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What is your favourite word?

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Serendipity22 Sat 01-Apr-23 09:29:14

just for fun x

My favourite word is .....serendipity
❤ 😃

Kim19 Sat 01-Apr-23 09:33:24

You beat me to it and I second yours.

Oldbat1 Sat 01-Apr-23 09:34:42


AskAlice Sat 01-Apr-23 09:36:33

ubiquitous - just love the sound of it!

DanniRae Sat 01-Apr-23 09:37:24


Auntieflo Sat 01-Apr-23 09:39:23

Susurration. Just love it.

Sago Sat 01-Apr-23 09:42:14


BigBertha1 Sat 01-Apr-23 10:04:52


Galaxy Sat 01-Apr-23 10:05:42


Redhead56 Sat 01-Apr-23 11:16:01

Dickhead that’s the mild one can’t type the strong one.

Fernbergien Sat 01-Apr-23 11:25:10

Serendipity again.

crazyH Sat 01-Apr-23 11:26:30


MayBee70 Sat 01-Apr-23 11:29:23

There used to be a racehorse called Sabin du Loir and I loved the words so much I would say them to myself. One year we had a French student stay with us whose English wasn’t very good and she was very shy and we were really struggling to communicate with each other.I told her of my love of the words Sabin du Loir hoping she would understand what I meant. She then said to me ‘ I have a favourite English phrase that I love ‘all things change’. After that, although my French was pretty bad along with her English we just seemed to get on with each other at a different level. I realised that she loved films so we spent the rest of her stay watching films and going to the cinema.

Jaxjacky Sat 01-Apr-23 11:32:04


Serendipity22 Sat 01-Apr-23 11:39:52

Heck !!!! These are brilliant.... 😃

FannyCornforth Sat 01-Apr-23 11:47:20



That’s one of my favourites too. In fact you may have noticed I used it (sort of) in relation to you yesterday wink

I also like wassock and muppet.
It’s difficult to choose just one.

My favourite real person’s name is
Emily Thornberry
I think it’s lovely.

Galaxy Sat 01-Apr-23 11:55:04

I saw it, that's why it was fresh in my mind. If I could have predicted who would use it on GN I would have said yougrin. It made me smile.

Grandma70s Sat 01-Apr-23 12:01:30

My favourite words are melody and discombobulated.

Favourite real person’s name is Laura Trevelyan.

Chrissyoh Sat 01-Apr-23 13:08:53


Dickhead that’s the mild one can’t type the strong one.


Spinnaker Sat 01-Apr-23 13:27:08

Mellifluous - I've loved this word since first reading it in a book in my teens many years ago.

NotAGran55 Sat 01-Apr-23 13:37:36

I’m rather fond of frock.

Aldom Sat 01-Apr-23 13:42:06

Looking forward is so uplifting. smile

grannydarkhair Sat 01-Apr-23 13:42:31

I have two, the polite one is Tintinntabulation. Only ever seen it written, never used it in conversation and probably never will.
The other is cockwomble. I find myself using it or at least thinking it, more and more as I age.

Aveline Sat 01-Apr-23 13:42:41

I always loved tintinabulation but it's hard to use in everyday life.

Gillycats Sat 01-Apr-23 13:43:22

Mazed, as in ‘You’m mazed little maid’. It’s a Devon thing (you’re mental little girl) x