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Good Morning Friday 13th May 2022

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Michael12 Fri 13-May-22 05:51:23

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry start but cloud here in brackley this morning.
Todays plans after a small shop I will get my prescriptions from the nearby chemists .
Other plans to stay in and watch to todays stage of tour of Italy .
Looking ahead to the weekend .
Take Care,

grandMattie Fri 13-May-22 06:06:26

Good morning from a bright E Kent.
DH was admitted to Margate hospice for pain control yesterday morning. As usual, they are kindness itself, so although he didn’t want to go, he knows it is for the best.
We are seeing/hearing the oncologist today. Depends how DH feels about the 1 hours journey from one hospital to the other, it will be face to face or by telephone. I hope the latter, although our hearing is not the best…
Got a text from DGD asking to come for the night tonight. That will be wonderful as I tend to feel at a loose end, alone, in the evenings. He knows where I hide the spare key, should I be out still. I am taking him out for a pizza.
Thank you as ever for your many kindnesses and encouragement. They are very precious to me and mine.
I hope everyone manages a ray of metaphorical sunshine ☀️ in their lives today. Carpe diem. ????

MawtheMerrier Fri 13-May-22 06:27:43

Good morning all.
That sounds sensibleGrandmattie - hospices are geared to pain management and it is better than struggling at home.
Perhaps you can use some of the time -apart from visiting- to get your feet up and recharge your batteries? From my own experience, “running on empty “ helps no one.

Early start for me, Rosie to kennels then D1 is arriving from Birmingham and we are driving to D2’s MIL’s funeral in Epping together . My thoughts have been very much with SIL and his family last night and when I woke up - it’s another hurdle but so important and somehow satisfying to get it right. I hate the word “closure” but until the funeral, there is so much hanging over one. A step on the road perhaps?
Wishing you all a pleasant day and some relief for all with worries or in pain.

LauraNorderr Fri 13-May-22 06:28:19

Good morning Mick, good morning grandMattie and good morning all.
Windy and overcast here in Anglesey. Goodness knows why I’m awake at this ungodly hour but I am so thought I’d pop in and say hello.
Sorry you are going through such a difficult time grandMattie, brave as always.
Not sure what the rest of you have been up to but I ‘m sure you’re all cracking on with life one way or another.
We’re off for a city break next week, not far from here but a nice change.
Wishing you all a good day ???.

Sar53 Fri 13-May-22 06:47:53

Good morning from France. It's a cloudy day again, hopefully it will brighten up later.
A drive out later then more reading, we are being very lazy.
Thinking of you and your DH GM.
Have a pleasant Friday everyone and let's hope that the sun shines wherever you may be xx

Jaxjacky Fri 13-May-22 06:58:55

Good morning all from S Hants, high cloud 9deg.
Missed birthdays yesterday, hope both harrigran and Marmight enjoyed their day ??.
Tough times grandMattie you are both in my thoughts ?.
Lifts to sort from yesterday’s calls today and later I’m out for lunch with my son and his gf. Pub this evening for catch up with people.
Enjoy your day if possible all ??.

dragonfly46 Fri 13-May-22 07:06:53

Good morning from cloudy but blustery Leicestershire.

Nordic walking this morning then walking with a frien this afternoon in the woods. I am a glutton for punishment.

Thoughts are with you and your DH Mattie.
Wishing every one a good day.

Scentia Fri 13-May-22 07:15:25

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it promises a sunny day ☀️

Thoughts for you and your DH Grandmattie but he is in the best place I’m sure❤️
Off to work today and then collect the grandchildren for a sleepover tonight so mummy and daddy can get the house ready for their party tomorrow.
Not sure how DGD is 1 already!! DD is making two most elaborate cakes this evening. I hope they turn out ok as she does leave things to the last minute?
Have a great day if you are able but, if not try to have a peaceful one at least❤️

ginny Fri 13-May-22 07:17:11

Good morning. Not sure what the weather is doing as I haven’t looked out yet.
I have coffee with a friend this morning a short drive away.
This afternoon I am determined to sort out my wardrobe. Get rid of items I never wear and put away most winter clothes.
We are taking DGS2 to his cricket practice early evening.

Thoughts with all who are I’ll or dealing with family illness or have other worries. May you all find a smile in your day.

Beechnut Fri 13-May-22 07:20:36

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s bright but there is a fair amount of cloud.

Off out to do the weekly shop and then some gallivanting about gathering up some stuff at diy places. I’m hoping it will make me feel better. For some reason yesterday I did not feel my cheery self.

I hope all goes well for you and your DH today Mattie. Travelling is tiring on top of everything else so I hope that you can unwind with DGS later.

Have the best day you can all ??

ShazzaKanazza Fri 13-May-22 07:21:10

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a breezy Hull but it’s going to feel warm later.
grandMattie you are always in our thoughts I always tell my DH how you are every day and we both send your DH our love. Hoping you can put your feet up for a while. Enjoy your pizza with DGD

MawtheMerrier hope the funeral goes well today.

Hoping everyone finds lots of reasons to smile today enjoy your Friday. ??

Marydoll Fri 13-May-22 07:22:25

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow.

I am so pleased to hear your DGS will be with you tonight, GM. Difficult and sad times for you. As Maw has advised, you need to look after yourself too.
Maw, a sad day for you and your family. I hope all goes well.

DH is taking me out to lunch for my birthday, as I will be too busy at church to celebrate tomorrow, the actual day. We have a new market a few towns away and he has offered to take me there first. It is a few minutes away from our first home, so of course, I will need to go and have a nostalgic peak.

Special thoughts and prayers for those who are unwell or have family unwell. Gingster and Chrissielou, your daughters have been in my thoughts.
For all on holiday or plans for today, enjoy!
Wishing you all a pleasant day.

Ashcombe Fri 13-May-22 07:23:27

Good morning, all, from a sunny Torbay.

I’m sleeping later with DH here. Also I walked to the hairdresser's and back yesterday then to the pub for early doors. We have changed our allegiance since The Buccaneer had a new landlord. Within weeks most of the lovely bar staff had walked and they’d been there for some years! Our new local will be The Royal Hotel and Carvery, having been made welcome there last night.

I hope your DH will soon be more comfortable, grandMattie and what a thoughtful DGS you have! Safe travels and as good a day as possible today for you, MawtheMerrier; I’m sure your D2 will appreciate the support from you and her sister. I’m glad your holiday seems to be going well, Sar53. Relaxing is ideal!

Make the most of the day, everyone! ??????

mumofmadboys Fri 13-May-22 07:26:31

Good morning all. Thinking of you GMattie. Hope you have a good time with your DGS despite the present circumstances. 'Our 'family from Ukraine are lovely and have settling in well. The children are delightful. The little boy, aged 4, tells me a whole spiel in Russian not realising I havent a clue what he is saying! The dad has got a job- starting Monday!! He was very keen to work asap. The little boy has a taster session at nursery today and goes half days from Monday. It is hard when they tell us tearfully about their families. So, so far so good!! Better than we could have imagined! They arrived in the dark and were delighted when they drew the bedroom curtains back in the morning to see the beautiful Cumbrian mountains!
Have a good day everyone if possible.

BlueBalou Fri 13-May-22 07:28:04

Good morning everyone from a dull start here in Wiltshire, I hope it brightens up.
My thoughts are also with you grandMattie, I do hope your DH is more comfortable now, pain control is so difficult.
Art group this afternoon, I am really enjoying it.
It bucketed down here yesterday but cleared up for dog training thankfully. Honestly, DDog has the attention span of a gnat ?, I fervently hope one day she’ll realise that recall is non-negotiable and not ‘if and when I feel like it’!
I hope everyone enjoys today, even if it’s only for a while x

Marydoll Fri 13-May-22 07:31:12

momb, I was telling my husband all obout your amazing gesture and we wondered how you were getting on.
I am so delighted to hear that the family had such a happy start.
I am in awe of your kindness and generosity of spirit.

cornergran Fri 13-May-22 07:33:58

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright if cloudy and windy corner of Somerset. Sunshine forecast soon, hope that’s right.

Garden almost tidied yesterday, I ran out of steam. Mr C is struggling with hay fever so not sure what we’ll do today, perhaps find somewhere with air conditioning. In spite of the efforts of two Apple very patient people yesterday my phone is still not as it should be. The call back will be postponed until Monday. Enough for now.

Not sure what we’ll do today, see how Mr C goes. My thoughts will be with you maw and with a valued friend who will be saying goodbye to her husband today. I’m thankful there is hospice input and hope for the best possible outcome for you both today grandmattie.

Take care everyone. Wishing us all the best day it can be.

baubles Fri 13-May-22 07:36:09

Good morning all from cloudy South Lanarkshire.

I was up and out early yesterday and didn’t get a chance to post. First stop was an appointment with the vestibular physiotherapist who had me lie in several positions including having my head hanging backwards off the bed, the idea was to induce vertigo which it indeed did. She then showed me how to perform the Epley manoeuvre in order to reduce or stop the symptoms. Immediately after the appointment we set off to our usual Thursday childminding stint with the physio’s instructions to have a quiet, restful, couple of days ringing in my ears. Fat chance! grin

DoutLaw is due to give birth any time now so I have everything crossed for her.

Thanks for asking about my secondment on Wednesday Marydoll. It went well other than the fact that I had five volunteers in the morning, I struggled to find jobs for them all which is an unheard of luxury in my own shop. Only one in the afternoon though so we were both kept busy.

Enjoy your day out, lunch and a jaunt around a market sounds good, do you think you could you let me know where it is?

Belated birthday wishes to Harrigran and Marmight, it must be coming up on ten years since I met you both!

Hope your DGD is feeling better today Grammaretto, have a lovely time with your family.

I hope today goes as well as it can do Maw.

Thinking of you and your family gMattie, it will be good to have the company of your HC.

Good wishes also to gingster and Chrissielou, your daughters are in my thoughts.

Happy Friday everyone.

ShazzaKanazza Fri 13-May-22 07:38:36

Sorry grandMattie I meant your GS. X

Mumofmadboys it great hearing how your Ukrainian guests are settling in. We just can’t imagine what they have gone through.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 13-May-22 07:40:28

Good morning everyone from a (hopefully) soon to be sunny North Devon.
MzOops left last night, we did loads of walking over sand dunes whilst she was here, but always with the wonderful beach in the background.
We leave early tomorrow morning, so I will wish you a Very Happy Birthday for tomorrow Marydoll I hope you have a fantastic day.
Thought are with you as always Granmattie hope you get some rest today and your dear husband gets some pain relief.
I will miss being by the sea so very much.?
Anyway, I will make the most of today then start packing tonight.
Have a good day everyone and hugs for those with cares and worries.

brook2704 Fri 13-May-22 07:42:33

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve light grey clouds with some sun peeping through and I’m hoping that the wind has dropped a bit
Hoping the pain eases a bit for your DH GM and enjoy your evening with your DGS, take care of yourself too.
Sending ? maw
Today I’m off to the gym for a splash around at the Aqua class and then lunch with my friend afterwards. Lots of catching up to do as always. Later today DD2 and family are travelling down to Cambridge to stay the weekend with DD1. Hoping all goes well as although they’re sisters they’re very different. It’ll be lovely for the 4 DGC to all get together though
So very special momb wishing the family all the very best
Enjoy your early birthday lunch Marydoll -have a great day! ???
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is kind and take care all whatever the day brings ?

Pittcity Fri 13-May-22 07:44:05

Good morning from a bright and breezy Colchester.
We have nothing in the diary for today and the weekend. DS isn't coming home, so we have just us 2 to please.
I don't even have to collect my prescription as it comes by post every month.
Big hugs for GM and love to all ? x

baubles Fri 13-May-22 07:48:00

What a wonderful thing you’re doing momb. I wish all good things for you and your visiting family.

NannyJan53 Fri 13-May-22 07:49:08

Good morning from a very dull and grey Black Country.

Back to normal now, and went on a 4 mile walk from Baggeridge Country park yesterday.

Today I am meeting a friend in Bridgnorth for lunch. Going on the bus as it is free! So no petrol cost and no car parking costs. It does take longer obviously, but I will read my book.

I am totally in awe of you momb how lovely you can do this, and happy they are settling in well.

Loving thoughts with grandMattie and your DH

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 13-May-22 07:51:26

Good morning from West Oxfordshire. Who knows what the weather is like as I haven’t looked! I must get up in a minute to take my weekly alendronic acid tablet. Son, partner, and my granddaughter are driving down from London this evening and will stay until Sunday morning. I have their room to organise and a bit of cooking. ???to many if you. Thinking of you GM and Mr GM.