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Our Eurovision song!

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Honeysuckleberries Wed 11-May-22 18:58:15

Has anyone else heard this? It’s absolutely brilliant it’s sung by a sexy long haired man called Sam Ryder. I can’t wait as I love Eurovision even the political voting. Does anyone else like Eurovision?

Billybob4491 Wed 11-May-22 19:04:08

Ghastly programme

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 19:05:14

I don't, but my daughter used to really enjoy it.

It was quite nice having someone to watch it with. smile

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 19:07:07

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 19:09:12

I wouldn't like anyone to miss out on our entry. smile

Aveline Wed 11-May-22 19:13:24

I'm sure he's good but I just want Ukraine to win!

ixion Wed 11-May-22 19:19:49

Surely no country is going to be crass enough to vote nul points for Ukraine?

Joseanne Wed 11-May-22 19:20:44

I'm rooting for France whose entry is sung in Breton. It reminds me of the few years I spent learning the strange language. It appeals to my Celtic (Welsh) roots too.
Ukraine would definitely get my vote.

Marmight Wed 11-May-22 19:23:21

Good grief! Is he sitting on a pin ? grin. He can come 2nd after Ukraine

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 19:25:39


MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 19:32:29

I did used to enjoy Terry Wogan doing the commentary.
He said the most outrageous things in his jolly way.

Kate1949 Wed 11-May-22 19:32:35

I like it but he will come last. Ukraine will win.

Kandinsky Wed 11-May-22 20:06:59

Yes it’s a great song & I can’t wait for Saturday! Love Eurovision ?

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 20:08:20

I knew there had to be some more fans, somewhere.

Kandinsky Wed 11-May-22 20:09:08


ginny Wed 11-May-22 20:10:30

I hadn’t heard it before. Don’t think I’ll bother again I’m afraid.

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 20:11:39

But he's a spaceman!

crazyH Wed 11-May-22 20:13:02

Yes, I love Eurovision ?

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 20:14:18

Oh there is a growing band of likers.

AGAA4 Wed 11-May-22 20:15:38

I won't be watching but another vote for Ukraine.

MerylStreep Wed 11-May-22 20:19:49

Love it, love it. But not so much as in the good old days when you had to sit through some absolute rubbish, but funny rubbish ?
It’s a bit too slick now ?

Knittynatter Wed 11-May-22 20:21:07

I’m looking forward to it this year as I think we have a great song!

Blossoming Wed 11-May-22 20:22:09

It reminds me of the Babylon Zoo song.

Millie22 Wed 11-May-22 20:26:52

Apparently he is going to be 5th. Obvs Ukraine will win ??

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 20:28:08

I can't stop thinking of the Babylon Zoo version.

Anyway, maybe we could have a thread for watchers so we can comment politely on all the tunes, what the people wear, the dancers...