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Good Morning Monday 2nd May 2022

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Michael12 Mon 02-May-22 05:52:46

Good Morning Everyone,
its dry and cloudy here in brackley at the moment .
Today , I will have a nice quiet day to myself ,as its my 74th Birthday .
I am going to relax and enjoy the day .
Take Care,

TopsyIrene06 Mon 02-May-22 05:54:29

A very happy birthday Mick. Have a lovely day.

Sar53 Mon 02-May-22 06:01:21

Good morning from our hotel in Chateauroux in France
First off a very Happy Birthday to Mick, enjoy your day 🎈🎂🥳.
A long day yesterday, about 6 hours of driving, but lovely hosts here and they cooked dinner for us and 8 other guests, all French. I speak very little French and most of them spoke no English but there was much entente cordial and wine 🥂.
Up soon for breakfast and then another long day of driving to our gite.
Have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday everyone, let's hope the sun shines .
Au revoir for now xx

Bigred18 Mon 02-May-22 06:07:13

Happy birthday Michael, from Sydney x

Pantglas2 Mon 02-May-22 06:07:50

Good morning and a very happy birthday Mick🥳 from another lovely day in north Wales where I’m up with sparrowfart as I’m orf on my olidays to mi Casa 🇪🇸. Train to airport premier inn for tomorrow’s early 🛫 🤦‍♀️

Will pop along later and read about all your doings - good things I hope 🤞 and a 💐 for those having trying times x

Ali23 Mon 02-May-22 06:11:15

Happy birthday Mick. I hope that you enjoy your relaxing day.
We have a quiet day ahead of us.
This evening we’re going to zoom with our son, so I’m looking forward to that.

DaffyDill Mon 02-May-22 06:15:16

Happy birthday Mick enjoy your day

grandMattie Mon 02-May-22 06:18:09

Happy birthday, Mick.
Good morning from another grey day in E Kent.
I didn’t sleep particularly well last night; if disturbed after about 0300, I find it very hard to go back to sleep. I have been downstairs for some two hours now. A nap will be in order this afternoon.
DD is coming this afternoon for a couple of nights. It will be lovely to see her. She is very much her father’s child and he delights in her visit.
The consultant doubled the morphine patches for DH and said it would take a couple of days to act, but I think it is giving him some extra pain relief.
Glad that gS had such a good day, that those on holiday are enjoying them, etc. Carpe diem/horam. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩☀️

pollychat Mon 02-May-22 06:26:45

Happy Birthday, love special days. The birds woke me up very early, 4 30, here in Sutton Coldfield they're a noisy bunch at that time. Weather bit cloudy but dry. Have a great day.

Bellasnana Mon 02-May-22 06:48:50

Happy Birthday Mick and thank you for this lovely thread. Hope you enjoy your day.🎂🍺

Ashcombe Mon 02-May-22 06:50:36

Happy birthday, Mick! Enjoy your day! 🎉🎁🎂🍷🎊

A dull morning for my final day in Crewe. My DS is due later from Rugeley with DGS3 so we plan to visit Queen's Park and take the children's bikes for them to enjoy. Later, I’m treating them to an Italian meal.

I'm glad to hear you’ve arrived safely, Sar53 and the wine helped to break down barriers! Driving on Sunday in France is easier as only trucks carrying perishables are allowed on the roads. Good luck with the second leg of the journey. Do you share the driving?

I hope your DH is comfortable enough to make the most of a visit from your DD, grandMattie. It will be a tonic for you both, I’m sure.

Safe travels, Pantglas2, with happy landings tomorrow. I hope brook2704 arrived home safely last night and any others with trips planned find they go smoothly.

Yes, Marydoll, the post Covid fatigue is a nuisance and still affecting me at times now, nearly six weeks since I first tested positive. Thank goodness I’m not working!

Enjoy the Bonk Holiday, as DH would say. 🦩💐🇺🇦🥰🦩

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 02-May-22 06:50:46

Morning all from West Oxfordshire and happy birthday to Mick🎂. It is my granddaughter’s sixth birthday too. I know it’s a Bank Holiday but I will be mainly doing laundry, a weekly shop (in person!) and taking things to a Charity Shop or two in my nearby town. Younger son had a massive clear out when he was home for Easter and I said I would take things to the Charity shops for him. OH and I must also make final decisions on paint colours for the hall and landing, kitchen and utility room and lounge. I have bought a dozen sample pots so far and there are squares of paint on the walls everywhere! We’ve already bought wallpaper for a feature walk in the lounge. The decorators aren’t coming until 1 August but they would like to know what paint they have to buy.

cornergran Mon 02-May-22 07:10:27

Morning Mick, morning All from a murky corner of Somerset. Can’t decide if it’s low cloud or mist out there.

A very happy birthday Mick. Enjoy your quiet day, hope you’ve something tasty to eat.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. A treat to be with the whole family and enjoy a delicious Chinese meal together. Today will be much quieter and I suspect much less active.

Safe travels to those with journeys ahead. Hope Monday is kind to us all.

Marydoll Mon 02-May-22 07:11:20

Happy birthday, Mick, enjoy your day. There seem to be a lot of May birthdays, my DIL's today, Dollie's best friend's today, DD's on Wednesday and mine next week. I'm curious as to why May is such a busy birthday month!.

Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a disaster. I reluctantly did a supermarket shop, as the fridge was bare after our holiday.
I spotted a pack of non alcoholic beer, which I had tried on holiday and decided to buy some.
As I struggled to get it from the bottom shelf, I didn't notice it was damaged, a bottle flew out, rolled across the floor, spraying beer everywhere! 😱
I went into teacher mode trying to stop people walking through it. There was beer all over the aisle and I smelled like a brewery! I was the butt of many humorous comments ( typical Glasgow humour) from customers, about drinking so early on a Sunday morning. ☺

I then noticed hydrangeas at half price. I thought they would be ideal to fill an empty spot we have in the garden. As I endeavoured to get the plant down, ( why are these things on a high shelf?), I felt something wet on my hand. It was a tiny slug! 🐌! Yukk, yukk, yukk!! 🤮

I have no plans for today, apart from tidying up the post holiday detritus, which I can't be bothered sorting. I am still struggling with this awful cough and fatigue.
At least DH is golfing and I can do my blissful own thing in my empty.😉

Pants, safe journey and for all those on holiday, have a wonderful time.
Whatever your plans are for today, I wish you a pleasant one, especially if you have mountains to climb. 💐

GrannyGravy13 Mon 02-May-22 07:14:18

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Mick 🎂🥂enjoy your special day, and thank you for this thread every day.

Morning all

I am determined to have a lazy day, we have had 6 days of GC duties enjoyable but tiring.

grandMattie sleep always seems difficult to achieve when we need it most.

Safe journeys to those who are travelling.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Polly73 Mon 02-May-22 07:14:50

Happy Birthday, Mick!

Grandmabatty Mon 02-May-22 07:29:25

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 8° and looks gloomy. Happy birthday Mick. I hope you have a nice day. Marydoll I have a phobia of slugs. I once twisted my ankle trying to avoid one on a path when I was walking the dog. Grandmattie I hope you have a good nap this afternoon. Safe journey to Pantsglas and Sar.
Yesterday I managed to dismantle the old bed in the spare room and wrestle it out onto the drive. I've organised a special uplift too. In the process, I discovered a bag of paperwork from my last house so a happy hour was spent shredding.
I have no plans for today. I might go and buy new bedding for the new bed. As it's mainly for dgs1, I'll look for dinosaurs! Have a good day all.

Pittcity Mon 02-May-22 07:29:34

Happy Birthday Mick from sunny Lisbon.
We are flying home this afternoon. This morning we will be shopping in the nearby Bullring and lunching by the hotel rooftop pool. Home by bedtime and back to normal by tomorrow.
Love to all 🦩 x

brook2704 Mon 02-May-22 07:37:31

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s grey and cloudy
Wishing a very Happy 74th Birthday to you Mick - enjoy your day! 🎂🎉🥂
Thanks Ashcombe I arrived safely back home yesterday after a lovely few days away at DD1s, a nice and easy journey and DH picked me up from the airport. Today I’ll be popping around to see DD2 and DGC here and catching up on a few jobs.
Your hotel sounds lovely Sar safe onward travels and you too Pantglas enjoy your time away.
Kind of your DD to visit GM and hope you get some rest later, remember to look after yourself too
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 02-May-22 07:39:38

Good morning from a dull Oxfordshire. Happy Birthday Mick enjoy your day🎉🎂.

MissOops Ddog woke me up at 7 for a cuddle, not too early thankfully.
Bread to make today and then that’s it, although MrOops wants more cakes to be made.

Have a good day everyone, hugs for those having difficult times.

Urmstongran Mon 02-May-22 07:39:53

No Matt = Monday.

Good morning everyone from Malaga. A beautiful start to the day here and I just peeped out the front door - no clouds over the mountains - always the sign of a good day. We have no plans but will see where are desires take us (ahem!).

Himself is 70y this week. The reason really we came out for a cheeky visit. Another Taurean! Many happy returns of the day to you Mick. How many years have you been opening up for us all I wonder? Many thanks.

👋 to the couple of newbies upthread. Enjoy today all who can. Glad to hear the increased dose in the patches are kicking in for your husband grandMattie it must be a blessing all round. Pain relief isn’t an exact science. We can put a man on the Moon yet relieving pain seems an incredibly difficult task at times. x

Beechnut Mon 02-May-22 07:40:01

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Mick 🎉🍺

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s a grey wet one 🙁
I’ll get some letter written this morning and hope the weather cheers up later as I want to do something in the garden.

Have a good Bank Holiday and safe travels if you’re leaving or returning to the country or just moving around it 🌼🦩

dragonfly46 Mon 02-May-22 07:40:33

Good morning, Happy Birthday Mick.

EkwaNimitee Mon 02-May-22 07:44:59

Happy Birthday Mick! Have a good day.

Aldom Mon 02-May-22 07:50:28

Best wishes for your birthday Mick and a happy, healthy year to come.