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So much choice in cosmetic products now

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Glorianny Mon 27-Mar-23 12:10:44

I don't use that much make up and since Covid I've tended to buy what I need in my local (quite small) Boots. Last week I ventured for the first time for ages into a large Superdrug looking for foundation. I came out with nothing. I wandered around for a bit, dazzled by the array of skincare products and cosmetics. It was all too much for me. How do young women cope? Or are all you older women in there as well? Am I just getting too old. It was so much simpler when there was just Rimmel and Max Factor (which you couldn't afford anyway)..

Callistemon21 Mon 27-Mar-23 20:02:31


In "The Times" beauty page a few weeks ago, the writer (who often recommends cheap and cheerful brands, not just expensive potions) recommended Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum, sold in for £40.00 A bit dear, and I haven't tried it myself, but it might be worth a try, Callistemon21.

Thanks dahlia, I'll take a look

Although, having had an unfortunate encounter with a Boots facial serum, I'm a bit wary of spending £40 on something which might give me a reaction.

I'll see if they have samples

M0nica Mon 27-Mar-23 21:31:51

The question is do you need to change the products you use?

Neither DD nor DGD, my guides on these matters have seen any reason to recommend that I change my beauty routines or my make-up, so I haven't. Moisteriser and a teardrop sized drop of foundation are my basics. then blusher and eye make-up, However I use a lot of moisteriser, massage it gently into my face for several minutes and then have a wooden roller, which I use to massage my face as well. In the evening I remove my make-up with theatrical make-up remover and a toning lotion and then a small dab of a night cream, massaged well in. Most of my skin products come from a supplier of organic skin care products in Cornwall.

Most of the time, moisteriser, blusher and mascara are all the make up I use.

Deedaa Mon 27-Mar-23 21:47:36

My two extravagances are L'Occitane shower gel and shampoo bar. Both expensive but I find they last for ages. My moisturiser and body lotion come from Aldi. The body lotion smells exactly like a very expensive White Stuff one. If I'm going out I use Aldi's tinted BB lotion which I find really good. DS's ex is camping with us while she searches for somewhere to rent and the variety of stuff she has for hair, face and body is mind boggling.

paddyann54 Mon 27-Mar-23 21:47:59

I love my makeup I have a few brands I use regularly.
Liquid foundation I like IT cc cream or Bare Minerals stick makeup.its like panstick
.I use Bare minerals powder over a primer or Laura Geller baked cream foundation if I'm in a rush and want something thats just a brush over with one product .
UK lash will make your lashes grow, a tube will last months and it works great
I dont even put the bins out without my face on ,I've been like this all my life ,since I was about 14

Callistemon21 Mon 27-Mar-23 21:52:57

UK lash will make your lashes grow

Ooh, will investigate that too.

I don't know why they've become so thin and sparse. My hair is thick, so are my eyebrows (unless tamed). 🤞

NotSpaghetti Mon 27-Mar-23 22:06:28

MayBee70 - I feel just like you to be honest.

Who is this woman in the mirror?

I have an "important" wedding this year and since I've probably not worn any makeup since the last "important" wedding (years ago) I know the makeup situation will be another minor irritation (once I've found an outfit that fits of course).

Glorianny Mon 27-Mar-23 22:09:13

II love L'Occitane stuff. Although I don't spend a lot on make up I have a weakness for expensive perfume. I've used L'Artisan perfumes for years. They are pricey but I love them.

Georgesgran Mon 27-Mar-23 22:15:06

Same as me Paddyann54 - I think I’d frighten the neighbours if I didn’t have my face on first thing. I love Laura Geller stuff and that IT cc covers absolutely everything.

Jaxjacky Mon 27-Mar-23 22:30:54

I don’t wear any, rarely have done, makes life a lot easier.

EmilyHarburn Wed 29-Mar-23 11:55:03

Boots no 7 counters let you book a makeup.
appointment. It is free of charge.

I take products and then ask them if they have better No 7. You do not have to buy any and they are very helpful and look at making the best of what you already have.

sunbar Wed 29-Mar-23 11:58:05

When I was a makeup artist back in the day, I used to tell women that you shouldn't see the makeup on your face. You should only see what it's doing for you. I think that applies even more now for women with a certain amount of accumulated chronology

Ziplok Wed 29-Mar-23 11:58:24

It can certainly be overwhelming. When I decided my makeup needed an overhaul after a good clear out of ancient stuff, I plucked up courage and sought the help of an advisor on the No7 counter in Boots. She was excellent, not at all pushy and advised me well. I bought foundation, blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick and am very pleased with my purchases. Left to my own devices, I’d have been confused and probably come away either with nothing or the wrong shades.
I’m not one who wears it everyday, only if I’m going out for the evening or attending a wedding, so it does tend to sit there and last a good while (hence the need for the overhaul 😅).

rileydog Wed 29-Mar-23 12:13:01

I use Avon cosmetics. Good quality, reasonably priced and you can buy foundation and skincare samples for 50p. I became a rep and order for a few family and friends. We all love perusing the brochure even if we don’t buy anything! You can order online too.

Rhinestone Wed 29-Mar-23 12:15:58

I’m from the states but Sephora as well as our drug stores let you return the cosmetics if you are unhappy . I took home several foundations to try , kept the one I liked, and returned the others.

FannyCornforth Wed 29-Mar-23 12:22:11

Callistemon I use UKLash too, for about two years actually.
It does work, as does the brow one, but it takes much longer to see the benefits with the brow one.
I’d get it from QVC for the money back guarantee.
UKLash offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, but it’s a lie.
I got a brow one with very little serum in it, and they did not offer me anything.
Good product, terrible customer service

Saggi Wed 29-Mar-23 12:25:06

Never did use make-up…even when a teen. When I look at myself in mirror I always thought I’d like to see me looking back… I don’t think I’ve fared any worse for it!
But I have seen the array of stuff…. think most would be flummoxed by it!

Keffie12 Wed 29-Mar-23 12:25:59

I don't use the high street for makeup. I buy online. I know what I like. I do tend to use some of the same products.

Though I will look at articles on makeup. If I like the look of something I will buy it. I will happily shop online however do the high street! No

Bluedaisy Wed 29-Mar-23 13:07:02

Have you been on TRINNY LONDON site? There’s a match 2 me on there that will match you to your perfect colours and the BFF syrum foundation is brilliant and so easy. If you get the colour wrong by any chance you just send it back for a refund.

Jacaranda Wed 29-Mar-23 13:11:16

I totally agree. Last week I went shopping for foundation and was so bewildered by all the different shades that I left without anything.

foxie48 Wed 29-Mar-23 13:31:48

I spend a lot of time outdoors and want to protect my skin from the sun and wind so I use a serum in the morning, which I put on as soon as I get up. Before I go out I use a moisturiser and add some foundation cream over the top, a little neutral eyeshadow and a slick of lipstick. In the evening I cleanse then put another serum on and before I settle down to sleep I add a night cream. If I'm going "out" out I'll wear more make up, mascara, darken my eye brows etc. My skin could be very dry and flaky but this regime keeps it in good condition and makes me feel better. I tend to use Clarins but I've also got some Trinny products which I love as there's lots of colours to choose from.

MayBee70 Wed 29-Mar-23 13:39:08

I always wear sun protection on my face but when I took a close up photo of my sore eye the other day I was horrified to see the amount of sun damage to my skin. I wish I’d used factor 50 for most of my life.

knspol Wed 29-Mar-23 13:53:34

Generally only wear mascara and maybe a very light swipe of lipstick and some lip gloss. Stopped foundation during lockdown because of a plague of spots on & around my nose, looks dreadful and never really suffered with them before. Nothing seems to work to get rid of them, all suggestions welcome!

Glorianny Wed 29-Mar-23 13:59:48


I totally agree. Last week I went shopping for foundation and was so bewildered by all the different shades that I left without anything.

Oh Jacaranda I'm so glad it isn't just me!

kircubbin2000 Wed 29-Mar-23 14:04:35

I think this industry is one of the biggest rip offs we have. I don't wear make up except occasionally lipstick which my daughter gets me. She paid well over £20 for the last one. I have many items from gift sets that I will never use and think are unnecessary.
E.g. shower gel body scrub, face mask, hair mask,exfoliate, cleanser etc. Surely our bodies do not need all these products and we look just as good by using soap and water.

Norah Wed 29-Mar-23 14:11:35

Soap, water, spf tinted lotion, lippy - daily. Done and dusted.

Makeup is to leave home, Church, for me.