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soop Sun 02-Oct-22 13:35:42

Here we are again
Happy as can be
All good pals and
Jolly Good Company

WELCOME to you lovely lot

brook2704 Sun 02-Oct-22 23:14:19

What an awful shock llfl sending condolences to all the family
Yes we went inside the house at Sandringham Sue it was really interesting especially with the audio guide. Only the main rooms downstairs though, you didn’t get to see the bedrooms or kitchens etc. I didn’t drive from Inverness, it’s too far these days. I’m staying at my DD1s house in Cambridge and we went over to Sandringham from there today. When I visit here I usually get the train down from Inverness or the flight down to Luton.
Goodness me kitty that’s an awful lot of weight to loose, please eat a little bit more now and a treat or two

Blossoming Sun 02-Oct-22 23:21:39

Just catching up. What awful shocks SueD and LadyLFL, it never gets any easier.

Naughtyneine Sun 02-Oct-22 23:37:00

Bit of a panic there when I thought I'd lost you all. It's been a real roller coaster ... This was my FB post tonight...I don't ever mention on there the sadness of missing my grandchildren but it's been a real double whammy these past few weeks. I haven't felt strong enough to post but you are all always in my thoughts and prayers too.

Sitting on the decking with a glass of wine...sun still warm. Finally after 3 weeks I'm starting to feel better. I don't know what this has been..but it's taken its toll. Numerous tests all say not Covid but I'm not convinced... I've never known such a build up of yukky really really sticky stuff to collect in my nose and lungs... It's been scary at times... last Monday my normally very calm DOH gave me 30 minutes to be breathing more normally or he was calling an ambulance...we had to sit in the garden at 11pm to try and alleviate it. I felt like I was drowning on more than one occasion. I'm just finishing the antibiotics and think I'll probably need another lot to finally see this buggeration of a lurgy on its way...but for now..this glass of wine... sitting on our new decking... is going down a treat.

MawtheMerrier Sun 02-Oct-22 23:44:51

I am so sorry to hear of sadnesses afflicting you dear Kitcheners- I won’t itemise you, but you know who you are, so please consider yourselves very tenderly and collectively hugged.
Sudden bereavement particularly when it affects people like us is especially hard. My Dad was often heard to say “But (s)he was NO age” and while we know we are not immortal, nevertheless we are surely temporarily exempt.
Kitty though - please please do as you have been told and rest up to give your body a chance to heal
Soop - a happy anniversary to you and Sir and may you enjoy many more happy years.
Keep well, Kitcheners, and look after yourselves as well as your loved ones.

cornergran Mon 03-Oct-22 04:07:15

Catching up. A hug for all who are finding life’s challenges more than challenging. Ann, how are you now? Just rest kitty, strength will return as will your appetite.

Have those reading glasses turned up soop? So frustrating. Recently it seemed my computer glasses were lost. After much grumbling, stamping about and turning things over I found them - in the airing cupboard. No, I don’t understand either. Pleased that other than the glasses your anniversary day was a good one.

A minor triumph here today. The dash cam wasn’t doing its stuff. After getting over ‘oh heck, not something else going wrong’ spending half an hour with Google before moving on to a YouTube tutorial we had sorted it. The sense of achievement was enormous, or it was until one of ours laughed his socks off - apparently ‘everyone knows how to do that’. Huh! grin.

No idea why I’m awake, had been sleeping then suddenly wasn’t and can’t nod off again. On to my book now. Hope everyone is sleeping soundly. TOYA.

soop Mon 03-Oct-22 12:10:04

Darling Kitcheners, I am both delighted that you have found your way into our new gathering place. It is cosy and, as always, the atmosphere is friendly. We are here to listen and to comfort those in need of TLC.

It appears that tender loving care is top of our list for many of you lovely lot today.

kitty for you and your daughter our heartfelt good wishes and gentle virtual hugs. flowers

SueD and Llfl Life is so fragile. To suddenly lose someone close must be heartbreaking. Yes, let us all remember to tell those that we love that we value them. Mr Soop and I have done so daily throughout the years we've shared.

The reading specs have been found. The interior of the car had been checked but, on a more in-depth search, the spec case had wedged itself between the side of the seat and the column and was as good as invisible. Hoorah!

brook Sandringham looks splendid bathed in autumn sunshine.

soop Mon 03-Oct-22 12:18:10

I send healing vibes to Naughtyneine and all of our dear Gransnetters in need. May your buggerations vanish into the ether.

Our neighbour has been with us for the best part of this morning. He has kindly sorted out a big blip with the central heating system. He is such a kind and helpful man.

soop Mon 03-Oct-22 12:19:26

I have a painting of a pretty pussy cat to devote myself to for the remainder of the day. Wish me well. grin

Grandmabatty Mon 03-Oct-22 12:43:25

Good luck Soop. I'm awaiting the imminent arrival of dd and dgs2 who thoroughly enjoys wrecking grandma's house. Have a good afternoon kitcheners.

Blossoming Mon 03-Oct-22 13:44:02

Good afternoon dear Kitcheners. Neine I’m relieved to see you but so sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly, hope you’re soon on the mend.
I’m relieved MrSoop has found his reading specs, it’s a nuisance and it’s expensive replacing them. What a lovely neighbour, it wouldn’t do to be without your heating.Enjoy the painting.
I hope the tiny tornado leaves you a little calm space Grandmabatty.

I have a very sore arm post jabs and can’t really lift it up. I don’t use it much anyway, it will get better in a day or so. I’m having a lazy day today. How are you feeling Urmstongran?

brook2704 Mon 03-Oct-22 14:43:38

Hoping you’re feeling much better soon neine it sounds dreadful, you too Blossoming, Kitty and anyone else in need of some tlc
Good that those glasses have turned up soop and yours too corner even if they were in the airing cupboard. Well done with sorting out the dashcam ?
I’ve just arrived at Luton airport for my flight back to Inverness later. I’ve lots of time so after coffee just now I’m going to browse the shops. Im going to buy DD1 something from Jo Malone, she usually has the Pomegranate Noir scent but I wonder if she’d like a change …. hmmm I don’t know! I like to treat her when I stay as she looks after me so well ?
Good luck with the portrait painting this afternoon soop and have fun grandmabatty!

Grannmarie Mon 03-Oct-22 16:34:56

Good afternoon, Soop and lovely Kitchen people.

What a cosy and comfortable new kitchen, I have just placed some comfy footstools and pouffes in front of our chairs, feet up and rest, just what the doctor ordered!

So sorry to hear that you've been in hospital, Kitty, sending healing wishes to you and your DD.

Thank you Brook, Jaxjacky and Grandmabatty for your kind wishes, I'm beginning to feel more human now, just incredibly fatigued post Covid.

I accompanied DH to his post physio referred Strength and Balance class at the local sports centre, his letter said he could bring a family member or carer! It was very interesting, the exercises were mainly seated or standing with the chair for support. He's quite pleased that he can manage, cos he's got 20 weeks of classes to build up his mobility. He came out of hospital in a wheelchair at the end of June, so this is a great improvement.

Sending best wishes to all celebrating, and love and prayers to those with worries, illness or sorrow. ?? TOYA

hulahoop Mon 03-Oct-22 17:04:20

Live the new kitchen Neinehope you are on the mend.*Kitty*hope you soon feeling better and your daughter gets sorted with her drugs .Oh has a congested lung so is on antibiotics so couldn't have flu jab ,I had mine in my leg this afternoon it's aching a bit now.Hugs to all needing one x

soop Mon 03-Oct-22 17:14:18

Thank you all for the good vibes. So far, so good with the portrait. I had better quit for today and sit and consider what to do next (tomorrow's challenge.)

Grandmabatty grin grin

I shall return tomorrow. Try to relax and enjoy your evening in whatever way suits you best, I shall sink into my favourite chair and "chill". smile moon

GrannyGravy13 Mon 03-Oct-22 17:40:50

I have just read your news kittylester ??? Please rest, your body will let you know when it is healed and then you can get back to normal. Hope your DD has got her anti-virals.

I had a bit of a mad moment this afternoon and have ordered Christmas bedding for all the beds in the house, along with Christmas cushions for the chairs and sofas in the sitting room. Now have to tell DH ???

(((Hugs))) to all in need ?‍♀️

Charleygirl5 Mon 03-Oct-22 18:04:32

GG how could you so early? I was taken out for a meal yesterday and the decorations were up already. I could not believe it.

Will the Christmas bedding be on for two weeks and then put in a cupboard?

Delighted to hear the glasses have been found-they are not cheap to replace.

kittylester Mon 03-Oct-22 18:31:50

Thank you for all being so kind.

DD1 got her antivirals and feels loads better already. Apparently, that dose cost £1000 according to the nurse - no wonder they are careful with it!

DH had his booster today (because he is a whole 4 years older than i) I hope he doesn't suffer because he I'm no use to him at all.

Sorry,the brain can't currently retain any info so I will just send love to all.

Jaxjacky Mon 03-Oct-22 18:56:26

Lots of TLC needed for those slowly recovering, what a tough time you’ve had.
I went for my two yearly (late, my fault) eye test this afternoon. I’m feeling chuffed as the optician measuring my new glasses, adding up the bill, tried to charge me for the test, she thought I wasn’t old enough to get it free ?
Other than that p, the usual boring housework today, tomorrow I must make tomato chutney and clear the plants from the greenhouse.
Have a pleasant evening all x

SueDonim Mon 03-Oct-22 19:11:23

I somehow missed that you’d been so poorly, Kitty. flowers I hope you’re feeling much better again very soon. Likewise your daughter. flowers

Naughtyneine you get well soon, too. flowers

Glad the specs turned up, Soop!

The bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms of posh houses are the ones we really want to see, aren’t they, Brook. grin

I’m feeling a lot better, I actually felt hungry today. Legs are still a bit wobbly but I hope I’ll be back to normal in a day or two. My GS now has a cold. I’m not going near him until he’s better.

Covid jabs are booked for both of us later this month.

I’ve done a few tasks today so I’m pleased with myself for getting those bits done. My younger dd is arriving tomorrow for a week, so we’re looking forward to seeing her.

It’s a miserable evening here so keep cosy everyone. TOYA. xxx

Blossoming Mon 03-Oct-22 19:20:32

I’m glad your DD got what she needed Kitty, now you need rest x

Urmstongran Mon 03-Oct-22 19:49:33

‘Evening All’

I’m fine now thank you Blossoming I added two ibuprofen to the paracetamol today and I’m right as ninepence.

Our two daughters rang me today. Nice chats with both. Himself rang earlier too. Another grand day - on Skye, visiting relatives in the village then on Calum Mackenzie’s Seal Trip around Loch Carron.

I’ve been to the library to take L’il Miss’ books back, enjoyed a coffee in the square and bought some makeup in Boots.

Christmas bedding and cushions GG13! Aw, your house will look super festive this year! I don’t like to say it’ll soon be here ... honestly this year has just flown hasn’t it?

Off to watch Netflix. Have a good evening dear kitcheners.

mrshat Mon 03-Oct-22 19:55:43

Goodness - such a lot of hugs needed in the kitchen tonight. KittyL what a shock! Take the advice of the medics, rest and keep testing your appetite!
LFL and SueD more shocks. We had a similar situation with our next door neighbour LFL a couple of years ago. It takes the wind out of your sails somewhat.
Lots of hugs to all who need them, and to those that don't! and yes, tell those that you love, that indeed you do love them. flowers
So pleased MrS's glass turned up! x

Bellanonna Mon 03-Oct-22 20:17:24

I’ve missed a few Kitchen days, so I missed the fact that you’d been ill kittyLester. I hope you are recovering well. Worry about your DD having covid won’t have helped but I’m glad she’s now had her antivirals.
LLFL, awful shock about your neighbour. Yes, carpe diem and all that.

MawtheMerrier Mon 03-Oct-22 20:57:41

I hope I am not being premature when I say it looks as if things are looking up again in the Kitchen
Finding the missing glasses had to be a good start!
Does anybody else get “twitchy” in the evening? I’ve got restless legs and just can’t settle down and relax. I’ve been trying to read but having trouble concentrating. I think I might as well go to bed once I’ve taken Rosie out for her toilet toddle and then at least I might get to sleep.
It’s been such a lovely autumn day - sunny and quite mild so I might get into the garden tomorrow if inspiration strikes.
Nunight all!

Blossoming Mon 03-Oct-22 21:05:48

I agree Maw, also I feel we are in a very different place to one year ago.

I’m going to have hot chocolate and an early night. Goodnight, sleep tight all.

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