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Good Morning Friday 26th May 2023

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Michael12 Fri 26-May-23 05:46:06

Good Morning Everyone,
Its sunny and the start of another warm day here in brackley .
Will do my Friday routine , and get some Fish & Chips on way home from my usual daily bus trip to Bicester .
And then settle down and watch the Giro which is at the moment in the Dolomites and today is the queen stage reason for that name it includes some tough climbing .
Take Care,

Ali23 Fri 26-May-23 08:07:48

Good morning all from sunny ish Leicester. We are off to pick up BIL and SIL later. So my fingers ere crossed for a nice day.

Gingster and Oops, I’m sorry to hear about your daughters. Hoping you both see things improving soon.

My DH has not managed to come off of steroids and its now accepted that he is dependent on a maintenance dose and has a protocol for anticipating, recognising and responding to a need for more. Tricky. But doable and he lives an active life.

Have a good Friday everyone.

hulahoop Fri 26-May-23 08:19:31

Sorry to read your daughter is ill and waiting for results Oops.
Gingster hope your daughter's health improves soon.
We spent yesterday clearing patio oh jet washed it some mould spots didn't move so will have to do some spot cleaning.We are going to local market this morning,taking our neighbour whose oh is recovering from a stroke ,the break away from each other is beneficial to them both.

Grammaretto Fri 26-May-23 08:24:31

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. It's misty but may burn off later.
I am tired this morning and have a 4 hour shift at the community shop soon.
My age is showing.

I made some pots and then planted out my lettuce and sweet peas so perhaps that's why.
An oyster catcher was grazing on my lawn. I've never seen that before

Sorry to hear of your DDs Oops and Gingster such a worry. Sending love and prayers.

Lovely photo NannyJan

I hope you all have some joy in your day

Susan56 Fri 26-May-23 08:29:47

I’m so sorry to hear your daughters are so unwell Oops and Gingster.Thinking of you all and really hope they both feel better soon🙏🏻💐

baubles Fri 26-May-23 08:33:39

Good morning Mick, morning all from overcast South Lanarkshire.

Oops and Gingster, I’m sorry to hear that your DDs aren’t any better, thinking of you both.

Sounds like a perfect day Marydoll. Whenever DH and I have been out with a pram he always got to push as it helped him walk with his gammy knee.

Speaking of the gammy knee, his appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday resulted in him having a cortisone injection. The X-ray showed no significant change since last year and apparently a sudden flare up and increased pain isn’t unusual and may settle down again. He has been put on the waiting list but who knows for how long.

We dropped daft dug off at DD’s yesterday where she will stay for a couple of days. This will be a regular occurrence now since our doggy day care has stopped doing drop offs and we can’t get back from DS’s before they close.

Lunch afterwards at a nearby garden centre was very pleasant, sitting outside in the sunshine.

We’ve changed our day in Edinburgh and will help out on Fridays instead as all schools there finish at noon. For the time being DDoutL is off on a Friday so we can hang out with her and the children.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Liberty Fri 26-May-23 08:36:33

Just a quick visit this morning from a sunny Suffolk to say I hope all those with health worries,especially those with ill DDs, have some reassuring news today.

Getting ready today to our trip to Rosedale Abbey in North Yorkshire tomorrow with DS and his family…..we are so looking forward to it.

ShazzaKanazza Fri 26-May-23 08:43:41

Good Morning Mick and everyone from Hull. It’s going to be warm again I am loving this weather.

My thoughts and virtual hugs are with Gingster’s daughter and Miss Oops💐💐

Grandmabatty I’m sorry your mum isn’t picking up it’s such a worry for you💐

We are currently pacing as we are waiting on the imminent arrival of our new grandson in China. My DIL is recovering from her covid and I think it’s weakened her as she’s struggling she’s so tired. My son said he thinks she may go for a section. Watch this space.
Speak soon hopefully 🌻🌻

Grannmarie Fri 26-May-23 08:48:59

Sending love and prayers for those who need/ wish them, especially the DDs of Gingster and Oopsadaisy. 💕🙏

Wyllow3 Fri 26-May-23 08:50:50

Good Morning from another lovely sunny day in S Yorks.

had a day of rest yesterday so hope to make it to the gym for an easy sesh, as I haven't been there since Tuesdays op. Cabin fever.

Thinking of MissOops, , your DD Gingster, and hope all goes well, Shazza.

Bests for your days, whatever they bring.

Grannmarie Fri 26-May-23 08:51:39

Shazza, wishing your DDiL a safe and speedy delivery, thinking of you and all the family. 💕🙏

BlueSapphire Fri 26-May-23 08:56:55

Good morning everyone from yet another sunny 🌞 day in Northampton.. Love this weather!

My usual shopping trip this morning, coffee and a snack in M&S Food. Then home to sit in and read. I have at last got round to reading 'Hamnet', and really enjoying it.
I may stake my peonies though, as I notice they are getting quite tall and top heavy.

So sorry to hear about your poorly DDs, Oops, and Gingster. Hope they feel better soon.

Wishing all some sunshine 🌞 today.

Grandmabatty Fri 26-May-23 08:58:15

Shazza good luck to your dil. Fingers crossed for her and you, to avoid wearing out a hole in the carpet!

Stilllearning Fri 26-May-23 09:05:12

Good morning all, my whole post has just vanished and have no more time, hairdresser and then out but I’m remembering all needing support, especially poorly DDs.

luluaugust Fri 26-May-23 09:06:06

Good morning from a cloudy day in W Kent. Art group went well yesterday and we realised we have been meeting for around 15 years, no wonder we all talk rather than paint. We used to break in the Summer but stopped doing this after lockdown but I think we could all do with a bit of a break now.
Marydoll your story of people wandering past and admiring the baby reminded me of a long forgotten episode over 50 years ago when I had just had my eldest DD. I was standing outside the church in Rye clutching my tiny baby and waiting for my DH to come down from the church town. An elderly gentleman in one of those cream linen jackets worn by elderly gents then came past, stopped said "delightful, delightful" and wandered on, a different age then.
Thinking of Gingster's DD and MissOops
Best wishes to all

Taichinan Fri 26-May-23 09:09:59

Good morning everyone from another sunny start on the Angus coast. I could get used to this!
I'm so sorry about your daughter Oops. So worrying for you all. And your poor daughter too Gingster. Such a hard time.
Whitewave sympathy - it might only be a toe, but it's your toe and it's spoiling the end of your holiday.
Lovely photos on here today - particularly love the little fluffy goslings!
A lovely tai chi class again yesterday, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what to teach as they seem to have absorbed everything I know. All the instructors are getting together soon for a pooling of knowledge which will be interesting!
DD returns her hire car today (after the accident) and collects her new car tomorrow. Her insurance has paid up without question thank goodness - but of course she'll be paying them back with increased premiums from now on! She may pop over here on Sunday (🤞) to get the feel of the new car before putting it through its paces and travelling either to Nottingham or the Lakes to see New Man next weekend.
Today is just pottering and maybe into the town for a few bits and bobs. So long as the sun shines, I don't mind what I do!
May it shine on all of you too, and lighten the heavy load a few of you are carrying just now x

Mizuna Fri 26-May-23 09:18:38

Clear cobalt sky and sun here in Cornwall. Home from hospital last night. Two weeks away from my flat and I laughed as I walked in, such a funny place full of art and craft and STUFF! I hadn't realised ha ha. It was like walking into a hug. My patio fruit trees have abandoned all their fruit but my giant echium have flowered and a blackbird piped me home as I walked out into my flowery haven. And I'm alive. It was apparently a close shave. Thank you NHS.

Auntieflo Fri 26-May-23 09:20:55

Good morning Mick, Annie and all. Sun is shining and looks set for a lovely day.
I managed to get a Face to Face appointment with a Dr this morning. Yesterday, after a phone consultation, I was asked to make a F2F. When I rang the surgery, I was told I had to ring this morning? I thought that when you needed a F2F, that was necessary, you got an appointment. No, you have to be in a queue, again. Then you are asked why you need an appointment. Rant over.
Oops and Ginster, my thoughts are with you and your poorly daughters.
Shazza, here's hoping the new baby soon arrives safe and well.
Marydoll, it's back to the sofa for you, and any more foreign romance movies that can hold your attention. I am now like you and an hour in the garden is pushing it a bit. Still, this weather it is so lovely to be out there with the birds singing.
Hope that your toe is soon better WWM2
Have a good day one and all.

Taichinan Fri 26-May-23 09:21:12

That's an encouraging comment for you gingster from Ali.
'grammaretto* there was an oystercatcher in the field behind my house yesterday which set me to remembering what frequent visitors they used to be - I love their cries. Anyway, that was the first one I have seen for literally years.
Shazza I hope you receive the lovely news soon!

Auntieflo Fri 26-May-23 09:22:05

Mizuna, welcome back home indeed. Take care.

Blossoming Fri 26-May-23 09:33:23

Good morning all from cloudy Lancashire. I had a much better night, hope it continues. The new oven is being delivered and fitted this morning, will pop back later to read the thread.

Gingster Fri 26-May-23 10:20:36

Yes Taichinan.
Thankyou Ali. Perhaps this is the way she will have to go.
Good to get others thoughts.🙏

Grandmabatty Fri 26-May-23 10:23:48

Mizuna welcome home. It's good to hear from you

Taichinan Fri 26-May-23 10:25:29

Back again v. quickly to wish 'welcome home' to Mezuna - I love the happy vibes you out out, especially after such a hard time flowers

Mizuna Fri 26-May-23 10:46:17

Aw, thank you!

luluaugust Fri 26-May-23 10:47:22

Mizuna what lovely description of your home, love the hug bit.