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Good Morning Thursday 12th May 2022

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Michael12 Thu 12-May-22 05:56:29

Good Morning Everyone,
Its with a blue sky start to the day here in brackley this morning.
Up to my usual bus trip to Bicester for usual coffee etc.
i notice as to bus journeys Stagecoach no longer require passengers to wear facemasks .
My afternoon will be following Tour of Italy on TV its a 3 week race but its early days yet.
Take Care,

grandMattie Thu 12-May-22 06:06:21

Good morning from a sunny E Kent. We didn’t get a drop of rain yesterday. Loadsa watering over th3 weekend…
Managed to get the new drugs for Mr. gM late afternoon, put on new patches and they seem to start working. He said it was a tiny bit better but not as much as he hoped.?
The gout in my ankle is uncomfortable but it’s the swelling which is most inconvenient - at least I don’t feel like an elephant trod on my foot! My drugs help too.
Nothing planned for today except a call from the hospice early so they can discuss DH’s situation at an MDM.
Hope travellers had good journeys, the poorly feel better, the unhappy have a less sad day, and the newbies enjoy our lovely thread…. Carpe diem. ????

Susan56 Thu 12-May-22 06:25:55

Good morning from Shropshire.A sunny day forecast.

Mick, we saw the bike racing in Italy a few years ago.We hadn’t known a race was going to be finishing in the town we were visiting so it was an added exciting bonus to our day.

Grandmattie, I hope that your DH has a more comfortable day,that the swelling in your foot eases and that the call from the hospice is helpful.

Back to playgroup today as H is finally feeling better after nearly two months of sickness.I am up early to get the laundry done before he arrives.I have had a very relaxing/lazy couple of days so good to be doing something today.

Thinking of all with illness and worries??

Grandmadinosaur Thu 12-May-22 06:43:59

Good morning all from sunny Ibiza.

Travelling home today after an amazing week. We’ve both recharged our batteries, had lovely food, brilliant hotel so a 10 out of 10. We’re thinking of returning in September.
Our flight is midday so should be home by about 4 or 5 depending on traffic.

Take care everyone.

Jaxjacky Thu 12-May-22 06:45:12

Morning all from a sunny S Hants. We did have rain yesterday, at last, sorry gMattie, pleased you got the meds for your DH, hope the MDM is constructive.
However, we had no hot water, to précis, the pump was kaput in our boiler, so some £££’ lighter, by the end of the day it was fixed.
Today I’m on the phone calls for drives, some admin and garden pottering.
Thoughts with those poorly or worried, have a better day, with a ? or ??.

Ashcombe Thu 12-May-22 06:49:12

Good morning from a beautiful sunny Torbay.

I hope the pain is soon lessened for you and DH, grandMattie. Your stoicism in such circumstances over many months is admirable and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

It’s lovely to be sitting up having TIB with DH, who arrived safely last night after a good journey. He was tired so an early night followed which suited me as I’m tired quite often despite it being two months since I had Covid.

Hope everyone has a good day with some sunshine to cheer spirits, except where rain is needed! Safe travels, Grandmadinosaur. ??????

Jaxjacky Thu 12-May-22 06:52:23

Safe journey Grandmadinosaur you sound very refreshed!

brook2704 Thu 12-May-22 06:57:24

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cloudy and dry with some rain in the forecast too
Pleased to hear that your DH arrived safely yesterday Ashcombe enjoy your time together
Nothing much planned for me today just a day of pottering in the garden and catching up with some housework
Safe travels grandmadinosaur sounds like you’ve had a great time
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings ?

ShazzaKanazza Thu 12-May-22 07:14:55

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a lovely blue skied Hull.

Grandmadinosaur you have a lovely day to arrive home to, safe journey.

grandMattie ? and thoughts as always to you and your DH.
We are visiting my Dad and Stepmum today. He was at A&E last week after dropping a recycling box on his foot he already suffers with gout so he’s not too mobile. But he wants to hobble into the pub today ?.

Ash enjoy having your lovely hubby home with you.
We loved Torbay, we visited last year and had a lovely few days visiting all around the area. Staying in a fab B&B not far from the centre. I said to DH everyone looks so much more sun kissed down there.

Take care today everyone and enjoy your day if you possibly can. ??

cornergran Thu 12-May-22 07:18:05

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright corner of Somerset.

Jaw issues continue. Dentist has done all he can, referred to the dental hospital. It seems phone can’t be fixed remotely, another call this morning then it’s likely to be off to the Apple hospital with it. Once that’s out of the way some much needed garden sorting for me today. Mr C will help if his hay fever permits, there is much very loud sneezing at the moment . Not sure what else today.

Hoping for a comfortable day for you both grandmattie. Safe journey grandmadinosaur and all other travellers.

Hope Thursday is kind to us all.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 12-May-22 07:20:12

Morning Mick and all

We are predicated to have a warm sunny day here in S E Essex.

We have no plans, so it will be a day of pottering.

Thinking of all those with ill health or troubles, sending (((hugs)))

Keep safe and well folks ?‍♀️?

BlueSapphire Thu 12-May-22 07:25:58

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny ?Northampton, a fine dry day forecast so will get some washing done.

Poured with rain yesterday, but had a good lunch with friends at the pub, and did lots of chatting to catch up. Sadly they declined my invitation to coffee and cake afterwards as the wife had a medical appointment. So the cake is now in the freezer..

Phoned up to enquire about in the afternoon, but there was a problem getting into the accommodation part of the sysrem, so the agent will call me back tomorrow. Will be a bucket list holiday if all goes well! The family will think I have gone slightly mad!

Sainsbury's delivery mid-morning, then tap dancing class early this afternoon, followed by ballet, then home, and then out again for an early evening walk, followed by dinner at the pub, so a busy day ahead.

Wishing all a pleasant day with sunshine to ease any worries.

Urmstongran Thu 12-May-22 07:27:55

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from the land of Yorkshire tea and Buford Browns. It’s a pleasant morning here in Urmston with a high of 14°C forecast (brr!) and it’s nice to be back for ten weeks (with a family holiday in Ibiza 2 weeks on Sunday to look forward to).

We’re back in harness with school pick up of the Boy Wonder and L’il Miss, can’t wait to see them! We will give them their tea, take them to their swimming lessons and once we drop them back just after 6pm we plan to head to our favourite bar up the road for drinks before coming home to eat. After tonight I’m not drinking alcohol till Ibiza - giving a push to hopefully some weight loss or I’ll never get in my swimsuits!

Have a great Thursday all who can. x

ginny Thu 12-May-22 07:28:16

Good morning. The weather looks promising here in N. Bucks
Yesterdays continuous rain was needed for the garden. The afternoon was brighten by a fun session of Indian block printing.

A load of washing on and some admin to sort out. Deliver a cake and a quick dash ( who am I kidding ? ) for bread and milk.
Thursday after craft club later where we will be sorting out the hand made flowers for a jubilee hanging.
Thinking of all with illness or worries and hope everyone finds a smile within your day.

ginny Thu 12-May-22 07:29:27

Ps. Thanks to those who made kind comments on my art work yesterday.

Marydoll Thu 12-May-22 07:32:21

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, no sunshine here, I'm afraid. I had planned to strip the bed, but we have rain forecast and I am trying to cut down our tumble drier use.

I'm pleased to hear your DH got his new medication GM and I hope your ankle improves soon.
Ash, I know exactly what you mean about post Covid fatigue, I'm struggling with it. What is even more debilitating is the inexplicable feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed by things. I haven't experienced those demons for years. I seem to be over sensitive about everything.
DH says there are lots of medical articles about post Covid anxiety and deteriorating mental health. I wonder if any other posters have experienced this.

Hoping Urms had a trouble free journey yesterday and that Grandmadinosaur has a safe journey home.
Baubles was your day in a different shop, ok?
My hairdresser visit yesterday lasted two and a half hours, one for the cut and blow dry and the rest chatting! ?
The fatigue one and I spent the afternoon, improving my Turkish language skill, well actual I was watching a Turkish drama!

My plan today is to continue my Swedish death clean, before DD and SIL move in and hopefully fill some charity bags. Whether I will be ruthless enough, is another story. I always find filling charity bags quite cathartic!

Wishing you all the best possible day you can, it not always possible, but hope is what keeps us going.
Chrissielou, thoughts of your daughter kept popping into my head yesterday, I hope she is feeling a bit better.

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 12-May-22 07:43:52

Good morning all from bright but cloudy Harrogate
Yesterday At the optician DH chose some innovative frames that come with clip on magnetic sunglasses which I thought were very handy for driving.
I hope the new patches work better for your DH and the gout is liveable with GrandMattie
Glad DH got back safely Ashcombe
This am it’s Sainsburies delivery and I believe DH is going to DDs to join her for a walk. So I might just have an empty! Maybe I’ll get some baking done?
This pm I have a call from my physiotherapist to check on my exercises, then a zoom call to my sisters
Have the best day possible folks

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 12-May-22 07:44:00

Morning all from what looks like a beautiful morning in West Oxfordshire. Our gardener came yesterday and finished planting up the front and back gardens. It’s going to look beautiful. Our cleaning ladies are coming this morning - they come fortnightly - so that should be good. There is a NT property 10 minutes drive from us, so we will pop over there after lunch and walk around the grounds, visit the house and have tea and cake in the tea room. I should have gone to a meeting of our a local History Society last night but I was so tired. It is 7 weeks since I first had covid but the occasional fatigue hasn’t gone away yet! GM, I’m thinking of you and Mr GM. ???

Pittcity Thu 12-May-22 08:05:11

Good morning from sunny Colchester. A dry day after a wet afternoon yesterday.
I shall wash our bedding and get it on the line before a trip to Lidl.
We are seeing "An evening with Mortimer and Whitehouse" in a local theatre tonight. It is only a 10 minute walk from home. So glad we moved last year.
Love to all ? x

monk08 Thu 12-May-22 08:06:27

Good morning all from the Black country, very cloudy at the moment was blue skies when I awoke.
grandMattie you are welcome to some of our rain I was soaked yesterday even with a brolly had to completely change when I arrived home.
DH birthday today so will be meeting the family later for a meal it will be lovely to see our other Dgs saw younger one yesterday.
Safe journey for the travellers, best wishes to anyone celebrating and virtual hugs where needed.
Enjoy your Thursday and may you all find some ?.

Gingster Thu 12-May-22 08:06:56

Good morning all and it’s a lovely start to the day. We had quite a bit of rain on and off yesterday afternoon ?.

After DD having a very worrying phone call from the hospital at 9 o’clock Tuesday evening, the consultant phoned her yesterday reassuring her and sending tablets by courier. After us all having a sleepless night and being on tenterhooks until the phone call, we are very much relieved . ?. ?.

Welcome home Urms
Welcome back Olddudders

Today I have my bowls group and Dh will go to the golf driving range with ds1. He’s a natural and exceptional golfer but hasn’t been able to play since his TIA 2 yrs ago, through weakened leg muscles and balance issue. I’m hoping this will spur him on to get things sorted. ?.

Marydoll I think as we get older , things do overwhelm us more and we angst over smaller things. I haven’t had Covid ? but I do know how you feel. ?.

Wishing you all a ‘good’ day. ?

Chrissielou Thu 12-May-22 08:23:39

Good morning from a bright sunny Oxfordshire. Firstly, I want to say thank you for all your kind messages of support, its been a tough few days on DD1's cancer journey, a number of potentially serious issues arose as a result of her treatment, but they've been dealt with now thankfully. She is feeling very weary with it all, but after a long call last night, we ended up laughing at something silly.
I would rather be out walking the dog over the fields, but unfortunately work calls.
Hope you all have some sunshine in your lives today sunshine

ShazzaKanazza Thu 12-May-22 08:26:38

Ginster and Chrissielou ?? for your DDs.
Monk happy birthday to your DH.

merlotgran Thu 12-May-22 08:28:33

Good morning everyone from a sunny(ish) south coast. Yesterday’s stormy weather battered the hydrangeas in pots so after walking Peggy this morning I’ll be repairing the damage.

I’m going to a Eurovision party on Saturday (I know ?) and have been asked to make a gluten free version of Pampushky - Ukrainian garlic bread for the ‘Eurofusion’ buffet. I hoped I’d get away with mini frankfurters on cocktail sticks. No such luck! ?. A practice run may be called for.

Wishing everyone a trouble free day and a restful one for those who need it.

Party4 Thu 12-May-22 08:35:32

Morning from a bright West Yorks.
Following hectic day yesterday had an unbroken night's sleep waking at 6a.m very rare and unusual these days.
Washing on line and a stroll round garden checking pots,beautiful morning listening to call of the birds.
Today trip into town to exchange items purchased at weekend, penny to a pound they will not have sizes I need.
GMattie do hope outcome of MDM meeting can improveDH comfort level.
Safe journeys to all those travelling.
BSapphire I feel quite exhausted reading of your days you really put me to shame and I begin to wonder HOW DO I spend my hours.
JJacky hopefully your new pump will see you through a few more winters.Repairs and maintenance can be so costly and doesn't bring same thrill as a new purchase that one can stand back and admire.
Yesterday saw arrival of my new telescopic scrubber I can now with ease clean my floor to ceiling tiles in bathroom.I love it and also great for getting in tight spaces behind toilet/washbasin.
Thinking of all with illness and worry.