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soop Sun 02-Oct-22 13:35:42

Here we are again
Happy as can be
All good pals and
Jolly Good Company

WELCOME to you lovely lot

soop Sun 02-Oct-22 13:37:15

So sorry to be so late. Lots going on and trying hard to catch my shadow. I will return a little later. Group hug for all our Kitcheners.

soop Sun 02-Oct-22 15:57:28

annsixty It saddens me to hear that you are feeling unwell and sad. I wish that us lot could do something positive to help to lift your spirits. flowers

Our anniversary was a lovely day. We seemed to be busy from the moment the day started. One problem was that Mr Soop has mislaid/lost his new reading specs. He returned to the bistro as soon as he was aware that they were missing. That was a 40-mile round trip. He searched the carpark, went in the restaurant and spoke to staff. No sign of specs. Then, he went into our village to the local shop. The specs hadn't been handed in. We searched the interior of the car and our driveway. Zilch! It was too late to log in and visit our kitchen at the close of day. I didn't think for one moment that the new kitchen would need to be opened so soon. I apologise.

Today, Mr Soop and our mate have been glued to the computer. We needed help setting up a Sky box and, to be perfectly honest, I could do without the additional channels, together with the agro' of all the faffin' that goes with it. On the box, it read...THREE EASY STEPS. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! End of rant.

After which, having come to some sort of understanding of the system, the central heating started to play silly b's. Another pal will pop in tomorrow to try to establish why it is not performing as it should.

Then, as I told you previously, some nasty individual opted to hack into my Facebook page. I ask you. Why would anyone do such a thing? Answers on a postage stamp please.

soop Sun 02-Oct-22 15:58:41

Thank you for all the kind messages regarding our anniversary. They were greatly appreciated. flowers

soop Sun 02-Oct-22 16:36:29

I am missing you lovely lot. Please come back soon.

Weather is not as weird as it was yesterday. Plenty of fallen leaves for the sweeping-up of. Also, I need to service Sweetie Pie's so-called apartment. Shake rugs and replenish the drinking water.

Will close for today. A new pet portrait to ponder over. smile moon

Blossoming Sun 02-Oct-22 16:38:30

Hello Soop. I was worried I wouldn’t find you! I’m glad you had a lovely day on your anniversary. Not so good about all the hassle with glasses and things mechanical and electronic.

Mr, B and I have been down to Liverpool today to see sister and family, it was her birthday a few Da ago. I had both my ‘flu and Covid jabs yesterday in my left arm. It’s now hurting quite a bit but that will pass. I don’t feel very well so we are back home and settling in for the evening. I’m not doing much next week, just a prescription to order and collect. I will be right as rain in a day or two. I hope you are feeling a bit better Ann and Sue

Grandmabatty Sun 02-Oct-22 17:18:40

Happy to be in the new kitchen Soop! I hope all those who are unwell are feeling better. Annsixty, Suedonim, Grannmarie and Ladyleftfieldlover. I've had a gentle day of pottering and resting. I should do an ironing but I will leave it til tomorrow. Gammon for dinner. Have a good evening Kitcheners

SueDonim Sun 02-Oct-22 17:19:31

Oh, this is nice, in the new Kitchen! I do love a Shaker style and this is so light and airy! I’ve brought some cosy throws for the comfy chairs.

Soop how is poor Mr Soop managing without his specs??

As mentioned elsewhere, I had a phone call this morning letting me know a friend’s husband died suddenly last night. He was already in bed and she went off to get him a dose of the antibiotic he’s on for a water infection. When she came back he was dead. What a dreadful shock for her, especially as she has poor health herself. I didn’t really know him but I am so sorry for my friend.

I’m feeling a bit better today, at last. I’ve taken off the cover from the baby’s car seat and washed it - it was disgusting, Dh reckons it’s where I got my bug! grin I’ve also ‘valeted’ the cat, ie clipped his claws and brushed his fur so he’s looking a very smart boy indeed. Am resting now after all that effort.

I’ve got some paperwork to go through this evening, that stuff that accumulates, having meant to do something about it earlier. I did see a good mantra about letters and papers - only though them once. In other words, deal with the issue there and then or file it or dispose of it immediately. Fine advice, but it’ll never happen here. grin

Well, I must depart for the day but I feel the Kitchen is warming up nice for everyone. TOYA. Xx

aggie Sun 02-Oct-22 17:40:01

Love the new kitchen ?
So glad you had a good Anniversary Soop

Urmstongran Sun 02-Oct-22 18:01:33

‘Evening All’

I find I’m missing Himself! Who knew? ?

They’ll be arriving in Plockton any time now. He said he’d ring me to let me know when they’d arrived - after a well deserved pint each in the hotel bar after checking in - and before dinner.

My covid jab + ‘flu jab had me so achey last night I hardly slept - both arms were heavy and my back, neck & shoulders were painful but luckily I had no headache or high temperature. Anyhoo, another couple of paracetamol after breakfast sorted me out by lunchtime so I invited L’il Miss over to play. I think the Boy Wonder has ‘outgrown’ grandma to some extent, the lure of his PlayStation with his school friends is too great - he’s only allowed it on weekends! She was a delight and we played ‘school’ as you do,

Oh! My phone. It’ll be Himself! ?

muse Sun 02-Oct-22 18:20:02

Good afternoon all from a very sunny mid Cornwall. We've had the most amazing day and the sun is starting to disappear behind the trees. I do hope we get more tomorrow. Had a fantastic few hours planting up lots of bulbs into three new pots.

Sad to say goodbye to DD and DGD1 this morning. They arrived on Friday after a horrible drive down in torrential rain for the last part. However, we have celebrated so much. After her initial concerns regarding her contract offer, my DD has accept the new job. References have to be checked and once everyone is happy, she will give her notice in. We also had an early celebration for DGD1's 18th birthday and pretended it was 22 December. We won't see them again till the New Year. And... after a visit to Falmouth university on Saturday, it has gone to the top of DGD1's list. We have fingers crossed she gets an interview and then gets offered an unconditional place.

Glad to read you're feeling better SueD and resting. Sorry to hear though about your friend's husband. That was such a shock for her and I hope she is coping and looking after herself.

I hope others feeling unwell have turned a corner.

Off to make a G+T and get ready to see the first celeb voted off Strictly then it will be Dr Martin entertaining me for an hour.

Nannytopsy Sun 02-Oct-22 19:52:55

Hello everyone! Love the decor - simple lines but cosy, ready for the Autumn. One kitchen will not last until Christmas !
We had our Covids on Thursday and are fine but lethargic. I have taken DD’s dog and DS’s children to the park and now DH is putting them to bed while I recover with a sherry. My knee is very painful - send for ibuprofen!

Nannytopsy Sun 02-Oct-22 19:55:30

Didn’t mean to post! Glad you had a wonderful anniversary soop. Have a good evening everyone and sleep well ?

kittylester Sun 02-Oct-22 20:30:34

Just come across the kitchen door. Can I come in and sit a while?

Having a bit of a horrid time at the moment. I was rushed to hospital 3 weeks ago (on the day the Queen died) and came home 2 weeks ago. I'm still mostly in bed trying to rebuild my strength etc.

Added to which DD1, who is part way through chemo therapy for breast cancer, now has covid and her antivirals are inside a locked hospital pharmacy!

I hope to keep up with this Kitchen.


Blossoming Sun 02-Oct-22 20:35:21

Sorry to hear that Kitty, I hope you are taking things easy and recovering. I hope your daughter can get her meds, and I understand now your query about hospital pharmacies. That is awful! flowers

Grandmabatty Sun 02-Oct-22 20:40:06

Oh Kitty sit over there near the fire with a fluffy blanket to cuddle. I'm sorry you are feeling rotten. Lots of healing thoughts to you x

Urmstongran Sun 02-Oct-22 20:56:18

kitty what a horrid and stressful time you’re going through.
Big hugs. x

dustyangel Sun 02-Oct-22 21:23:38

Kitty what a horrible time you are having, all you can do is rest and recuperate but of course this just gives you too much time to worry about your DD. I hope she and you are feeling much better soon. Meanwhile just sit in this lovely happy place and try to rest for a while. By the way, I’ve always found hospital pharmacies a waste of space.

soop I’m so glad that you and Mr.s had a wonderful celebration despite the loss of mr soop’s reading glasses. I’d be going mad!
SueD, my sympathies, every now and then DH and I look at each other and say, ” This was supposed to be a paperless society?”
I’m so sorry for your friend.

Yiayia4 Sun 02-Oct-22 21:48:30

Late Good evening new kitchen.Had the family for dinner so just sitting down now.
So sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly Kitty hope you feel better soon?
Sorry to hear about your friend SueD what a terrible shock.
Glad you enjoyed your anniversary Soop hope Mr.Soop finds his glasses.
Just heard my DS and Dil in Derbyshire have covid we saw them on Monday after cat sitting for them but we seem ok!!
Sleep well everyone.

brook2704 Sun 02-Oct-22 21:49:02

Oh here you all are, the new kitchen looks so lovely, thanks for opening up soop
Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly kitty I hope you’re feeling much better now, take it easy and cuddle up near the fire. I hope your DD gets her meds soon too
It’s been a beautiful sunny day here, we drove over to Sandringham, I’d never been before and the house and gardens were beautiful. The DGC said the woodland playground was brilliant too and we all had a great day

SueDonim Sun 02-Oct-22 21:51:37

That looks beautiful, Brooke. Are you allowed inside?

Do you drive between Inverness and Norfolk? I once did Aberdeen to Norwich - the Norfolk end was awful!

BladeAnnie Sun 02-Oct-22 21:59:45

Ooh a lovely new kitchen so I'm popping in to say hello. kitty you need to sit by the fire and take things very steady - you are among friends. soop I hope those missing glasses turn up for Mr soop - what a nuisance. Sending hugs to everyone in need of a little comfort tonight. TOYA

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 02-Oct-22 22:06:49

Hello everyone. Another curate’s egg sort of a day! It was lovely having daughter to stay for the weekend. We had a delicious lunch at a nearby pub and now she’s gone back to London. In the meantime my neck is still causing pain. I’ve googled it and it seems I just have to grin and bear it for a while longer with the help of painkillers and rest. We had a shock this evening. We had just started watching Antiques Road Show when next door’s daughter popped round. We don’t really know her as she lives a few miles away. It turns out that her dad (retired Vet and the same age as me) had died last night of a heart attack. She apologised for still being in her pyjamas, so we said that’s fine. I only spoke to him a few days ago about our gardener cutting our joint hedge. His daughter asked me to tell some more people and find out how to look after his koi carp. As she left, she told us to tell those we love, that we love them.

gillgran Sun 02-Oct-22 22:26:25

A lovely, cosy new kitchen for us, thank you soop. I'm pleased you enjoyed your anniversary day, shame about MrSoop's specs, have they turned up yet?

So sorry to hear that you've been poorly kittylester, I send you warm good wishes for your recovery, all best wishes for your daughter too.

You are making fine use of your time, brook, as you know, Cambs., & Norfolk are my special places.
We've been at home this weekend & the weather has been good, after Friday's welcome rain.

Busy day today, (on the sofa!),first the London Marathon, then The F1 Grand Prix, finally the results show of Strictly. I'm exhausted.

Take care, all of you.

kittylester Sun 02-Oct-22 22:30:47

Crumbs Llfl, that must have been a huge shock to you and to the poor man's family.

Thank you for letting me rest here - could you keep an eye out for my energy and appetite as well as MrS's specs. I have lost a stone and a half which I should be please about but have also aged about 30 years - not a good look.

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