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So much choice in cosmetic products now

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Glorianny Mon 27-Mar-23 12:10:44

I don't use that much make up and since Covid I've tended to buy what I need in my local (quite small) Boots. Last week I ventured for the first time for ages into a large Superdrug looking for foundation. I came out with nothing. I wandered around for a bit, dazzled by the array of skincare products and cosmetics. It was all too much for me. How do young women cope? Or are all you older women in there as well? Am I just getting too old. It was so much simpler when there was just Rimmel and Max Factor (which you couldn't afford anyway)..

Gundy Wed 29-Mar-23 15:48:57

Manufacturers are crazy for completion and shelf space. It’s nuts!

At our age - less is more.
So many dizzying choices, but over the years I’ve whittled it down to blush, concealer, an eye crayon (as liner/shadow) and lipstick. No foundation, no mascara, no brow pencil.

The basis is keeping your skin hydrated well first - a good moisturizer with SPF.

If I had to pick one thing before I walk out of the house - for me it’s blush. I need some well placed color or I look lifeless.
Have a g’day’
USA Gundy

Cambia Wed 29-Mar-23 15:55:52

Callistemon21. Try Long4lashes from Amazon. Am on my third bottle now and everyone asks me how my lashes get so long. Not too expensive and I did have very stumpy eyelashes after menopause!

seadragon Wed 29-Mar-23 18:48:03

Baby Lotion as cleanser for my face and Maybelline lippy - recommended on this site some time ago but needs an electric tooth brush to remove! - is the only make up I wear. People regularly ask me about it so I will continue with the electronic abrasion for now . What distresses me is the plethora of non biodegradable containers - and products on display - especially compared to the Men's section hidden away on one set off the shelves at the back. For some reason we have three largish chemist Shops in our very small island all crammed with plastic containers and other non bio-degradables….. I use a deodorant and hair oil that comes in a glass container. Confession, tell no-one!, I'm not sure what the Maybelline wand and container are made of.....

Gundy Wed 29-Mar-23 20:48:56

Calliste - May I say… if ordering from Amazon - beware. That product may be made in China, no quality control on ingredients. If you are sensitive to anything, make sure you read list of what is in there.
I’m just allergic to China.
USA Gundy

effalump Thu 30-Mar-23 15:14:07

It worries me to see Miracle creams being advertised on the internet. You can never find an ingredients list. You don't know what you're putting onto your skin.

Marydoll Thu 30-Mar-23 16:03:33

I buy my make up online, I know what I like and can usually find the cheapest deal, by looking about.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 30-Mar-23 16:05:37

No such thing as a miracle cream in my experience!

Granless Thu 30-Mar-23 16:09:21

Can anyone recommend a good cream/treatment for under eye bags?

MerylStreep Thu 30-Mar-23 16:12:23


Can anyone recommend a good cream/treatment for under eye bags?

Haemorrhoid cream. It works by shrinking the blood vessels.

M0nica Thu 30-Mar-23 19:52:56

Creams will not sort under eye bags, they are caused by sagging muscles. You need eye exercises to tighten up the muscles

The one I do is as follows.

1) Open your eyes wide, hold your upper lip down with your teeth
2) Gradually lift the muscles below your eye upwards towards your upper lid, closing your eyes (almost) from below, then hold for a count of 5 and then gently release the muscles. Repeat three times.

I have been doing this for years. It has been very effective.

Jzpap Fri 31-Mar-23 08:01:47

I have worn a full face and of make up since I was about 17. I’ve always been complemented on my make up but a few years ago I was struggling with foundation. I went into Boots and saw a lovely lady who did a colour check on me and since then I have always worn one or other of No 7’s foundations always in the same shade of Warm Ivory. I’ve never looked back and as far as foundation is concerned will stick to this brand.
I know what you mean about all the choices and brands especially in Superdrug. I tend to buy Mac lipsticks as they’re very reliable and have a good shade range however I’ve recently bought an Avon lipstick from a new range by them and it’s brilliant and a lot cheaper than Mac.

Glorianny Fri 31-Mar-23 10:39:01



Can anyone recommend a good cream/treatment for under eye bags?

Haemorrhoid cream. It works by shrinking the blood vessels.

I watched an episode of Taskmaster recently and one of the comedians brought this and said she used it for this purpose. A sign appeared at the bottom of the screen
"Do not try this at home"

Shinamae Fri 31-Mar-23 17:45:31

I use the caffeine solution from the ordinary for my eye Contour works well for me.
Try to go at least one day without any make up at all just serum and moisturiser and definitely a factor 50 face protection every day winter and summer
Make up quite basic, either foundation or cc cream, mascara and a very pale lipstick, which I am finding it increasingly hard to find…

keepcalmandcavachon Fri 31-Mar-23 23:19:59

Mr Keepcalm was looking at me very strangely as I was reading MOnica's post! Anyone else gurning along ?

hollysteers Sat 01-Apr-23 01:58:40

I love make up but agree there is too much variety, same with scent. Massive supermarkets for food etc. make me feel the same, I don’t want so much choice.

I use a concealer rather than foundation for everyday and a white primer before mascara thickens my scrawny eyelashes. Wouldn’t be without it.
Vaseline for heavier makeup removal (used throughout my career for taking off stage makeup and cheaper)
Ponds cold cream is wonderful and also removes makeup.
Recently experimented with magnetic eyelashes and find them easier than traditional eyelashes with glue.

The only permanent solution for eye bags is surgery.

Ailidh Sat 01-Apr-23 09:02:44

I tend to get most of my make up at Superdrug. I always go for the cruelty free brands.
I have only two peeves:
1. Eyeshadow palettes seem to have no fewer than 12, fairly assorted, colours in them, when a set of 3 shades of the same colour is what I'm after.
2. Foundation comes in such lovely sounding colours - Dawn Mist; Porcelain Glow. The one that suits my skin tone is always just Beige, although on one glorious occasion it was Pebble.

Routine wise, I don't use any cleanser, just scrub my face with a flannel in the shower.
Light moisturiser, currently a Sainsbury's one, light foundation, powder, blusher, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lippy. Also faint eyebrow pencil now too - after chemo then years ago only half my eyebrows grew back!

I have really good skin for my age (67), helped to plumptiousness at the minute by having put on weight. Dilemma - be fat and look young or be slim and look haggard!?!

Jaxie Tue 04-Apr-23 18:10:16

Can anyone suggest brown or grey eye pencil that doesn’t smudge?

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 04-Apr-23 18:12:19

Hourglass gel eye pencil in Meteorite. They do browns too.