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Good Morning Wednesday 4th May 2022

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Michael12 Wed 04-May-22 05:56:08

Good Morning Everyone,
A grey but dry start here in brackley this morning, at the moment.
Also noticed the days seem to be getting milder.
Usual routine of small shop , TV etc .
Take Care,

Urmstongran Wed 04-May-22 06:11:17

Here’s Matt.

Good morning Mick and everyone who follows from a grey start here in Malaga. We are forecast a slight breeze, showers and a high of (only) 19°C. Never mind, after today it’s wall-to-wall sunshine for May.

I’m upset because I’ve lost my mum’s wedding ring (when she married my stepfather she gave me the ring from when she was married to my dad). I’m so cross with myself. My fingers were puffy when we went out for a long walk on Friday or Saturday and after tugging it off I didn’t put it away safely. I was too cavalier in my attitude. I have checked the handbag I used - nope. I checked it carefully 3 times yesterday evening you know how your mind thinks ‘it will be stuck in a corner if I just check once more’? I must have got my phone out of the little side zip and pulled it with it by mistake. It’s only of sentimental value but I’m sad.
I went to bed thinking ‘mum wouldn’t want me to be tearful over this small thing’. x

grandMattie Wed 04-May-22 06:15:21

May the 4th be with you!
Greetings from a dull E Kent. My washing is already on the line. I hope it dries quickly.
Today would have been my Philip’s 40th birthday, so DD, DGS, his mum and the girlfriend are coming over for a cuppa, slice of cake and memories of my darling boy. We also have two trees to plant in DGS’ mum’s garden in memory of Philip. An Amelanchier and a Liquidambar.
DD, DGS, the girlfriend and his best friend have, for the last 40 days, been running/walking/exercising to raise money for a men’s mental/physical health charity. They aimed to raise £1982 (the year of Philip’s birth) and have exceeded it, bless them.
Yesterday, DH had his booster. The outing wiped him out and he didn’t have a good night. The consultant is trying to persuade him to have a higher dose patch. We shall see.
Feeling a bit wobbly today. Like everything, it will pass.
Yesterday, Iris took part in a sponsored walk across Clifton suspension bridge, 100 walks apparently. The group, Flamingo chicks (dancing for less able children) managed 111 crossings. Well done them! Iris went on crutches and scooter.
I hope Marydoll and all in sickbay had a better night and are feeling a bit revitalised today. Carpe diem, dear friends. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Pantglas2 Wed 04-May-22 06:15:43

Buen dia Mick and all from a dark and damp 🇪🇸 where norty Urms was too busy wetting her insides yesterday to bother with my outside...😉.

To be fair the rain has washed away the orrible sand and our friend Karcher won’t be as busy today so we can get the little nest in order before a gallivant to Córdoba on Saturday 💃 I do love my coach trips out here as I get to nosey parker out the window and enjoy tapas and tipples ...😋

Our wedding anniversary today so joining friends for dinner this evening but a trip to Lidl in Antequera to stock up with basics for me whilst Mr PG reacquaints himself with his mate, Karcher!

Hope things go better in the GG, Chrissie* Grandmattie abodes after my brief glimpse at yesterday’s news - 💐 to all with troubles at the moment x

Beechnut Wed 04-May-22 06:29:55

Good Morning from Severnside where there are some small blue patches showing.

I’ve got a job to do for my brother today who had me in fits of laughter last night. Sometime this morning I’ll have a chat with my friend who moved away and will be moving back.

My thoughts will be with you today Mattie 💐

Happy Anniversary Mr&MrsPantglas have a lovely time together after your chores 🥂

Have the best day you can all 🌺🦩

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 04-May-22 06:33:14

Good morning Mick from a damp Oxfordshire, it rained last night, first time for many weeks.
Dog sitting day today, apart from that not too much to do, I might unearth some summery tops for our break next week, although they won’t be that Summery as we are only going to Devon. But the cottage is almost on the beach so I’ll be a happy bunny.
GM 💐 and hugs.
So sorry about the missing ring Urmstongran
Have a good day everyone and hug for those who arent so chipper today.

Ashcombe Wed 04-May-22 06:33:23

Good morning, all, on a fine day back in Torbay.

My homeward journey went well although the catering on the train from Birmingham New St to Newton Abbot wasn’t great, due to post Covid staffing issues. According to the steward, Cross Country negotiated severance agreements with staff during the pandemic and are now struggling to recruit.

Special thoughts of grandMattie and family on a poignant day. Well done to the fundraisers, especially Iris! Such spirit is admirable. Grandmother's granddaughter!

I sympathise with your frustration with your GP, ShazzaKanazza. My lovely cardiologist has already written to mine (cc to me) within a week of my hospital appointment, advising a return to water tablets. I wonder how long it will be until the practice contacts me!

My DGS3 is obsessed with dinosaurs, too, Grandmabatty, and brought a book about them to the restaurant on Monday! If you like Scrabble, harrigran, you might enjoy playing online. Google Classic Words for the App,

Condolences to hollysteers and thoughts with GrannyGravy13 and chrissielou with worries about your DD’s.

Back to the theatre today for a meeting and Wednesday Club, which will be a talk on Russian composers which I’m keen to hear, as would DH but he’s not here!! ☹️

Have as good a day as possible, everyone! 🦩💐🇺🇦🥰🦩

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 04-May-22 06:33:54

Happy Anniversary Pantglas💐

Ali23 Wed 04-May-22 06:43:52

Thinking of you and your family today, GrandMattie. Also, very impressed with the family fundraising. What a great way to honour Philip’s 40th birthday.

A quiet day planned here today. We’ll go to the local park for our walk today to check on progress at the coot’s nest ... they have 8 eggs!

Urmstongran Wed 04-May-22 06:46:34

Yes, happy wedding anniversary Pantglas 🍾🥂

Jaxjacky Wed 04-May-22 06:55:44

Good morning all from a cloudy S Hants.
My thoughts with you and your family today grandMattie 💐 Iris is admirable!
Happy Anniversary Pantglas 🥂
Well that’s very annoying Urmstongran and frustrating.
Busy day yesterday, my drive, which is usually about 30 minutes turned into an hour and a half as the nurse at surgery Doppler scanned my clients leg, never mind. I have the same client and his wife, taking them for their booster jabs, other than that, admin bits and watering.
Best wishes to those in distress or with heartache and sorrow.
If you can, enjoy your day 🦩🦩

baubles Wed 04-May-22 07:01:12

Good morning all from cloudy South Lanarkshire.

Thinking of you and your family today Mattie.

Urms, I’m sorry about your mum’s ring, I know that sick feeling when something of sentimental value is lost.

Happy anniversary Mr&MrsPantglas.

Wishing everyone the best day possible, especially those in poor health. 🦩🦩

GrannyGravy13 Wed 04-May-22 07:05:20

Morning Mick and all

Thinking of you and your family grsndMattie all the firsts are so terribly hard 💐

Urmstongran I do hope that your Mums ring turns up 😘

DD is now being pumped full of steroids as the antihistamines haven’t worked.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

NanKate Wed 04-May-22 07:13:24

grandMattie you are in my thoughts on this sad day. 💐

Pittcity Wed 04-May-22 07:16:35

Good morning and happy Star Wars day from rainy Colchester. The first rain of any note for weeks just as I had holiday washing to dry.

I have to wait in for Evri to collect a parcel, so may have to miss the Wednesday meetup. DH is fishing so I'll use the empty to catch up on TV and chores.

Saw the pictured in a shop in Lisbon and thought of you all.

Hugs to GM and GGflowers

Happy Anniversary to the Pantglaseswine

Love to all 🦩 x

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 04-May-22 07:28:41

Morning all from West Oxfordshire and May the fourth be with you! I have a WI coffee morning first thing. Not what I ever imagined doing once upon a time but they’re good fun! Later I have an early evening Committee meeting and afterwards OH and I are going for a Steak Night at one of our favourite restaurants. 🌹🌹🌹 to lots of you.

Marydoll Wed 04-May-22 07:32:17

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where it's 11°C, not a great weather forecast today. Happy anniversary to the Pants. 🥂 I absolutely love Cordoba! 💚

Urms, what a shame about the wedding ring, I still.l have my mums', but sits in my own wedding ring pouch, I would never get it over my swollen, fat fingers!

GM, I hope today isn't too sad for you, it's also my daughter's 38th birthday. A poignant day for me, as I had a miscarriage, but there was no bed available for me in the cottage hospital for an op. I was sent to the large maternity hospital, where they decided to do a scan. To my absolute joy, I hadn't lost my baby, but I spent most of my pregnancy in hospital on bed rest, not easy with two toddlers! It was suggested, I might have been carrying two babies. She was born prematurely and had such a difficult start to life.
I couldn't wish for a better daughter, despite the fact that we drive each other mad! A serious clash of personalities, but she has the softest and kindest of hearts. 🥰

Lots of worries about DDs here, I hope this is a better day for all of them and their mums.

Ash, the same thing happened to me. My cardiologist wrote to my GP, advising him that I needed to change one of my heart meds ASAP. He sent me a copy, to ensure I could chase it up. A week after receiving the letter, I had heard nothing, so I phoned the surgery. My GP called me that afternoon and asked me why I wanted to speak to him! 😡
The new prescription was written there and then and he started phoning me weekly, to check. It may be worth chasing it up. If there is one thing I have learned during the pandemic, it is to be proactive!

I have the dentist today, to deal with the crown, which fell out. I suspect that it will be an expensive business, since the crown is old and tired ( just like me!) I hate going to the dentist, but between my autoimmune conditions, and a reaction to my heart meds, my mouth is causing me grief. ( but it hasn't affected my ability to talk 😉). I would rather stay in bed and hide under the covers, but that is not going to solve anything!!!

I wish you all the best of days, especially if you have plans and for those with mountains to climb, I hope they become gentle slopes. 💐

Urmstongran Wed 04-May-22 07:33:36

Looks like an Ale-Hop shop Pittcity?

Grandmadinosaur Wed 04-May-22 07:34:27

Good morning from East Yorkshire and happy Star Wars day.

I’m a sleepyhead today after a non stop day yesterday.

Today I shall be packing for our departure tomorrow and a last minute pamper getting my body beach ready. 🤣. This afternoon we leave for an overnight stay at a hotel close to the airport.

A sad day GM but also positivity to come out of it with the fund raising.

Happy Anniversary pantglas and Mr P.

Hope your review gets things sorted Shazza

Take care everyone.

cornergran Wed 04-May-22 07:34:55

Morning Mick, morning All from a cloudy corner of Somerset.

Reasonable day yesterday including a gentle walk, hoping for another today after the grocery delivery and some much needed dust removal.

I too know that sick feeling urms, try to be kind to yourself. Thinking of you all today grandmattie and congratulations to Iris on fundraising. Congratulations also to Mr and Mrs Pantglas, celebrate well this evening.

Hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

BlueBalou Wed 04-May-22 07:35:55

Good morning everyone from a little corner of Wiltshire.
DDog got her all clear yesterday so we’re back to normality here thank goodness!
It’s a chilly start here but the forecast looks promising- we’re off to northwest Wales at the end of the month and I am hoping for good weather because the DGCs are coming too! It will be a houseful 😄

ShazzaKanazza Wed 04-May-22 07:37:35

Good morning Mick and everyone from a cloudy dry Hull.

I woke thinking of you grandMattie and the difficult day to come for you all. I really can’t begin to imagine how I would be feeling today you will be in my thoughts all day💐
You really are an inspirational family. Iris is a star such an amazing girl⭐️

Happy anniversary Pantglas hope you and Mr P enjoy a lovely day together🥂

I’m sorry you’ve lost your mums ring Urms I really hope it turns up 🤞

Wishing Grannmarie’s DH a very happy 70th birthday today🥳🎉

GrannyGravy hoping your DD recovers swiftly from her severe allergic reaction. I only saw your post on GM last night.

Happy travels to Granmadinosaur and DH.

Ash I got my medication review for a week today over the phone. Today I’m going to ring the dentist to see if they are doing routine check ups yet. I broke my tooth in 2020 and haven’t been able to get it sorted yet.
Take care everyone hope Wednesday brings reasons to smile🌻🌻

brook2704 Wed 04-May-22 07:39:33

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cloudy but quite mild
Thinking of you today GM 💐 , planting the beautiful trees in Phillips memory is a lovely thought and I hope they flourish. Well done to everyone with the fundraising too
Hoping your DD improves soon GG13 such a worry but hopefully the steroids will help things
Today I’m off to the Aqua class at the gym and then a much needed food shop.
Happy Anniversary Pantglas and enjoy your day ! 🥂
Hope the ring does turn up somewhere Urmston what a shame
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is kind and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Sar53 Wed 04-May-22 07:52:02

Good morning from a very grey and chilly Bram. Yesterday started off warmish but we had rain in the afternoon.
Not sure what's on the cards today.
My thoughts are with GM today 💐 and anyone else who is poorly or who has poorly family.
Thinking of you all, much love xx

dragonfly46 Wed 04-May-22 07:56:57

Good morning from damp Leicestershire.
- rain at last!

Happy Anniversary Pantglass.
So sorry you lost the ring Urms. My mum lost hers but I found it years later on the wardrobe floor when I was clearing out their bungalow.

I hope your DD recovers very soon GG it is very worrying for you.
And GrandMattie such a sad day for you, my thoughts are with you and sending gentle hugs.