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Having a lovely time but missing home.

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Sago Fri 19-May-23 07:19:20

As you know we are staying at our daughters to look after our grandchildren, we are on day 6, it is so lovely being with them, they are very good and my daughter has established a brilliant routine so they are in bed at 6.30 and 7.30, neither woke until 8.20 am yesterday!

However I miss, drinking tea in bed for an hour before getting up, a neat and ordered house, homemade bread, my own bed, being able to walk to a shop, super fast broadband, my vast array of lotions, potions and creams and finally my lovely friend and next door neighbour.

Things I love about being here are the grandchildren, Aga, a huge utility room, dog, Bella the lovely gentle pony, watching the buzzards, mistle thrushes and hearing the owl.

What do you miss when away from home?

Calendargirl Fri 19-May-23 07:22:29

Just home really, the familiar routine, just doing things in your own time and in your own way.

FannyCornforth Fri 19-May-23 07:23:16

Ooh, this is going to be a lovely thread.
I’m coveting Bella. ♥️
Do you have a photo of her please Sago?

Norah Fri 19-May-23 07:37:41


I love our sweet children and pets, our home and garden - I miss everything about our normal forever life when we're away.

tanith Fri 19-May-23 07:39:12

Recently I visited my son and family and oh how I missed the peace and quiet, I missed my routine, having everything to hand, sleeping in the buff and then getting up to make my early morning cuppa, coming back to bed to read. My daily walk chatting to the doggy people, even eating at certain times.
I think I’m becoming set in my ways 😂 but I wouldn’t miss a chance to spend time with them again as it doesn’t happen often enough.

Sago Fri 19-May-23 07:58:58


Ooh, this is going to be a lovely thread.
I’m coveting Bella. ♥️
Do you have a photo of her please Sago?

This is Bella.

FannyCornforth Fri 19-May-23 08:13:03

Aah, thank you.
I’d love to ‘know’ a horse or a pony

Greyduster Fri 19-May-23 08:20:29

I like my own routine and surroundings and even, sometimes, the solitude. I need to be rooted in the familiar now more than ever. My children are always very accommodating when I go to stay, but I do love to come home.

Foxygloves Fri 19-May-23 08:29:23

I think actually what I miss is being “mistress of my own household”
I love my daughters’ kitchens (but how dare they be bigger and better equipped than Mum’s ), the super fast shower in the guest en suite, at D1’s, and the proximity to shops and coffee drinkeries near Ds2 and 3 .
But it’s not mine and I treasure my independence and “doing things my way”. My bed and my stash of books to be read, I fear I am becoming a home biddy.

Auntieflo Fri 19-May-23 08:58:15

Greyduster, you put it exactly as I would have said. Thanks.

Vanillasky Fri 19-May-23 08:59:03

I agree that when I'm at "mine" I tend to relax better. I guess because it is all so familiar, like an old blanket.
Home really is where the ❤️ is, though I love time at the grandchildren's and their menagerie.

Franbern Fri 19-May-23 09:01:56

When I go to stay with my eldest daughter, just a few roads away for where I lived for over forty years bringing up family (so in some ways it feels like I am going home) - I love her house, magnificent kitchen, beautiful garden BUT I miss my riser-recliner chair (designed for me with extra motors for my neck and lumbar region), I can never get really comfortable on her lovely sofas no matter how many cushions she gives to me. Miss my own electric bed. I am always aware of someone else to consider in the house on my thrice nightly trips to loo. Detest the stairs.

I did enjoy the comment about how dare our AC have kitchens bigger than ours/ Thought about this and all my five AC have this, Lovely though they are, I detest the walking about I have to do in them. My own lovely small kitchen has everything in easy reach.

All my AC live in houses, so staying with any of them involves having to use the stairs, and I always miss the living on one floor that I have at home.

Primrose53 Fri 19-May-23 09:04:42

I don’t actually miss anything really when I am away but when I get back I am very pleased to see our pony, my own bed and just our house in general which is so light and bright. I don’t feel comfortable in dark houses with not much natural light.

henetha Fri 19-May-23 11:20:34

My bed. It's so comfy and I'm always pleased to get back to it.
And just being able to get away from people for a while.

merlotgran Fri 19-May-23 11:34:44

I miss my garden when I’m away. It’s still very much work in progress but as I’m missing country living having moved to a town 18 months ago it’s where I can find my lost soul.

I’ve just had a weekend away - back in the land of the big sky and did I want to come home?

Not really. 🤔

GrannySomerset Fri 19-May-23 11:45:18

How lovely to be so trusted, Sago and home will be a delight when you are back there.

Hetty58 Fri 19-May-23 11:54:55

I don't much miss my home when I'm away. What I really miss is solitude. Long walks alone (or with a dog) are necessary - and the same if I have guests. I dread anyone offering to come with me!

AGAA4 Fri 19-May-23 12:03:18

I love being away but always happy to be home again. I live alone and enjoy my home to myself. Just being able to take my time in the morning, eat when I like and do all the things I enjoy doing on my own.

Lomo123 Fri 19-May-23 12:16:34

Love getting back to peace and quiet. Seeing my 2 cats. No cartoon blaring on tv. I must be officially old, used to wouldn't bother me. When my late mum used to come to mine when girls were small, I used to wonder why the minute her coffee was finished she jumped in her car home. I now understand!!.

TwiceAsNice Fri 19-May-23 12:22:57

I lived on my own after a divorce for 3 years then moved near to my children but still had my own space. At present we are all living together whilst waiting to start a renovation of a big house into 3 living spaces so we all have our own place again.

I forgot how difficult it can be to share after living alone ( which I loved after leaving a difficult marriage) . I find it a definite strain sometimes. I am planning some time away later in the year with my best friend on holiday and also by myself.

All I really miss routine wise is sleeping in my own bed

LRavenscroft Fri 19-May-23 14:23:43

My simple and modest life and routine. I hate other people's ephemera.

Mollygo Fri 19-May-23 16:56:36

I don’t really think about home whilst I’m away. Sometimes I wish I had some of the equipment I find on holiday, like a really powerful shower or lovely grounds to walk in that I don’t have to manage.
I always love getting back to our bed, the dog, and my recliner.

Redhead56 Fri 19-May-23 17:14:42

I enjoy sitting in our sunhouse listening to the birds. Our little chiller making bubbling sounds as it cools the drinks. It's peaceful and relaxing just looking over my raised veg patch I love it.

Probably sounds very boring but it's what I like doing best with a cook book to hand and glass of wine.

I adore our family I occasionally stay with my DD and enjoy doing so. I have noticed lately I miss my DH even just for a few nights. It must be because we are not getting any younger.

Washerwoman Fri 19-May-23 17:17:52

Away at a friend's at the moment and as far as possible in someone else's house I feel very relaxed and welcome. However there's nowhere like home.I love my own bed,my lovely garden and the birds I feed.My dogs and of course DH.I always find packing a chore because I like all my potions and bits and pieces and deciding what to take, especially as I've come by train doesn't get any easier.I daresay those who holiday a lot more have got it down to a fine art.

SueDonim Fri 19-May-23 20:47:32

I miss pottering when I’m staying with someone else. I couldn’t tell you what I actually do when I’m pottering at home but I find it impossible to do it in anyone else’s house. You can’t go and rearrange other people’s cupboards etc.

I had two extended stays with my Ds2 and dil when they had their second child, one during pregnancy and one to be on hand when the new baby arrived. Dil was mostly in bed for my first stay as she was unwell, and I was downright lonely! No friends to see, no Dh around as he was 500+ miles away looking after our cats, nowhere to walk to, just the nursery run.

The second time, dil was around so we went out and about more but once the baby was born and they were settled, ds said that he thought they could manage now. I had my flight home booked for the next morning. grin