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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

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soop Fri 27-Jan-23 13:21:47

Welcome dear Kitcheners. Make yourselves comfortable. There is a tasty, virtually calorie-free buffet ready and waiting.

Charleygirl5 Fri 27-Jan-23 13:28:48

As always a lovely welcome, thank you.

GrannySomerset Fri 27-Jan-23 13:32:54

What nicer place on a cold and grey January afternoon?

kittylester Fri 27-Jan-23 13:36:16

Hello everyone. Lovely new kitchen. Can I bagsy the rocking chair?

Grandmabatty Fri 27-Jan-23 13:38:38

Good afternoon kitcheners to this lovely new kitchen. Warm scones on a plate from me

GrannyGravy13 Fri 27-Jan-23 13:48:04

Calorie free, perfect.

(I have fallen off of the healthy eating wagon this week)

ShazzaKanazza Fri 27-Jan-23 13:51:17

Good afternoon dear Kitcheners I’ve been absent in an afternoon of late but I am thinking of you all. Thankyou for the warm comforting supportive kitchen Soop and the delicious buffet☕️🍰🧁 I’m making a banana loaf so I’ll pop some in later 🌻

soop Fri 27-Jan-23 14:41:55

I am a VERY HAPPY bunny. Why? Because you lovely lot are part and parcel of my life. So there. Wanders off to sample Grandmabatty's warm scones and bags a large slice of Shazza's promised banana loaf.

SueDonim Fri 27-Jan-23 14:45:00

I saw a lovely recipe for a cake using black treacle, brown sugar and ginger - I think that might go down well in the Kitchen!

Thank you for all the kind thoughts about my son. It really helps to have your support. The irony is, ds has not really felt unwell with this illness, apart from one or two days but the cure can be so unpleasant. He had a good sleep last night but is tired and faintly nauseous. Otherwise he’s ok and about to WFH for a bit.

Kitty that’s excellent news about your dd! 😃 😃 😃

I’m looking after my GS at his own house today. He’s got a horrid cold and is a bit fractious but I think mum will be back soon.

dragonfly46 Fri 27-Jan-23 14:49:43

How lovely a new kitchen complete with scones.

Suedonim I didn’t feel at all unwell when I had breast cancer until I had chemo. I hope your DS has few side effects.

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 27-Jan-23 14:57:39

Hello! It’s always good to have a new kitchen. I thought I’d have a chaise longue this time. Beautiful yellow brocade with turquoise buttons. Not sure about non calorific food but for those who love a calorie or two, I could defrost the white chocolate and lemon cake I made the other day.

When I had breast cancer, I didn’t feel rough until I had to be take three different types of medication!

Charleygirl5 Fri 27-Jan-23 15:08:35

GG I never did find the wagon but I promise you I hunted everywhere.

I am really cold but it is 7C here.

Nannytopsy Fri 27-Jan-23 15:39:17

GG perhaps DH & I pushed you off the wagon when we scrambled on yesterday. I’ll have a calorie free scone please and one of the comfy chairs next to kitty’s rocker, so that we can catch up.

Pittcity Fri 27-Jan-23 15:41:47

I'm in out of the cold and ravenous. Calorie free buffet here I come.

soop Fri 27-Jan-23 15:54:34

I understand that there are "three wheels on the wagon"...I blame us lot. wink

On the subject of breast cancer - prior to surgery and post mastectomy I was upbeat. Three different meds have robbed me of my energy and, on occasions, ability to concentrate. And then the colostomy that improved my quality of life enormously. Followed by the parastomal hernia that now bulges alarmingly There have been times (recently) when I've wished to remain in bed for hours on end. Something that I am fighting against. Many of us are dealing with a variety of buggerations. Some far worse than mine. I keep reminding myself that I enjoy many blessings. The support of you lot is invaluable. flowers

soop Fri 27-Jan-23 15:58:21

It is time for my afternoon cup of tea. A quiet day, weather-wise.

I hope that you all enjoy a peaceful Friday evening. At 8:30 (precisely) I shall raise a glass of cheer in your honour.
smile moon

ShazzaKanazza Fri 27-Jan-23 16:33:14

This is my banana loaf after Grandson has had his little paws on it. He only eats the crispy top. I’ll trim it up and slice it up it’s warm and lovely buttered. Obviously I’ll understand if you don’t fancy any😂

ShazzaKanazza Fri 27-Jan-23 16:33:57

It’s also gluten free

Hellogirl1 Fri 27-Jan-23 16:42:16

Lovely new kitchen. I know they`re out of season, but a little shop in town makes it`s own mince pies, just like home made, so here`s a dozen to fight over.

brook2704 Fri 27-Jan-23 16:48:06

What a lovely warm and welcoming kitchen, thank you all for the delicious buffet and treats, just perfect. The banana loaf still looks very good Shazza!
It’s been a cold windy day here in Inverness, I’ve stayed nice and warm though in the pool at the gym and then at the garden centre cafe with DH. They make all different flavoured scones, some I fancy and some I don’t, but today was treacle which was quite yummy. Probably nowhere near as yummy as the ones here though. We sat chatting about holidays and decided we need to get some dates in the diary before we get roped in for too much childcare - not that I mind really as they’re all growing up much too fast
I’ll join you in a G&T later soop I got a new bottle of Tanqueray for Christmas that’s just waiting to be opened 🍸

Jaxjacky Fri 27-Jan-23 17:13:22

Hi all, lovely kitchen as usual, thank you soop. A mixed day, lunch with my friend, tuna jacket with salad, my tum is protesting at digesting it, I don’t usually eat that much so early. Good to see my friend though, with her arm in a sling after a particularly nasty fall
Then battling to get a an urgent GP appointment for MrJ, involving the local pharmacist and 111, mission accomplished for 5:50.
I hope Blossoming sailed through her early appointment today.
I’ll join you in a slurp later, cheers 🥂.

Blossoming Fri 27-Jan-23 18:08:03

Good evening dear Kitcheners. The angiogram went OK, though there was much discussion over how much of the contrast dye it was safe to give me. The doctor decided I should have half the usual amount and once that was done all went swimmingly. I couldn’t see by the time we left for home, due to the eye drops and bright flashes, but it’s a small price to pay. My skin was a beautiful bright yellow colour and my eyes were all wide and staring. Perfect if you’re cosplaying Lisa Simpson grin. I will sample some of those lovely calorie free scones and banana loaf, thank you very much x

Yiayia4 Fri 27-Jan-23 18:13:27

Loving the new warm cosy kitchen.
Spanakopita and fizz for everyone.
Hope Mr J will be o.k Jax
Oscar had his tests yesterday.It’s as we thought he has A.D.H.D and anxiety.Hopefully now he will get more help from school.
Hope Blossoming is home and cosy now.
Enjoy your evening everyone.

Baggs Fri 27-Jan-23 18:46:37

Minibaggs loves that she is part of the fourth generation of family blood donors. Today she said she put make-up on to give blood so that whoever gets it will feel pretty. Daft but sweet 🩸

I've made a big pot of carrot and tahini soup if anyone's interested. Crusty bread alongside. Enjoy 🥣🥖

Urmstongran Fri 27-Jan-23 18:46:37

‘Evening All’

Found you! Cosy and comforting new kitchen. Nice. To be honest it would be so even with hard chairs and no cake because it’s you lovely kitcheners that make it so welcoming.

Great news kitty about your daughter’s treatment stage. I hope she continues to do well it must be such a relief for you all. And SueD your lad is just starting on his treatment pathway, hopefully to good health. I’d like to add my very best wishes for him and all in your family for a good outcome.

I have good news concerning my weight loss. Since Wednesday I have lost another 2lbs. Woohoo! I go to see the nurse on Monday for her to do my monthly weigh in - it really does help me to try harder - and to get another prescription for the Orlistat. If by Monday I can lose another 1lb I can treat myself to that half bottle of champagne I’ve promised myself! I started out at 15sts 11lbs and now I’m 14sts 8lbs.

Himself will settle down to watch Arsenal -v- Man. City and I’ve got 2 episodes of Happy Valley to catch up on before Sunday as I don’t bother with tv when we are in Spain. Therefore I will bid you all goodnight and cosy down to watch this most brilliant of tv dramas!

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