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Good morning Monday 13 March

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grandMattie Mon 13-Mar-23 05:27:37

Good morning from a very stormy E Kent. As usual, this is not accompanied by rain. We seem to have a sort of magnetic repulsion to rain…
I had a very quiet day yesterday. Church at 8, then the rest of the day was mine.
I hadn’t read Saturday’s paper, then extraordinarily found a whole series of articles that would interest DD, from Bristol zoo, now closed, to perennials to plant in her garden for year round colour.
DD now calls me every Sunday on her way to her town centre church to officiate at the evening service. Poor Iris is to have a load of molars out as they never calcified properly and are crumbling. I think they are removing her matching permanent teeth at the same time, as they are not forming properly either.
My car is being service this morning, the Bishop is coming for a cuppa this afternoon and DD is arriving late this evening.
May you have a quiet, contented day. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩❤️

Ashcombe Mon 13-Mar-23 05:38:17

Good morning from a very windy Torbay which has disturbed my slumber several times.

You are an early bird, grandMattie! My Sunday was similarly quiet apart from church and a chat with DD2. Poor Iris: as if she hasn’t suffered enough already!

I have an early appointment at the hospital for a routine echogram, arranged annually by my original cardiologist. It’s at my local hospital, Torbay, which I can reach by bus to avoid the parking issue. Later I’ll attend the Move It Or Lose It class.

I hope today is the start of a good week for all. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

grandMattie Mon 13-Mar-23 05:46:47

Yes, Ash, I’m usually awake early; 3-4 is my usual time. Horrible!
Iris has a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis type I (NF1) which cane be very unforgiving. She is generally very stoic about it. 🦩🦩

Mizuna Mon 13-Mar-23 05:50:05

A nice early start grandMattie, thank you. Windy and cloudy but quite mild here in south Cornwall. Today will be a practical one, renewing kick panels and sourcing kitchen cupboard handles plus sorting my stash of fabric which I boldly started on yesterday but got distracted, and it now sits around in small piles. 10 days till my echocardiogram. Roll on a diagnosis so I can hopefully become more active again and get back to my allotment.

Ashcombe Mon 13-Mar-23 06:16:22

Mizuna: 10 days till my echocardiogram

Yes, that’s the test I’m having today - I should have used its full name! Being too old to have had scans when I was pregnant, I’m fascinated to see the screen showing what the heart is doing. Now, I shall be able to see how the mitral valve repair is helping.

Grandmabatty Mon 13-Mar-23 06:21:59

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 7° and pouring rain. I much prefer the milder weather. Grandmattie poor Iris. She has a lot to put up with. I hope all goes well today Ash with the appointment. Mizuna what do you grow in your allotment?
I, too, had a quiet Sunday. I did make a lemon drizzle cake which turned out well.
Today is a childcare day hence my early arrival here. Once I've dropped off dgs1 at nursery, I don't think dgs2 and I will go far as the weather forecast isn't great. Have a good day all.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 13-Mar-23 06:38:30

Morning all from what sounds like a very stormy West Oxfordshire. I will do my usual Waitrose shop this morning. This afternoon it is my over the road neighbour’s Craft afternoon. She is going to be teaching macrame to those of us who want to learn. I told her that my arthritic thumb isn’t up to tgg he at so I’ll take along my knitting, which I can just about manage. Have a good day everyone.

dragonfly46 Mon 13-Mar-23 06:40:37

Good morning from blustery Leicestershire.

Yesterday was rounded off with a chat with DD who is trying not to panic as she has no job yet. It has only been too weeks but hope she gets something soon.

Pilates first thing then picking up a prescription at Boots.
I didn’t look when I had my echo Ash I am a bit squeamish.
Poor Iris she must be very brave.

Happy Birthday Maw.
Wishing every one a good day.

Georgesgran Mon 13-Mar-23 06:42:02

Happy birthday 🎁🎂 Maw X

brook2704 Mon 13-Mar-23 06:53:15

Good morning everyone from Spain, we’re in Mojacar now and it looks like another lovely sunny day.
Poor Iris gMattie, my heart goes out to her..It sounds like another ordeal for such a young girl to go through
Hoping all goes well with your appointment today Ash
Today we’re going to go out for breakfast somewhere and then enjoy a relaxing day with a walk along the beach and sitting watching the world go by. A few people were in the sea yesterday but I think it’s a bit too cold for me - I might be tempted for a paddle though!
Wishing Maw a very Happy Birthday! 💐🎉🎂
Hoping you have a good day with the DGSs grandmabatty - enjoy!
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

BlueBalou Mon 13-Mar-23 06:54:24

Happy Birthday Maw 🎂
Good morning from dull, wet Wiltshire.
I had a wonderful weekend away on a painting course, I learned more in those 48 hours than in the past umpteen years!
A lovely group of people, very comfortable surroundings and a decidedly reluctance to leave …. I’m back there again 3 more times this year then it closes ☹️
Today I must replan my craft stuff; it’s clear I won’t be using some of it again so perhaps I should find new owners?
The bookcases the carpenter is building are coming on nicely, at sometime the patio will be started along with new fences so upheavals for a while yet. Hopefully all done by mid-April 🤞🏻🤞🏻
I hope everything goes well for you all this week x

Mizuna Mon 13-Mar-23 07:01:25

Grandmabatty, I grow mostly perennial veg plus fruit and herbs on my allotment. I have globe artichokes (fond memories of Brittany), perennial leeks, rocket, horseradish, comfrey, rhubarb, gooseberries, blackcurrants, figs. Last year I grew watercress in my greenhouse which was delicious. I have two ponds; one has attracted newts, the other is new so I'm waiting to see what comes...

kittylester Mon 13-Mar-23 07:18:15

Good morning all from a wet and windy North Leicestershire.

Our gardener, who was snowed off last week, is coming this morning to cut the hedge and to plan a bed we want replanting.

This afternoon, I have a Carer's course at the other end of the County.

Many happy returns of the day Maw.

cornergran Mon 13-Mar-23 07:25:18

Morning All from a windy and damp corner of Somerset.

Yesterdays family brunch was very enjoyable, we were two hours at the table. Wandered the shops afterwards and bought not a thing.

Quiet one ahead. I truly must organise some paper and clear the guest bed. I’ll make a list of outstanding (avoided!) admin type things and begin to plod through them.

I’ll not see you all tomorrow. A far too early hospital appointment, a spinal procedure for me this time. If I’m honest I’m anxious about it. On a positive note although over an hour away this hospital does have a car park. Hooray.

A very happy birthday maw

Iris certainly has a lot to cope with. Hope you’ll be back on your allotment soon mizuna, can anyone help you? Wishing a positive outcome for you today ash.

Take care everyone. Hope Monday is kind to us all.

Gingster Mon 13-Mar-23 07:25:23

Good morning all from a very blustery Essex . Woke at 5 , so I’m another early bird.

Our family get together was great fun with lots of laughter. It’s so great to hear everyone laughing and chatting . Our next catch-up will be at DS1’s for Good Friday easter egg hunt, so we’re all looking forward to that. 🐣.

My chimes group isn’t on today, as teacher is in Perth, Australia visiting family. She’ll be back in time for the next session.

I’m hearing from friends on holiday, by text , from Canada, New Zealand and Oz, as well as gransnetters in Cape Town and Spain. It’s lovely to hear what’s going on in other parts of the world. Technology at its best. 🌎.

Brave little love Iris! Life can be so unfair! Bless her heart and keep her strong! 🙏.

Good luck today Ash
Happy birthday Maw 💐
Lovely produce Mizuna . You’re going to have a busy season 👍.
Hoping you all have a gentle day.🌷

glammagran Mon 13-Mar-23 07:25:31

Good morning all. Been woken by very gusty winds this morning. Little sign of Spring apart from bulbs emerging.

DS has gone to San Francisco for a few days but will be back by next weekend for Mother’s Day lunch at a restaurant at a half way point between us. We will be joined by DD1 and family too but alas not DD2 as they are really feeling the pinch atm but we will have dinner with them on Saturday. I’m slightly concerned that DS1’s employer may bank with SVB that’s just gone to the wall but he didn’t know which bank the company uses when I asked but he will find out.

Your trip to Cape Town sounds amazing BlueSapphire. Will you be going to a safari park? We went to Pilanesberg Park a few years ago but that’s closer to Johannesburg.

GD3 went to world book day as Bill from Owl Babies. Her dad made her costume (we are not very creative on our side of the family). I was very impressed.

School pickup later but otherwise a non eventful day.

dragonfly46 Mon 13-Mar-23 07:32:04

Hope your procedure goes well Corner and your fears are unfounded.

glammagran I have just read the HSBC are taking over the UK SVB.

Mizuna Mon 13-Mar-23 07:32:43

Thanks cornergran, yes I have three people, two of them my sons, to help me but I need to be there as well to see what needs doing and to direct things!

Happy Birthday Maw. cupcake

ShazzaKanazza Mon 13-Mar-23 07:33:07

Good Morning grandMattie and everyone from Hull. It’s raining and windy.

Happy Birthday to Maw🎂🎉

I had a lovely day at the farm with the DC and DGC yesterday. It’s not so much about the animals it’s sprawling and full of large play equipment in natural surroundings. It was perfect for the older GC.
Not DHs thing so he stayed home and cleaned a couple of carpets and rugs and generally had a good clean up.

DH has just gone for blood tests to the docs and straight from there to take his car in for service so I’m going to pop out to drive him back home with it raining.
Later I have yoga and picking up GS from school.

Have a lovely Monday everyone. Virtual hugs for those with family worries and illness. 🌻🌻

GrannyGravy13 Mon 13-Mar-23 07:33:34

Morning all

It is as Gingster has posted extremely blustery here, I am off to the gym this morning. Then I really must tackle some hand washing, my most detested household job a consequential of my love of sweaters…

Poor Iris geandMattie I hope she is ok

Have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

GrannyGravy13 Mon 13-Mar-23 07:39:17

Wishing you many happy returns Maw I hope you enjoy your birthday 🎂🎉🍾

glammagran Mon 13-Mar-23 07:44:25

Just read BBC news online re: SVB so thanks for the info Dragonfly. Sounds reassuring.

Happy Birthday Maw. 🎈

Poor Iris. My heart goes out to her.

Hope all poorlies feel better asap.

Greyduster Mon 13-Mar-23 07:45:55

Good morning to all GNs and Michael still on his travels. It is raining in South Yorkshire and a digestive biscuit I dunked in my first coffee of the morning has broken in half and sunk to the bottom of the cup. Not a good start to the day. Nothing much planned today. I have to wait in for a delivery and clean some interior windows. I had a chat with an old friend yesterday who is not doing too well. He told me he was ok; his wife told me a different story. He’s such a lovely man I hate to think of him struggling. No fun, this ageing lark.
Happy Birthday Maw - have a lovely day!🎂💐
Lovely photo Glamma!
Have the best day you can folks.

MawtheMerrier Mon 13-Mar-23 07:53:35

Good morning from N Bucks where it seems to be blowing a hooley!
Thank you for birthday wishes - glad to have got this far!
I had my birthday celebrations at the weekend with the family (with too much to eat and drink ) but am having lunch with friends from my Art History class today . Alas I left my family birthday cards, including the handmade ones behind and all the cards from my contemporaries which have arrived by post tend to feature a large number on them 🙄🙄🙄
Wishing you all a pleasant day- and hold on to your hats 🌬💨

Susan56 Mon 13-Mar-23 07:55:58

Good morning from Shropshire.Blowing a gale and raining but at least the ice has gone🥳

A quiet day at home planned after a couple of days with the grandchildren.The rest of the week is busier so we will relax while we can.

glammagran a lovely photo and as a not very creative person myself I think the costume is brilliant👏🏼🦉

Hope the appointment goes well Ash and that your procedure goes well tomorrow corner.Also best wishes to Iris 💪🏼🌟

Have the best day you can everyone🦩