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Good Morning Friday 13th May 2022

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Michael12 Fri 13-May-22 05:51:23

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry start but cloud here in brackley this morning.
Todays plans after a small shop I will get my prescriptions from the nearby chemists .
Other plans to stay in and watch to todays stage of tour of Italy .
Looking ahead to the weekend .
Take Care,

BlueSapphire Fri 13-May-22 10:24:39

Taichinan, DH and I went back to Singapore in 2002 and looked for the place where we first met over 30 years previously - it had all gone, well obviously the place was there, but the buildings had all been pulled down.

Chris3 Fri 13-May-22 10:46:14

Good morning from cloudy South Yorkshire. I am currently sat in the dentist waiting room. This is my third appointment in a week. I know I should be grateful I can even get an appointment but the tooth is coming out today so hopefully my last visit ?
Wishing you all a good day xx

Taichinan Fri 13-May-22 18:46:57

Oh that's sad bluesapphire. We were back ten years before you. BMH, where our first son was born, was still there but the big roundabout just down the road from it (where our car had a puncture when I was just a few days short of 9 months pregnant!) had become a light-controlled intersection. We couldn't return to the church where we were married at RAF Tengah because it was now a Malaysian Air Force Base, so we renewed our vows at St Andrews Cathedral instead (it was our Silver Wedding). Such happy memories. We hired a taxi for the day to take us to all the places we remembered and the driver joked how would do it again for us for our golden anniversary. Sadly that didn't happen as DH died just two years later. Memories are so precious, aren't they.