally I think a jail time might just sort her out … once and for all.

Robin49 Wed 27-Apr-22 15:48:30

Completely agree.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 27-Apr-22 15:49:53

So do I.

MissAdventure Wed 27-Apr-22 15:54:23

I don't think Katie is the exception.
Of all the people I know with similar issues, they are fined or let off, and the behaviour continues.

Sassanach512 Wed 27-Apr-22 16:17:45

Yes Bevisp but guess what, she'd be breaking her neck to get yet another TV show out about her time in prison, there can't be anything else left about her chaotic life that we don't already know about 🙄

GrannyGravy13 Wed 27-Apr-22 16:20:32

I think that she is a very troubled young woman surrounded by hangers on she needs help.

Polly73 Wed 27-Apr-22 16:25:44

Has she just been involved in a court case?
It’s all her children I feel sorry for.

MissAdventure Wed 27-Apr-22 16:26:53

I agree, grannygravy, but I think I can see where this thread is leading to.
I think it's a crying shame that Katie has such chaos in her life, but I don't know what the answer is.

Honeysuckleberries Wed 27-Apr-22 16:30:33

GG13, I think the point is that she isn’t a young woman anymore! I believe she is 42, and she should really be mature enough to know that driving whilst drunk and drugged, violating court orders etc is not a good idea. Not to mention the amount of pets that have died in her ‘care’. I’m just sorry for her children. She thinks she is above the law as she has gotten away with everything. I hope for her sake that she gets a prison sentence, it might give her time to think.

Esmay Wed 27-Apr-22 16:32:24

A beautiful woman before she got addicted to a lot of fakery .
Her life is just one endless drama and I wonder how she funds it

sodapop Wed 27-Apr-22 16:36:01

Fed up with seeing her in the news constantly with her ridiculous behaviour.
I agree with Honeysuckleberries time she grew up and showed some consideration for her family and others.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 27-Apr-22 16:36:50

I feel so sorry for her children, but don’t they live with their fathers now and the eldest boy is in some sort of care? I imagine the elder two can read about their mother’s antics in the press now. She is obviously unwell. All those surgeries can’t be good for her. I’m surprised she doesn’t topple forwards and hit the ground when she walks anywhere.

glammanana Wed 27-Apr-22 17:00:19

She is never going to get any better all the bad publicity keeps her in the media which is what she craves,I'm not sure where her children live now do the eldest two live with her x husband Peter Andre ? at least they would have a stable lifestyle if they do.
Its only a matter of time before she injures someone seriously in one of her car accidents then maybe the Courts will see sense and jail her.

MissAdventure Wed 27-Apr-22 17:04:04

It's a pity that mental health issues are still being overlooked or dismissed.
I thought times had moved on.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 27-Apr-22 17:05:32


It's a pity that mental health issues are still being overlooked or dismissed.
I thought times had moved on.

Exactly MissA

foxie48 Wed 27-Apr-22 17:13:59

I can't help thinking that she has quite a serious mental health issue, I'm not sure how sending her to prison would help with that. She's been banned from driving but her life seems set on a downward spiral. I'm not a KP fan but I still feel it's sad both for her and her children.

Anniebach Wed 27-Apr-22 17:44:49

Miss Adventure mental illness gets sympathy if the sufferer isn’t seen to be grabbing the headlines,

No idea what her age has to do with the fact that she is a deeply
damaged woman,

JaneJudge Wed 27-Apr-22 17:48:39

I always feel sorry for her.

merlotgran Wed 27-Apr-22 17:56:40

Every time she hits the headlines it’s a ‘Kerrching!’ moment for her agent.

She needs to keep the money rolling in but what an awful way to go about it.

MissAdventure Wed 27-Apr-22 17:57:38

I doubt she could avoid being in the headlines, really.
She appeals to the press as the ideal person for people to dislike, as do a lot of those deemed "common".
That fact has been very much in evidence this week.

Urmstongran Wed 27-Apr-22 18:04:05

I think she has a very needy personality. Maybe mental health issues I don’t know. I like her (okay I don’t know her) but she seems warm and caring. I agree she needs help and guidance but she’s drawn to fame like a moth to a flame so I’m not sure she’d listen anyway.

MissAdventure Wed 27-Apr-22 18:10:05

She is certainly her own worst enemy.

Sago Wed 27-Apr-22 19:06:33

She is a disgrace to womanhood.

Galaxy Wed 27-Apr-22 19:12:25

I think shes an example of 'womanhood' that begins with a teenager topless in a newspaper. I have no idea why we are surprised when that produces damaged people.

sodapop Wed 27-Apr-22 19:15:29

Bit harsh Sago I am not a fan of Katie Price but tend to agree with Galaxy on this.