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Good Morning Sunday 21st May 2023

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Michael12 Sun 21-May-23 05:44:05

Good Morning Everyone,
A nice bright start this morning in brackley .
Today, I go on another coach trip to Weston -S -Mare with a early depart and pick ups on the way there and back .
Otherwise a easy day for me.
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 21-May-23 05:55:56

Good morning from Bristol. Another bright day.
Enjoy your little day out, Mick.
The church walk took over an hour and wasn’t for the faint hearted; sadly I was the only attendee apart from the vicar and the organiser. I did see quite a lot of the area though. It was looking its best, adorned with so much blossom and new life.
Today, I have a breakfast thingy between the two services - I think I’ll go to the early service.
Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩

monk08 Sun 21-May-23 06:06:56

Good morning Mick grandMattie and all who follow from a sunny Black country.
Early start today DH on a fishing contest.
DS is running a half marathon so I shall go and cheer him on and perhaps we shall go for lunch if he is up for it.
Bedding as just finished in the washer so shall put that out.
Will catch up with everybody's happenings later.
Enjoy your Sunday and may you all find some ☀️.

cornergran Sun 21-May-23 06:09:12

Morning Mick, morning All. A sunny day forecast for our corner of Somerset.

Thoroughly enjoyed our short break, now back to the laundry. A quiet day ahead, will check on a friend who was discharged from hospital on Friday, it also looks like the garden tubs would benefit from some water, goodness, not used to that.

Enjoy your day mick and your ‘breakfast thingy’ grandmattie whatever it may be.

Take care everyone. The photo is from yesterday. Hope Sunday is kind to us all.

grandMattie Sun 21-May-23 06:20:37

Not sure what this breakfast thingy is 😂. Something involving croissants and coffee between the services, I believe

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 21-May-23 06:25:58

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. Obviously I’m still in bed! Church this morning. One of the smaller churches in the Benefice. In the middle of nowhere and very beautiful. They only have one service a month, usually BCP. The last time I went there were ten of us including the vicar and organist. OH and I are going out for lunch and then back home to read the Sunday papers.

Ashcombe Sun 21-May-23 06:46:17

Good morning from a sunny Sarthe. Yesterday was warm enough for us to enjoy lunch and dinner outside.

It’s good to hear of plans folk have involving church; I miss that when we’re here but the way of life compensates most of the time.

I hope you enjoy your day trip, Mick; sea air is therapeutic. A lovely photo, cornergran!

A blessed Sunday to you all! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

karmalady Sun 21-May-23 06:46:55

Good morning, wall to wall sunshine today in s somerset

I am just about to finally properly change my bedding to light summer bedding as I was a bit too warm last night. I have done it in stages this year

Breakfast now and I shall be e-cycling today, up high and then low onto the levels, a ride I really like, early start and back for lunch

Later I might cut out another summer top in double gauze, I was wearing one yesterday and very much like the style fit and comfort. The only thing stopping me is clearing my dining table, which is full of spinning things. It would take me two days to make and will be very useful, I like to keep my arms covered from the sun and dg is cool to wear

Have a lovely day

BlueBalou Sun 21-May-23 07:03:42

Good morning, another beautiful sunny start to the day here in Wiltshire.
Absolutely nothing planned for today except a vague idea of what’s for lunch 😊
All the washing dried beautifully on the line yesterday, I so love the smell of line dried clothes etc.
Enjoy the sunshine ☀️

kittylester Sun 21-May-23 07:11:06

Good morning all from a bright North Leicestershire.

We are off down south to watch our 2 middle granddaughters in their end of year ballet show.

Forest won yesterday so will stay 'up' which means that DH and DS1 will be happier paying the much more expensive prices for their season tickets and parking.

Have a great day all.

baubles Sun 21-May-23 07:12:06

Good morning all from showery South Lanarkshire.

I had a busy day at work yesterday and,
as I’m doing extra days this coming week, today will be quiet.

DH and I will meet for brunch after I’ve been to Mass then home to read the papers and do a little crochet.

Wishing everyone a good Sunday.

brook2704 Sun 21-May-23 07:14:36

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where we’ve blue sky and another good day is forecast. Yesterday was lovely but with a bit of a cool wind
Enjoy your day out today mick it’s always good to get a change of scenery and to see the sea
Today we’re all off out somewhere but I don’t know where yet - will see later when everyone is up and ready - it could be a while!
Hope your DH enjoys his fishing monk and you get to enjoy lunch with your DS
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Greyduster Sun 21-May-23 07:18:05

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a sunny South Yorkshire. Hope you enjoy your trip to the seaside, Mick. Still sneezing here. Not sure what the agenda is today. I’ll make a curry, and possibly a cake, I think. I finally managed to sort out all the family photographs that my nephew left with me. It was interesting but I shall be glad to see the back of them! I had to water the garden last night, and it took most of the water out of the butt, which was full to the top a week ago, and now we are in for a dry spell.
Lovely photo Corner - I like the bamboos.
Have a good day, folks.

NanKate Sun 21-May-23 07:32:23

Good morning Mick and All.

It is the last day of our lovely 5 day break in Hungerford. Went for a canal trip yesterday on the Kennet canal and are revisiting the Standing Stones at Avebury today. Finally Sunday dinner at a local pub. DH is a traditionalist and likes the ‘full works’ on a Sunday.

The spring/summer weather has finally arrived and we should have wall to wall sunshine for the foreseeable future 👍🌝

Jaxjacky Sun 21-May-23 07:35:00

Morning from sunny S Hants, we like Weston Mick enjoy your trip.
Lovely tranquil picture corner.
We had clouds yesterday afternoon with that wind brook, similar cloud expected later, not sure about wind.
Bedding to be washed, daughter and children are calling in, meat draw in our local later.
MrJ wasn’t pleased kitty he’s a Leeds fan!
Enjoy your day 🦩🦩

Beechnut Sun 21-May-23 07:37:36

Good Morning everyone from from Severnside where it’s sunny.

Like karma I am going to change my bedding (tomorrow) as I’m getting too warm and have been pushing the quilt down in the night.

Pottering jobs for me today and some planting of new plants. Sometimes it’s better not to rush into getting something done as I’ve now found a way to do something I wanted. It’s cheaper to do but actually more work to get it done….but that will bring a satisfaction.

Enjoy the sunshine and don’t forget your hats 🌞👒

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 21-May-23 07:42:14

Good morning from another sunny day in Carmarthenshire.

Yesterday was the first day this year that we’ve been able to eat outdoors and it was very nice! The wind dropped and it was a beautiful day.
MrOops back seems to have recovered from the long drive here (with the Eli of some pills) so today we can head for the beaches and see what they are like, let’s hope the weather holds, I think we are due for some cloud today.

Have a good day everyone and let hope the sun shines on us all.

Marydoll Sun 21-May-23 07:52:35

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow, where it is 12°C.

Another lazy day yesterday.
Babydoll is coming for a state visit today. The plan was to go to them, but I have still to find my oomph. Heaven knows where it has gone. DH messaged them to say, I was under doctor's orders to take it easy. I'm finding it very hard to have that talk with my children, which my GP suggested.
Obviously, I'm dying to see her and have a cuddle, I haven't been well enough to see neither her nor Dollie this week. She has been a wee bit poorly, (another asthmatic in the family?) Shades of déjà vu, her daddy was a very unwell baby.

I have loads of parish admin, which has piled up. We have to do an inventory for insurance purposes, including counting the number of benches we have. Full bench, half bench, three quarter bench, who would have thought it would be so onerous, and boring it is a huge church!
My GP has sanctioned that, because I will only be using my brain and I have conscripted an apprentice! 😉

I wish you all a pleasant Sunday. Thank you for the lovely photos and enjoy all your trips.
Best wishes to the poorlies, those with family worries and to those, who are lurking, but not posting, for various reasons. 💐

Gingster Sun 21-May-23 08:01:45

Good morning all and we’re back in Essex where the sun is out but still breezy.

Dd and little DGD popped in after ballet class yesterday and we took her to buy her new Brownie uniform . She was delighted and can’t wait for next Thursday to wear it. ☺️.

They will come back today for lunch . Twin gs ‘s probably won’t come. They had a job at a local fish nursery yesterday from 7.30 am until 10 last night. Goodness know what they were asked to do. Dh picked them up and run them home. No busses at that time. They’ll be shattered today.😴🥱.

Dd is still suffering withdrawal symptoms from the immunotherapy and steroids. She now has lymphoedema and has an appointment in June to have it drained 🤞. Her leg and ankle are very swollen. Oh dear! 😕.

I have been bitten by a gnat on my ring finger and it’s swollen up on my knuckle . Any tips on how to get my rings off? My wedding ring has never been off in nearly 52years. I might have to have it cut off 😢.

I must perk up on this sunny Sunday.

Have a lovely day everyone.☀️

Pittcity Sun 21-May-23 08:04:03

Good morning from sunny Colchester. A warm dry week is forecast, so the watering can is out. We've done no mow May so our small lawns front and back are lush as opposed to some that are already looking parched. The daisies look great and we have poppies at the edge that I don't remember sowing.
Our summer bedding is on all year as DH is always too hot. I just wear thicker or thinner pyjamas.
A walk to Aldi and ironing is as exciting as it gets today.
Love to all 🦩 x

Marydoll Sun 21-May-23 08:08:14

I have planted poppies for the first time, Pitt. That poppy is beautiful.

Marydoll Sun 21-May-23 08:10:09

Ginster, please be careful. If it gets any worse, you may need to go to A&E, in case it cuts off the circulation.

I'm so sorry to hear your DD is suffering.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 21-May-23 08:13:44

Good morning from then most glorious morning in Cornwall.

Just back from our morning walk, this time across fields and down to the river Camel and puffed back again. Had a word with a couple of gentle horses.

Might walk from Polzeath to Daymer Bay and back today, then sit on the cliffs with lunch and watch the surfers. DH is hoping to see gannets.

After lunch might potter to Delabole - my “home” village, have a look at the quarry and wonder around looking at our old cottages. I have a photo of one of them with my great grandmother sitting knitting outside the front door with a tin bath hung on the wall above her head. Water was from a pump around the corner, then on to Camelford and a potter, then back to the cottage.

Haven’t decided whether to eat out or not this evening.

Everyone else have a superb day.

Baggs Sun 21-May-23 08:21:21

Morning all from a cloudy and damp Boggy Brae. If it stays non-rainy I'll go and cut down some bracken from the top of the garden and chuck it into the field from which it has spread. Normally I'd use a scythe but it'll just have to be secateurs until my wrist is at full strength again.

Good day wishes to all 🌱

Baggs Sun 21-May-23 08:25:42

Gingster, there is a way of getting a ring off a swollen finger using thread. If you canslide an end of cotton under your ring and then wind the cotton around your finger closely over the swelling. When that's done you start to unwind using the end you tucked underneath your ring and kept on its other side.

I don't know if this is suitable but it's a good one when it is. Good luck.