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Is your road having a street party?

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snowberryZ Tue 24-May-22 10:11:46

Ours isn't.
I only moved here a year ago, so still fairly new to the area.
It's a nice friendly place but I'm wondering whether it's because it's a bit of a thru road and too much hassle to stop traffic? I would imagine there's a lot involved in organising one.
Some of the culdesacs, that are offshoots of our road, are having them apparently.

What's the story where you live?

Georgesgran Tue 24-May-22 14:29:29

I’m our small development (no through road) a few of us are going to meet in the street for a drink. Bring your own fizz and glass.
DD1 is having a back garden barbecue for the 4 of us and I’m supplying fizz and bunting. We’ll have to explain to DGS1 that it’s not his birthday, there are no presents nor candles to blow out!

Teacheranne Tue 24-May-22 14:38:43


I often wonder how easy it is to obtain permission for road closures on these sorts of occasions?

Apparently local councils were urged by central government to relax some of the usual restrictions and allow as many parties and road closures as possible. That did not some asking for risk assessments about possible terrorist attacks!

Wheniwasyourage Tue 24-May-22 14:40:17

There's a "Take a picnic to a picnic" in our local park, I believe.

MerylStreep Tue 24-May-22 14:41:36

Our VE Day party was fabulous 😄 All very last
They’re always the best parties 🥰

HowVeryDareYou Tue 24-May-22 15:14:26

There's never been a party on our street, and it wouldn't really be at all possible - we live on a steep hill (we're at the top) and then the other end of the street is steep too.

NanKate Tue 24-May-22 15:35:56

I’ve invited a very sparky 95 year old friend to a Platinum Afternoon Tea on the 5th June all with the help of M and S. It will be just DH, me and my friend. I did ask 2 other friends who I knew would be on their own and one is on a cruise and the other in a field having a picnic.

We live directly in front of a very pretty field, so if the weather is nice we will serve Tea on our postage stamp lawn. 🎂🍰🧁🥂☕️ My friend would love that and chat to any of our friendly neighbours.

I will be recording the French Open Final to be watched in the evening over a glass of bubbly. 🍾🥂

Kim19 Tue 24-May-22 15:40:18

Probably. Recent format has been for the younger Mums to organise everything then inform\invite us oldies along in the course. Very successful this far. I live in hope.

Auntieflo Tue 24-May-22 15:41:06

Our end of the road isn't, but may be the top end? and some of the small cul de sacs?
In 1977, we did have a street party, but all is so changed now.

MrsKen33 Tue 24-May-22 15:49:12

Yes we are. We live on a private road and there is a large vacant plot at one end which will be used. A committee is organising everything. Just have to take ‘our own bread and butter and a bun ‘.

Pittcity Tue 24-May-22 16:06:33

We are. Part of our street is being closed off and the whole estate is invited. There is a residents committee who organise such things. We have lived here for 14 months and this is the first estate event we're going to because of you know what!
Our council were happy to approve closures as long as access for emergencies wouldn't be a problem.

The neighbouring park is hosting a picnic, gun salute , beacon lighting etc so there is plenty of celebration on our doorstep.

mrswoo Tue 24-May-22 20:01:25

I don't know of any local streets holding events although my local Slimming World group is holding a Jubilee Afternoon Tea during a morning meeting. It might possibly be a bit short on cakes and other high calorie delights ...

kissngate Tue 24-May-22 20:11:08

We live on a country lane so not possible to close off. However neighbour just been round to say she is having a garden party invited the houses nearest to us. It's a bring food and booze do in the afternoon. She's already put the flags up!

Floradora9 Tue 24-May-22 21:29:05

I would be run out of town if I was to ask my neighbours if they wanted one . Very few places in Scotland are having anything as far as I can see . I am sure the bear on ill will to the monarchy just feel indiferent to it .

Catterygirl Tue 24-May-22 23:49:35

Nothing going on here. Moved in a year ago. No traffic.

biglouis Wed 25-May-22 00:28:37

I live on a diverse multi ethnic estate and so far as I know nothing going on here. It would not be my thing anyway although I dont begrudge anyone else having a party. Almost the entire estate are "non drinking" cultures so at least no boozy parties. The only noisy thing that happens here is mowing the lawn.

heath480 Wed 25-May-22 01:16:55

Our village is having a big party,all invited.I won’t be going,off to the WI for a party,which is the next village as we don’t have a WI here.

Aveline Wed 25-May-22 06:09:48

Very surprised to read that apparently 'very few places in Scotland are having Street parties'. I'm in Scotland and know of lots of these events big and small going on all over the place! I'm looking forward to it.

BlueBalou Wed 25-May-22 06:46:10

There’s a bring a picnic in the playground on my small estate and in the small village there are a number of different places having street parties, all carefully coordinated over 4 days so you could go to several.
We’re off on holiday so won’t be going 😊

jaylucy Wed 25-May-22 12:30:40

We live in a close off a sideroad and apparently there will be a barbecue for this road on the Sunday 5th at £10 per head.
Our local borough council have waived the usual charges for street closures in the borough.
I won't be attending this streets barbecue because it's one of those that will be food and drink included in the price. I don't drink and really don't want to sit with drunk people I hardly know for several hours!
I am also hoping not to be at home for that weekend and instead visiting my SiL at the coast !

hicaz46 Wed 25-May-22 12:54:22

Yes we are having one and I am on the organising committee. Our street is very long and luckily we are able to close the middle part of the street and this is where the party events will take place. It was easy to obtain a road closure and also a small grant through our local council. Everyone will bring their own food, drinks and table and chairs. The whole street will have bunting and decorations and hopefully with good weather a good time will be had by all.

Aepgirl Wed 25-May-22 12:57:48

Yes, ours is. Lots of bunting up, and activities and food being planned. Road closures have been made very easy by our council.

Treetops05 Wed 25-May-22 12:58:27

No, not our bit. We are at the end of a private road, the houses at the front will, without getting permission, set up for a street party...then complain if the rest of the road want to go anywhere. They could try inviting all the houses instead of their little clique. There would be no more than 12 if everyone turnedup!

welshgirl2017 Wed 25-May-22 13:00:26

Small village in west Wales...... no don't think so, not interested. Going to a festival (noting to do with the monarchy), for the bank holiday.

MaggsMcG Wed 25-May-22 13:02:46

Mines not but a person round the corner has invited the whole street to a garden party on the Sunday. Bring a bottle. I will probably go and take a few bottles of Proseco

greenlady102 Wed 25-May-22 13:22:24


I often wonder how easy it is to obtain permission for road closures on these sorts of occasions?

It depends on the road and on the council. many councils will prefer to support more central events than allowing myriad road well as ordinary access there are emergency vehicle considerations. There are two local events happening near me, i won't be at either!