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People who give you chapter and verse about people you don't know ow

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Vintagejazz Thu 12-May-22 07:56:06

I met a few friends for lunch yesterday. We hadn't seen each other for ages and had loads to catch up on. But one person kept trying to hog the conversation, and her talk was all about people we didn't know; her son's best friend's wedding, her neighbour's fancy new car, her sister in law's broken leg. She didn't just mention these things, she wanted to give us chapter and verse. It was brand frustrating. We all kept trying to bring the conversation back to more common ground but she wouldn't give up.

Does anyone else find people like this annoying.

Vintagejazz Thu 12-May-22 08:22:04

No idea why that stray 'ow' appeared in the title confused

Grandmabatty Thu 12-May-22 08:25:31

I have a friend like that! I am very fond of her but she does go on about other people I don't know at all. I tend to nod and smile.

luluaugust Thu 12-May-22 09:24:25

In a group there is often one person who does this. Yes it is very annoying. I sit back and let them get on with it, it saves me divulging too many bits of good gossip grin

Grannybags Thu 12-May-22 09:34:11

My MiL was like that. Not just people we didn't know but people she didn't know either!

She would find out someone's life history, what exams they'd passed, what they did for a living etc just by sitting next to them on a flight or whatever then relay all the information to us.

She had an amazing memory and would tell us all sorts of things about strangers she'd met years later!

henetha Thu 12-May-22 09:37:00

I've known two people who do this, and depending on my mood, I found it either amusing or annoying.
I hope I don't do it.... do I? .. grin

GrannyGravy13 Thu 12-May-22 09:38:55

I would nod along and order myself another tea/coffee.

Perhaps they haven’t got anything which they feel is exciting to say about themselves, and therefore tell their audience about others lives?

CoffeeFirst1 Thu 12-May-22 09:41:08

I’m meeting one of those types of friends today for lunch.

I intend to nod and smile ?

Kate1949 Thu 12-May-22 09:42:18

I know quite a few people like this. I know all the ins and outs of their lives, their families' lives, what the budgie had for breakfast. They know next to nothing about me and mine.

Baggs Thu 12-May-22 09:46:46

Perhaps not being able to chat with people as much as usual over the last couple of years meant it just all had to spill out! ?

MrB doesn't talk about people much but he can't half drone on about factual stuff. My gently saying that I'm at information overload is usually completely ineffective ???

Hey ho

Sparklefizz Thu 12-May-22 09:50:35

It's the same as people who tell you about a dream they had, in every bl***y detail.

Redhead56 Thu 12-May-22 10:11:39

I would simply say I am not interested in someone I do not know. I am short on patience for idol gossip but I do have time for someone with troubles.

annodomini Thu 12-May-22 10:11:53

My late MiL was one of those. She could talk the hind leg off the proverbial donkey, usually about acquaintances I had never heard of. I learnt to shut off as she never expected an answer. A good friend is going in the same direction and I just nod and say 'Oh, really?' every so often.

maddyone Thu 12-May-22 10:15:28

Obviously people talk about their families, but some do go on and on about their grandchildren. I’ve got one friend who regularly tells me chapter and verse about her great grandchild and gives me pictures to look at and even videos to watch of her clearly very dear little granddaughter saying her first words or walking her first steps. I’m always gracious and make appropriate comments but I find it incredibly boring. I’d be happy to look at one picture and say how cute she is or similar, but lots of pictures or videos, I’m not interested.

Kate1949 Thu 12-May-22 10:23:44

I use Mrs Brown's phrase 'Thats nice'

annsixty Thu 12-May-22 10:29:11

And Kate you know what Mrs Brown really meant….

maddyone Thu 12-May-22 10:31:16

I think I may start to say that too Kate.

Caleo Thu 12-May-22 10:36:28

It makes all the difference when the garrulous person is entertaining but usually it's all facts.

Caleo Thu 12-May-22 10:40:41

Sparklefizz " It's the same as people who tell you about a dream they had, in every bl***y detail."

Same with dreams. When they narrate a dream, unless they also tell how it affected them (sad, happy, laughable, true, consoling etc)and why they think it means such and such, it is boring.

Vintagejazz Thu 12-May-22 10:45:21

I was particularly annoyed as of the four of us one had recently been bereaved, one had retired from work and one had become a grandmother. But we got barely 5 minutes to discuss any of that before she'd interrupt again. She even raised her voice quite loudly a couple of times to ensure she had our attention. Then off again about Betty's hip operation, or what Danny gave his friend for a wedding present........ I actually felt stressed when I got home, and also disappointed that we hadn't managed a proper chat.

lemsip Thu 12-May-22 10:49:47

change the subject by cutting in with something else to another of the group!

Vintagejazz Thu 12-May-22 10:50:40

We did that so many times but she just raised her voice and demanded our attention.

Kate1949 Thu 12-May-22 11:04:08

Yes I do ann. grin

Grandmabatty Thu 12-May-22 11:24:33

After your update Vintagejazz, I would be arranging a catch up without her the next time!

nanna8 Thu 12-May-22 11:29:02

I have a friend like that. I think a lot of it is loneliness and not meeting many people with that particular one. Either that or they may just be a boring person. Limit the times you meet, life’s too short really. Sad that you weren’t able to have a good catch up with your other friends.