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soop Sun 02-Oct-22 13:35:42

Here we are again
Happy as can be
All good pals and
Jolly Good Company

WELCOME to you lovely lot

Urmstongran Mon 31-Oct-22 18:05:25

‘Evening All’

Strange weather over here today. Quite mild but complete white cloud cover. No sunshine at all today. I’ve been reading my book club read (meeting in a fortnight so for once I’ve timed it well!). ‘Burnt Sugar’. It started off so promisingly I couldn’t put it down but towards the end it started to irritate me. I’m sure it will generate plenty of discussion though.

Himself has been pottering. He shopped across the road at the supermacado too. Boneless chicken thighs at the meat counter ended up in a slow cooker with onions, a green pepper and a jar of curry sauce. Ping rice completed our gourmet meal which (slobs that we are) we ate out of pasta bowls on our knees while watching Sky News.

You can take the girl out of Old Trafford but .... 😁

Blossoming Mon 31-Oct-22 18:12:23

That sounds wonderful Urms and so does your meal BladeAnnie. Mr. B is making an omelette for me tonight but I think both of those will be on the menu later this week!

Naughtyneine Mon 31-Oct-22 18:15:30

I've been on a roll today. Thought I'd have a leisurely start after a very hectic weekend...I was checking my emails and came across the one reminding me that the boiler was to be serviced between 8 and 12. Fevered action over the next 20 minutes... Up.. Washed.. Dressed.. Make up on ( didn't want the engineer to have a bad start to the week) 9.30 I had... Put 2 loads of washing on and hungry then out... Emptied the dishwasher and reloaded... Bleached food recycle bin and sink ... reclaimed emptied recycling bins and popped in the few bits accumulated between the bins going out and this morning.... Cleaned the Pvc around the French doors and polished Windows ground floor inside and out. Phone call to confirm g he is arriving at 10.25.... So an hour filled with cutting out jam jar covers from fat quarters with some fancy shaped scissors that were an absolute b****h to cut material with...but the end result looks pretty even if I was muttering rude words by the time I had tied on the pretty jar shaped went along the lines of.....'rude word...I could have gone to Aldi and bought chutney and mincemeat and not had to bother with all this faff...rude word". You get the gist. Boiler passed with flying colours. I feel distinctly off..scratchy throat and a bit sniffy... I'm hoping it's just tiredness... It's only 10 days since the last lurgy seemed to go. I'm due to travel to the Wirral tomorrow for the funeral but will have to see what happens overnight. Neither my DOH or my late cousin would want me driving on motorways if I'm not well. Hopefully see you all in the new kitchen soon. Xx

Blossoming Mon 31-Oct-22 18:20:31

Take care Neine x

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 31-Oct-22 18:34:52

Hello all. I’ve had a usual Monday. Basically laundry and shopping. I bought quite a lot of double cream so I can make some more ice cream. Probably lemon, caramel and Mars bar. Tonight we put a lit carved (by granddaughter and daughter yesterday) pumpkin on the front door step next to a large bag of sweets. The sweets went in less than half an hour!

Naughtyneine Mon 31-Oct-22 20:05:59

Thank you Blossoming. X

brook2704 Mon 31-Oct-22 22:27:44

Just popping into the kitchen before I go to bed, I’ve had such a lovely Halloween themed evening here at DD1s house. We all dressed up, put the carved pumpkins in the window and had lots of trick or treaters. We all really enjoyed the evening. I’m back home tomorrow for just a few days and then we’re away again at the weekend.
Neine hope you feel better tomorrow but wise to stay home if you’re not 100%

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 10:55:43

Just checking that the new kitchen isn't needed for a wee while. I shall keep an eye on things. The new kitchen is looking grand.

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 13:39:37

Okay! Kitchen is still open. I shall do some ironing and return later. I believe there is room for a further fifteen visits. Hugs all round.

Grandmabatty Tue 01-Nov-22 14:18:40

I've been out with dd and dgs2 to a garden centre to look at Christmas stuff. We were underwhelmed with the choice. However dgs2 was happy with his hash brown, sausage and scrambled egg while we had rolls and sausage. I planned to get into the garden but the rain has started and it looks like it's on for a while. I hope everyone is doing well today

Grannmarie Tue 01-Nov-22 15:01:32

Hello 👋 Soop and lovely Kitchen people.
Just finished a late lunch after a busy morning, church for the feast of All Saints, then Aquafit with my sister.

Grandmabatty, I've just enjoyed a roll and onion sausage, square sliced, and a wee bowl of lentil soup, ideal for a wet and windy day!

I only had a few wee guisers at the door last night, accompanied by parents, so I'm left with Halloween 🦇 sweeties which I am trying not to eat!

I had a videocall from DGS2, who was dressed up as Spiderman. Halloween was a Big Thing in their new neighbourhood as there are many young families, so he had great fun going out guising with his Daddy and admiring all the 'Halloween Houses' ! DGD was a very pretty clown, amazing make up. DGS1 is too big for it all now!

I'm going to relax and catch up on all your news, hope everyone has the best Monday possible.


Jaxjacky Tue 01-Nov-22 15:24:31

Heavy rain with thunder and lightning earlier, now the sun is peeking through.
A lazy day, I’ve been browsing seed catalogues for next year, a bad idea and another Christmas present has been delivered.
It’s usually quiz night, but we sit in an outside gazebo attached to a pub, as the temperature is dropping later, we’ve declined.

Hate to mention it Grannmarie, but it’s Tuesday!

Blossoming Tue 01-Nov-22 15:43:56

It’s been horrible weather here today. I’m trying to get back into some good habits so have had porridge and fruit for brunch and will be having a hearty veg soup with a roll later. I’ve dusted (sorry Urms), I’ve cycled for 45 minutes while listening to Nigel Slater’s Christmas Chronicles and I’ve done an hour’s Gaelic.

Now time for coffee with Mr. B, will pop back later to find you all just in case.

Naughtyneine Tue 01-Nov-22 15:52:25

Ooh Jax... You have reminded me that there is a quiz local to us tonight also outside in a gazebo but the pub does the best venison burgers ever so I'm a bit torn now.I decided against driving up to the Wirral for the funeral. My DOH was worried about me driving when not feeling 100 % so was the cousin I was staying with... Looking at the weather I think it's probably for the best. I will go to Mass tomorrow instead.
Did anyone else read that thread about people being deliberately unkind and mentioned the kindness of the kitchen and the Good Morning certainly made interesting reading. I've not ventured very far from the safe confines of Mick and Soop...and don't think I will now.

Jaxjacky Tue 01-Nov-22 16:09:40

Oh Blossoming I meant to say I’m pleased your new glasses are doing their job 👍

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 16:09:50

Thank you, Naughtyneine.

Bllossoming Right! That's done it. I feel duty bound to mount my bike (just to keep up with you.)

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 16:10:56

I cannot go too far. The kitchen will close very soon, and I must open our new gathering place.

BladeAnnie Tue 01-Nov-22 16:19:55

Hello dear kitcheners - I'm sure soop has a lovely new kitchen ready and waiting. naughtyneine I too hate any form of unkindness - I always think if you can't say something positive/nice then don't say anything at all. The kitchen is a lovely supportive and non-judgemental space and I think we all appreciate being able to pop in and out. I'm just having a restorative cup of camomile and spearmint tea after Mr BA and I delivered my mother's shopping. Even she has changed of late from the most narcissistic and awkward individual into someone who actually appreciates what we do to help her!! Enjoy the rest of Tuesday everyone. First day of the month which will see me turn 60 🍾🍸🎉 TOYA

dustyangel Tue 01-Nov-22 16:49:32

You are so young still Blade Annie. smile

I’m still recovering after going out to lunch today. A light meal of sea bream and tomato salad and then pineapple for me and chilli followed by chocolate mousse for DH. Half a litre of red wine between us, a small bottle of water and two very good cups of coffee all for 8 euros each. Unusual for us to go out to eat this early in the week but from tomorrow we’ll be more restricted as DH has to have a colostomy on Saturday. The rules seem to have changed quite a bit since the the last time either of us had one.

I think I’ll have to come into the kitchen for some sustenance over the next couple of days.

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 16:51:32

BladeAnnie HAPPY birthday to you. I hope that you enjoy every moment. flowers sunshine wine cupcake
I remember celebrating my 60th (21 years ago), I was as fit as a fiddle. Not so much these days.

Blossoming Tue 01-Nov-22 16:55:35

Thank you Jax.

I did see that thread Neine and it started to get rather personal so I’m glad it’s been removed by GNHQ. Another reason to spend time in this lovely place. I hope you’re feeling a bit better, I think you were wise not to go to the funeral.

Don’t go too far, Soop grin

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 16:56:46

dustyangel. I wish your husband a successful procedure. I did not realise that you had had a colostomy. My recent=ish surgery has developed a hernia. Apparently, it is common for the stoma to result in a hernia. No pain. It is however as large as a grapefruit. I've sent images to the stoma nurse.

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 16:57:38

Ooer...we almost there.grin

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 16:58:39

Any moment now I shall close our kitchen door and welcome you to our new gathering place.

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 16:59:31

Thank you all for your super companionship. I look forward to seeing you VERY soon.

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