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Good Morning Thursday 16th March 2023

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Michael12 Thu 16-Mar-23 05:58:45

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight here in brackley but wet outside with cloud.
Yesterday , I had a phone call as to my surgery at the Churchill in Oxford .
They are going to operate on Monday it will be keyhole surgery , and all I have to do now apart from packing a suitcase again is get an admission time.
They operate on the day as well.
More later,
Take Care,

fancythat Thu 16-Mar-23 06:07:20

Good Morning from down South
Air feels damp verging on rain?
Hope your operation goes very well Michael12.

grandMattie Thu 16-Mar-23 06:11:26

Good morning from E Kent.
That’s terrific, Mick, to have a date. And keyhole surgery! All the best.
My life is still in turmoil. The photos show what my house looks like.
DD and I worked away clearing out stuff. The garage was FULL of Philip’s stuff that DH couldn’t get himself to throw away. Does anyone know of a charity that’ll take old tools? I’ve got a ton of them…
The hygienist visit went well, if expensive as usual; we have no NHS dentists within reasonable reach. While I was there DD went to visit my old friend in the nursing home. She was beside herself with being visited. We also went to deliver a carload of ornaments etc., to a charity in Canterbury.
DD took me to lunch for an early Mothering Sunday present, it was lovely. After more sorting, we took a breather, then she left, only to realise that although the trains were running (strike today), the Tube wasn’t and had to have a complicated journey from st. Pancras to Paddington! At least she didn’t get hom3 at midnight…
I’ve got the electrician coming first thing to swap some light fittings. Spanish too, although my tutor is very forgiving of my lack of application - too busy and with no concentration.
I hope today brings comfort to those who need it, and contement to everyone else. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩❤️

Ashcombe Thu 16-Mar-23 06:14:14

Good morning, all, from a damp but mild Torbay.

It’s good to have your surgery details settled, Mick. Keyhole surgery will mean a smaller incision and a swifter recovery, I imagine. Keep warm and well over the next few days.

Yesterday at Wednesday Club, we reviewed last week's play, The Importance of Being Earnest. Nearly all the cast work so only “Lady Bracknell” attended to join in the discussion, most of which was very complimentary. Next week the regular host returns after a four week holiday so I shall be glad to hand back the reins to him!

Thank you very much for the kind, supportive comments from many of the Good Morning gang regarding DH's travel frustrations. They really helped me to cope with the disappointment. It’s a good thing travel wasn’t disrupted when I needed his support after my operation.

I hope everyone has as good a day as possible. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Bigred18 Thu 16-Mar-23 06:16:27

You should see my place here in Sydney, getting organised for my trip to uk next week. Little piles, lists etc and it's 36 degrees!

Mizuna Thu 16-Mar-23 06:21:18

That's good news Mick. Warm drizzle against a brightening sky here in south Cornwall. It's the beginning of the gull nesting season and they are banging loudly on the skylights at all hours. This will go on until August when the babies fledge. My landlord installed anti-gull spikes on my flat roof last year and they nested between them! Clever birds. One of my bestest friends is coming round for coffee this morning, yippee.

Ashcombe Thu 16-Mar-23 06:21:35

A Google search produced several suggestions, grandMattie, including this one:-

If time permits, it might be worth contacting local am dram groups to see if they’d like the baskets or pictures, etc for their Props Dept.

BlueBalou Thu 16-Mar-23 06:22:42

Good morning from wet Wiltshire.
That’s good having a date Mick, hope everything goes smoothly now and that you’ll be home quickly.
Oh dear grandMattie, I had exactly the same garage situation with my father, in the end the auction house sold them in big job lots 🙄
Yesterday was busy, the bookcases are finished and await the painter at the end of next week. They do look good 😊
I spent a couple of hours tidying out the fitted wardrobes and filling a bag for the charity shop and, as usual, discovered I have far too many clothes 🙄. I need to make more effort and wear more different outfits than my standard jeans and jumpers!
In the afternoon it was so miserably wet and cold I lit the wood burner and watched Netflix and sort of enjoyed ‘Outlast’.
Today is ironing and art group this afternoon.
Hope you all have a good day x

Mizuna Thu 16-Mar-23 06:23:42

Mattie, Google Tools with a Mission.

karmalady Thu 16-Mar-23 06:26:24

Good morning, s somerset is wet and will be for days

DM mens sheds are always crying out for tools, you can find them via google

Plumber is here in 90 minutes. New kitchen sink

Will be thinking of you Mick, all the very best

Sar53 Thu 16-Mar-23 06:33:15

Good morning everyone from a dull, damp Essex by the sea.
I'm pleased you have a date for your surgery Mick, I hope all goes well for you.
Last night we 'babysat' two of DH'S grandchildren whilst their parents went to our local theatre. At 11 and 9 they were no trouble at all.
Food shopping this morning and a trip to the charity shop with 2 large full bags.
I hope you all find some sunshine ☀ today xx

Kalu Thu 16-Mar-23 06:33:49

Good morning all from a rainy start to the day in Glasgow.

Good luck for your surgery on Monday Mick.

Hairdressers this morning, hoping the rain has stopped by then and a meds review this afternoon. Between those two appointments I will visit our larger local shopping mall. GD2 will be 14 in May and on her birthday wish list is a pair of converse boots of a certain colour. Fingers crossed they are available in her size and it’s job done!

Hoping a good Friday is ahead for all.

kittylester Thu 16-Mar-23 06:58:50

Good morning all from a wet North Leicestershire.

Not a lot going on here today apart from a couple of neighbours coming for a cup of tea. There should have been cake with the tea but DD3 and the wondrous Wolfie turned up so I had to stop cake making and play. Photo is Wolfie and a friend he made on a walk.

Good you have a date and not long to wait, Mick.

Abitbarmy Thu 16-Mar-23 07:01:13

Good morning from North Yorkshire. Still in bed but the weather is set to be milder and dull. So yesterday we took DS1 to Hull for a colonoscopy which was very quick. When I went to collect her we were ushered into a small room and given bad news. They seem certain it’s cancer, we were both shocked and DS definitely wasn’t expecting that news. She took it calmly though and came home to spend the night with us as hospital decreed she should after having sedation. Sounds like events will happen quickly now, more tests then an operation. We’re trying to be positive. I’ll take her home this morning then I’ve a lunch date with old colleagues. I hope the day goes as well as it can for everyone.

BlueSapphire Thu 16-Mar-23 07:07:15

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny South Africa. We have travelled further east and are in a little seaside resort called Knysna. Off out on a boat trip today with lunch on board and tomorrow we head further east to our game reserve.
Have a good Thursday everyone, although I am no longer sure what day it is!

brook2704 Thu 16-Mar-23 07:08:49

Good morning everyone from Mojacar, it’s another lovely sunny day here, I’ll definitely miss seeing the beautiful sunrise from our little apartment window
Pleased you’ve now got a date and details for your surgery mick hoping all goes well
abitbarmy, hoping things go as well as possible for your DS and the quick diagnosis and treatment helps 💐
Yesterday we meandered up and down the promenade, stopping here and there and watching the world go by. We walked as far as another little resort along the coast and enjoyed looking around the harbour and seeing the little sailing boats.. Today we’re travelling onto Almeria, we’re spending a few days exploring there and then travelling home next week.
Gorgeous photo kitty 😀
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

brook2704 Thu 16-Mar-23 07:09:51

Beautiful photos Bluesapphire thanks for sharing!

Susan56 Thu 16-Mar-23 07:11:10

Good morning from Shropshire.

We enjoyed The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel yesterday.Excellent acting as NanKate said.

Up early today as we have to drive over to DD’s in North Wales in time to get DGD ready and to school.A couple of hours at their house with H and then back here for DH’s dental appointment.Then back over the border to collect DGD then a hospital appointment for me also luckily in North Wales.😴

Good you have a date for your operation Mick, not long to wait now.

Grandmabatty 💐

Have the best day you can everyone🦩

dragonfly46 Thu 16-Mar-23 07:19:27

Good morning from damp Leicestershire- it is slightly warmer though.

Dentist first thing for fitting of new crown, then coffee with friends. This evening it is NWR and I have to research a lady who has had a street named after her. Apparently there are much fewer than men.

Sorry to hear your DS’s news Abitbarmy it is always a shock at the beginning but gets better when treatment starts.
Beautiful pictures BlueSapphire.
Wishing everyone a good day.

Gingster Thu 16-Mar-23 07:20:04

Good morning all and it’s a bit milder but dreary here in Essex.
Up early AGAIN! Bloomin foxes making a racket! 😤
Sorry to hear of you DS’s news Abitbarmy. 💐. Always a shock!

Good luck Mick . Hope all goes well 🙏.

My DD is feeling poorly due to the reduction of steroids. Painful legs and very tired. She had a consultants phone call yesterday and he said all very normal when coming off steroids. We thought she had one more infusion to go but he said that’s finished now! Pet scan in three weeks time. 🙏.

I have my bowls group this morning and I might go back to Art this afternoon.I haven’t been for a year and now I’m missing it. 🧑‍🎨. I’ll wait to see if DD needs me to pick up little DGD from school.

Take care! 🌷

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 16-Mar-23 07:22:40

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. Good news on your op Mick. I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago using key hole surgery. The scarring was minimal.
Our cleaners are coming today. I’ll be at the hairdresser so OH will have to let them in. After lunch I’m attending a U3A History of Art talk. From there I’ll drive straight to the Health Centre to see the Physio about my arthritic thumb. I may have a cortisone injection. I had a couple of injections some years ago and they worked a treat until now. It is a Lent Group meeting in the next village, so I’ll trundle along to that. Last night’s WI AGM went well. I won a competition. Yippee! Mainly because I could recognise a portrait of Henry Eighth’s third wife Jane Seymour. Have a good day everyone.

grandMattie Thu 16-Mar-23 07:27:03

Thank you for your suggestions. I'm contacting Tools with a Mission at a more civilized hour.
No AmDram round here as far as I know - but that stuff is mostly going to a charity shop...

NanKate Thu 16-Mar-23 07:30:41

Good morning Mick and All.

Grey here in South Bucks.

What a fab photo Kitty. It seems only yesterday that Wolfie was a baby.

Off to see The King and I. It’s had some good reviews.

Pittcity Thu 16-Mar-23 07:34:32

Good morning from a grey skies Colchester. Milder than yesterday but damp. It was crisp and sunny yesterday which I much prefer.
A walk to Aldi this morning for a few bits and into the City for a haircut this afternoon. I haven't been for a year as I've been growing it, but a trim is needed. Lockdown made me realise that I only needed a cut that looked ok short or long and needed little maintenance. It's saved me a fortune.
Love to all 🦩 x

NanaDana Thu 16-Mar-23 07:36:40

Good morning all, from a dull and rainy Tyneside. Pooches got so muddy on their early morning walkies that I had to put them both in the bath. On a different issue, sincere thanks to GN for banning a deeply unpleasant contributor recently (no names), who could batten onto the most non-controversial of topics and turn it into a venomous attack on any unfortunate who happened to be in the vicinity. So much more pleasant here now. Thanks again. Stay safe and well out there.