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Good Morning Sunday 21st May 2023

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Michael12 Sun 21-May-23 05:44:05

Good Morning Everyone,
A nice bright start this morning in brackley .
Today, I go on another coach trip to Weston -S -Mare with a early depart and pick ups on the way there and back .
Otherwise a easy day for me.
Take Care,

Grandmabatty Sun 21-May-23 08:40:22

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 12° humid, grey and wet. The gardens need it but I don't! Mick enjoy your trip. Marydoll have a lovely time with Babydoll. Brook enjoy your mystery trip!
Yesterday was mostly fine. A good blether with my pal and a nice breakfast. I pottered about in the afternoon then visited mum at night. According to a nurse I spoke to, she is medically improved. Physio are working with her on getting mobility back and a couple of other issues are being sorted. It all sounds good, except she was away with the fairies last night, talking about visiting friends who died a few years back, saying she'd been for tests at midnight. (She hadn't, I checked) and other such stuff in the middle of what seemed a sensible conversation. I reported it to the nurse who is going to check for a uti.
Today is a quiet one. I have to pick up clothes I ordered and then visit mum again. Something with salmon for dinner. Have a good day all

ginny Sun 21-May-23 08:44:11

Good morning from N. Bucks where it is bright and sunny.
We are planning to wander down to town as there is a Vintage andHandmade Fair on the Market Place. Probably have a coffee and may meet a few friends.
This afternoon must make filling for Chicken, Ham and leek pie . Rest of the afternoon will hopefully be out in the garden.
Easy dinner this evening, small steak,
jacket potato and some veg.
A pleasant day is wished for you all.

mumofmadboys Sun 21-May-23 08:45:59

Gingster - have you tried washing up liquid and putting your hand in icy water ? May be worth giving that a go. It would be a shame to damage the ring. Good luck

NannyJan53 Sun 21-May-23 08:46:44

Good morning from a bright and sunny Black Country.

MrJ completed his 100K cycle ride yesterday from Meriden. Whilst I did housework, etc. Then my friend and I took a walk to the local park and chatted in the cafe where we had a smoothie.

We had our first BBQ of the year last night, and will probably have another one today. Should be going to Weymouth tomorrow, but we cancelled it as a few days after we would home we are off to Rhodes, so we are now going first week in September. It's a shame as I think the weather will be glorious this week.

I had swollen fingers a few weeks ago Gingster and I used liquid soap which slowly eased the rings off.

Wishing you all the best day possible

Gingster Sun 21-May-23 08:54:48

Thanks Marydoll and Baggs.

I’ve tried the string thing with no luck.
I’ll keep my eye on it and try to get a spray to get the swelling down.
A and E ….. oh no! 😫. Fingers crossed ( if I can) I dont have to go.

aggie Sun 21-May-23 08:58:40

Good morning all , it’s raining 🙄
Yesterday I cleared a space in the greenhouse for gro bags , GS2 helped move stuff , he had 45 minutes to spare ( he’s 16 and grown up all of a sudden )
DD and I planted out Cosmos and nasturtiums that were evicted from the greenhouse , and some lobelia donated after the Village tubs and window boxes had been planted up
We nearly emptied the water butt watering in all the plants and now it’s raining , it might brighten up later
Of course I didn’t look at the forecast , or even out of the window , before I stuffed the washing machine !
Why did I choose today to change the entire bed , more to wash later , maybe tomorrow!
Now trying to down the porridge before my lovely cleaning lady arrives , she’ll scold at me doing her job 😂😂

aggie Sun 21-May-23 09:07:38

My gardening aid 😉

Taichinan Sun 21-May-23 09:09:07

Good morning Mick and all. I have serious envy of all that sunshine that I'm hearing about! Here on the Angus coast? You've guessed it - thick mist and a steady drizzle. We did have a glorious day last Friday though, so such things are possible 😁. What a difference that made to how I felt - I was full of buzz and energy and a belief that summer had at least arrived!
Anyway, enjoy your lovely days everyone and enjoy seeing little Babydoll today Marydoll x

Wyllow3 Sun 21-May-23 09:10:28

Good Morning from a sunny S Yorks. if it goes on like this will have to get the hose out soon for the tender plants. Not complaining tho.

Gingster best wishes re DD.

Off to Quakers this morning, not sure after that.

BlueSapphire Sun 21-May-23 09:12:23

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny 🌞 Northampton. Looks like we are in for a good spell of fine weather at last.

Yesterday's performance of 'Guys and Dolls ' was outstanding; it was an amateur production, and what an array of talent there is locally. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the rest of the large audience.

Off to the cinema this afternoon to see Book Club 2, a bit of entertaining nonsense I hope!

Before then I need to put a chicken casserole in the slow cooker: feeling lazy, I shall use a can of red pepper soup as the sauce base, and will also add onions and carrots. Just some new potatoes and peas to go with it when I get home. And a glass of red wine!

Hope everyone sees some sunshine 🌞 today!

GrannySomerset Sun 21-May-23 09:25:58

Church in the next village, Sunday papers and a few phone calls make up today. Having been reading old letters I am nostalgic and wishing so much that I could call back time, not a very helpful frame of mind, so I must find something positive to do rather than wallowing. Must say the lovely weather helps - my sympathy to all those suffering grey skies and worse.

luluaugust Sun 21-May-23 09:40:24

Good morning all from a sunny W Kent. Unexpected visit from DS yesterday, we sat and enjoyed a chat and he helped DH with moving a few boxes around.
Quiet day today
Best wishes to all

hulahoop Sun 21-May-23 09:46:15

Ginster hope you Get the ring off my oh had to cut my wedding ring off unfortunately he cut through the hallmark 🙄 .It's a beautiful day again we are going to a Barbie at daughters. Have a good day all .

hollysteers Sun 21-May-23 10:01:41

Good morning Mick and all from a dull northwest coast.
Lovely day yesterday at Flower Fairies, Cicely Mary Barker exhibition, so prettily laid out. My friend was in an anxious state owing to his detached retina and had no appetite for the lunch, most unusual. I’m wondering if he’s going to be up to our trip abroad next month. Drunken swearing Saturday night revellers on the train home, ugh.
Best news of the day was my daughter has had her offer for the flat she wants in the south accepted and is thrilled, which means I’m thrilled too!

Just a house tidy up today and I need to arrange transport to the airport for trip next month (if it comes off…)
Hope you enjoy your day out as much as I did mine Mick, thoughts to your daughter Gingster and anyone with troubles.

Grammaretto Sun 21-May-23 10:02:45

Good morning all from rainy Scotland.
Such a shame because DD is photographer in residence this weekend at a beautiful gardens open to the public.
the garden will be happy

My French Helpers leave very soon.
I shall miss them.
Not much planned otherwise.

Enjoy Babydoll Marydoll. smile
So sorry about your DD Gingster and I hope your swelling goes down.

Have a pleasant day everyone.

Blossoming Sun 21-May-23 10:06:30

Good morning everyone from cloudy Lancashire. A lazy Sunday for us, our usual bacon rolls for brunch and a walk along the river. The riverside path is tree lined and shady. It’s quiet, no steam trains today, not many visitors, just birdsong.

What a beautiful poppy Pittcity, thank you for sharing it.

Have a good day all, safe journey to all travelling and hope any poorlies are soon on the mend. 🌻

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 21-May-23 10:12:59

Good Morning all from sunny Bourton on the Water - fingers crossed it's 3rd time lucky getting this posted!!
Hope you enjoy Weston-Super-Mare Mick never been there, you can tell us if it's recommended?
I certainly recommend Bourton on the Water - the heart of THE COTSWOLDS . It's a huge and beautiful village. We go home tomorrow to such a different civilisation. This place is hooching with tourists. Today will probably just join them, we can always get a cup of coffee in our cottage. Yesterday we went to the beautiful Sudeley castle, which like most castles has a lot of history. The wifi here is very iffy so no idea if I'll be able to post tomorrow or not.
Have the best day possible folks.

Anniebach Sun 21-May-23 10:19:14

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

mrshat Sun 21-May-23 15:35:07

Kittylester - no doubt your household was as happy as mine with the 'Forest' result. It's the first time there was ever a 'toast' to Nottingham Forest at my Sunday lunch table! Just as well there is only the two of us! Delighted season tickets will continue. flowers