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busybeejay Mon 19-Sep-22 20:13:23

I had my COVID booster jab last Friday and it has totally wiped me out.I just want to sleep.
Anyone else had this reaction?

Farzanah Mon 19-Sep-22 20:17:25

Yes had mine + flu Saturday and spent much of Sunday in bed. Feeling much recovered today, and glad I’ve had the booster. Would have felt much worse with the actual infection I’m sure and glad my immune system’s been primed.

Biscuitmuncher Mon 19-Sep-22 21:38:20

I cant understand the willingness to keep having yourselves injected

Shinamae Mon 19-Sep-22 21:39:15

I am not having another one..

welbeck Mon 19-Sep-22 21:48:25

i want as many vaccinations as i can get or pay for.

midgey Mon 19-Sep-22 21:56:05

I can’t understand the unwillingness to have vaccinations!

crazyH Mon 19-Sep-22 22:03:55

I will take every vaccination that’s offered. Had my Covid Booster on Saturday. No side effects whatsoever. Flu jab on 1st October- will have that done as well. We are so lucky to be offered these FOC.

Lathyrus Mon 19-Sep-22 22:19:19

Hopefully there’ll be enough who take the vaccine to protect those who don’t.

I don’t think my family in the NHS could take another year like the last two.

GagaJo Mon 19-Sep-22 22:22:38


i want as many vaccinations as i can get or pay for.

Same here. Thankfully.

Ladyripple Mon 19-Sep-22 22:27:58

I had no reaction from my Covid booster this time.

Looking forward to having the flu one next week.I have anything offered to me.

nanaK54 Mon 19-Sep-22 22:41:11


i want as many vaccinations as i can get or pay for.

Yep! Me too

grumppa Mon 19-Sep-22 22:42:33

Slightly tender arm after booster jab last Wednesday, but well worth the ouch. Flu jab on 3 October. Bring 'em on!

annsixty Tue 20-Sep-22 06:31:33

My friend and I had our booster last Thursday with no ill effects at all.
On Saturday we were at a birthday party with 60 others.
Yesterday she tested positive for Covid.
Coincidence or what?

Sparklefizz Tue 20-Sep-22 07:27:28

Are you blaming the jab annsixty or the partying with 60 people?

annsixty Tue 20-Sep-22 07:31:20

I’m not blaming anything.
She tested positive too soon to have picked it up at the party.
Did she already have it when vaccinated or could it possibly be a rare occasion when the vaccine gave her Covid?

Quokka Tue 20-Sep-22 08:32:28

The incubation period for recent omicron infections can be as short as 48 hours I’m told.

Charleygirl5 Tue 20-Sep-22 08:41:28

If you have had side effects such as sleeping a lot you should report that back to your pharmacy or GP surgery, wherever you had it done because there seem to be a few who slept a lot and/or felt unwell.

I had my booster last week and as my pharmacy is a walk - in I will have my flu jab in early October.

I am so grateful I am being offered the boosters and flu jabs. I would willingly pay for both.

Farzanah Tue 20-Sep-22 08:50:44

The covid vaccine is not a live vaccine and does not cause covid.

grandMattie Tue 20-Sep-22 08:53:45


i want as many vaccinations as i can get or pay for.

Me too.
We are given vaccinations for a reason. I remember hearing, a long time ago, that if there was a smallpox epidemic in the UK, the only people to survive would be in comers, or the (rare then) international travellers.

Farzanah Tue 20-Sep-22 08:54:13

The reactions I had to my vaccine are mentioned as side effects to the vaccine and are short lived. Each individual will react differently. Serious side effects are rare, and I would rather take my chance with the vaccine than become debilitated with long covid, as some I know are, or even die through being unprotected. It’s a no brainer.

mumofmadboys Tue 20-Sep-22 09:21:00

Biscuitmuncher - I assume no-one close to you has died from Covid and your near family are not NHS frontline workers?

Patsy70 Tue 20-Sep-22 09:21:41

I had my booster last Wednesday and had no side effects at all, apart from a slight ache in my arm on the site of the injection, which lasted only a day. I’m having my ‘flu vaccination tomorrow.

MiniMoon Tue 20-Sep-22 10:52:37

I'm off for my covid booster in 10 minutes time. Just need to put my shoes on. I'll report back if I have any adverse reactions. I'm not expecting any as all I've had with the others is feeling cold the next day.

annsixty Tue 20-Sep-22 11:34:25

My friend who tested positive yesterday has just rung to say another person on our table also tested positive yesterday.
They hadn’t been in contact with each other for some time so it wasn’t from each other.
I was with both chatting for 4 hours so I am expecting to succumb.

Greenfinch Tue 20-Sep-22 11:47:01

My DiL tested positive last night after we had been to visit.We were due our boosters today and were told it was OK to have it as long as we had no symptoms and so we did . Now 3 of the 4 children in the family have it so like annsixty I expect to succumb but it won’t be the booster that caused it .