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How often do you change your bedlinen?

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JaneJudge Fri 06-May-22 09:11:37

I am obviously a typical female as I change ours weekly/fortnightly (at most) I feel slightly disturbed that people do not change it for 4 months or more grin even though it isn't any of my business smile

Blossoming Fri 06-May-22 09:14:12

Hasn’t this been asked before?

It’s still none of your business.

Gillycats Fri 06-May-22 09:14:53

I change ours weekly and vacuum the mattress every so often. I know some males that never change theirs and one just squirts Febreeze over his! Won’t they get bed bugs??

Calendargirl Fri 06-May-22 09:15:14


Hasn’t this been asked before?

It’s still none of your business.

TBF, neither are lots of other topics asked about on GN.

Lucca Fri 06-May-22 09:16:28

“None of your business “. Could be said of many threads ! Anyone been to Malta ? Did you like it ?
Which programmes do you Like on Netflix ?
Who was your first love ?

Calendargirl Fri 06-May-22 09:19:17

X posts Lucca

ginny Fri 06-May-22 09:19:42

Blossoming then just don’t bother to answer !

Calendargirl Very true.
But as above nobody has to join in a thread if they don’t want to.

Once a week and hoover the mattress.

merlotgran Fri 06-May-22 09:21:04

When I can be bothered.

Franbern Fri 06-May-22 09:22:08

I can remember asking my daughter if she had supplied her daughter with two lots of bedding when she started university. She asked me 'Why?' - and I said for when she changed hr bedding. My daughter laughed and said she would probably do that when she came back home at the end of each term.

I know my daughter changes her own bedding regularly, but she told me that her teenage daughter rarely put her sheets etc. into the washing basket at home.

I change the bottom fitted sheet fortnightly, pillow cases weekly, use a flat sheet between me and duvet and this is changed fortnightly, but turned top to bottom and different side to me in the intervening week. I only use a duvet in the winter months, and change that cover about every four weeks. In the warmer months I just have a coverlet over the flat sheet and this is washing, monthly.

I do air my bed each day. Leaving it stripped back for about a good hour or more each morning, between getting out of bed, having my brekkie, etc. then going back into bedroom to get showered and dressed and make the bed.

Think we are all rather obsessed these days with cleanliness almost to a point of it being unhealthy.

grandMattie Fri 06-May-22 09:27:34

Change the whole lot every week. Towels and hand towels too…. Habit, hangover from living in the tropics.

Maya1 Fri 06-May-22 09:28:19

Weekly but l must admit l do find it a bit of a chore due to a back problem. Thanks Franbern, l hadn't thought about using a flat sheet, great idea.

Polly73 Fri 06-May-22 09:31:06

It’s a faff to do (king size duvet), but I love getting into bed with fresh bedding. Change once a week.

ShazzaKanazza Fri 06-May-22 09:35:38

It’s a job I hate so I’m a bit lazy with it but we both get a bath every evening so I don’t feel so bad. But there is nothing nicer than getting into a fresh bed that’s been line dried. One of life’s little joys.

glammanana Fri 06-May-22 09:35:55

Winter months changed every week,during summer months I change bottom fitted sheet & pillow cases twice a week .

BlueBelle Fri 06-May-22 09:39:25

Merlotgran I m with you I have no set day

nanna8 Fri 06-May-22 09:43:27

Once a week, can’t stand sleeping in it otherwise. Towels every 2 days. Pillowcases twice a week.

JaneJudge Fri 06-May-22 09:45:05

Holy crap, I even said it was none of my business in the original post grin Is it a full moon?

I agree, I absolutely LOVE getting into a fresh bed, especially after a bath and hair dry and in a nice nightie smile it is something to treat myself to after a busy day at work. and then someone unwashed gets in it with me

ShazzaKanazza Fri 06-May-22 09:55:27


Katyj Fri 06-May-22 09:59:34

Bottom sheet and pillowcases once a week. Duvet cover fortnightly. We have separate towels and their washed every fourth day. I don’t usually like routine apart from this. But if anything more exciting turns up I’m off.

lixy Fri 06-May-22 10:03:01

It's a Thursday job here - sheets and pillowcases weekly, duvet fortnightly.
Daily airing, though not out of the windows as I've seen in Italy/Malta/France.
Love the feeling of clean sheets - a real treat!

Blondiescot Fri 06-May-22 10:04:50

If it's a leap year...grin

Kalu Fri 06-May-22 10:10:06

I am obviously not a typical female!😁

DillytheGardener Fri 06-May-22 10:10:33

Every week including towels etc.

henetha Fri 06-May-22 10:14:48

When it get so smelly that even the fleas can't stand it.

MrsKen33 Fri 06-May-22 10:16:20

Same as some others. Everything gets changed, bed linen, towels etc at least once a week.