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What are the rules for gender reveal?

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Cambsnan Mon 28-Aug-23 15:28:08

Grandsons girlfriend is have in a gender reveal party. I expect their will be a baby shower later but do you take gift to a reveal?

Uschi Wed 30-Aug-23 12:24:58

I do so agree with lyleLyle, silverlining48 and others that gender reveal parties and baby showers are attention-seeking nonsense imported from the USA and not to be encouraged. The important things are a healthy mother and baby not this peripheral rubbish.

StillNotGinger Wed 30-Aug-23 12:32:01

I don't understand how the parents know the baby's gender already. The child doesn't decide its gender till it's about two or three, according to Stonewall.

Pennylucky007 Wed 30-Aug-23 12:39:31

I asked my pregnant daughter where was the baby reveal party and she replied “In America - where it belongs”!

Nellietheelephant Wed 30-Aug-23 12:46:50

I read the headline and had a double take wondering which Gransnetter was going to was going to reveal all!

Washerwoman Wed 30-Aug-23 13:10:05

Our DD didn't want to know in advance what they were having with either of their children, And our other DD - birth imminent this month doesn't know either so no gender reveals for them.They think along with baby showers they are rather grabby and attention seeking too.I must admit DH and myself are glad ,and prefer the excitement of waiting to see what our next grandchild is.All we ever wish for is a healthy mum and baby of course.

Gillarms Wed 30-Aug-23 13:23:27

Don't go would be my advice nor to a Baby Shower. Just an excuse for more gifts. Wait until the baby is born, visit the new family at an appropriate time and give a suitable gift then, if you can afford one.

Nannashirlz Wed 30-Aug-23 13:24:00

My daughter inlaw had one just before lockdown and it was just a few nibbles so they could tell us what sex she was having so we could buy gifts at later date. Didn’t take any gifts no one did

00mam00 Wed 30-Aug-23 13:29:54

My thoughts too Nelliethe’. And wondered what the rules could be for ‘coming out’.

5553n Wed 30-Aug-23 13:36:48

If I were invited I would take a batch of home baked fairy cakes 6 iced in blue 6 iced in pink!

Twopence Wed 30-Aug-23 13:42:05

Took me a while to realise what a gender reveal was!!

nanna8 Wed 30-Aug-23 13:55:08

I didn’t want to know beforehand, much more exciting at the time of birth! A couple of my kids were the same and asked not to be told.

Flakesdayout Wed 30-Aug-23 14:01:39

My DS and DIL had a gender reveal do. I went but did not take a gift. I don't think anyone did. The baby shower followed and gifts were given then. And at the birth. And as it is my Son I bought the pram and other bits and pieces.
Never had all that in my day lol

sazz1 Wed 30-Aug-23 14:19:04

Only been to one baby shower and that was DDs. Been invited to a few others but didn't go. Nobody I know has had a gender reveal so far

Grammaretto Wed 30-Aug-23 14:44:27

When DDiL was expecting DGD#2 she announced that she'd had a 20week scan..
I asked if they knew the sex but said they could keep it secret.
Don't you want to know? I was asked. "everyone in the office knows!" grin

Romola Wed 30-Aug-23 15:06:36

I've never heard of this. From the title of the thread, I thought it would be about the etiquette of letting people know that a person is transgender.
How can a foetus have a gender? It can only be of one sex or another in almost all cases.

Nanniejude Wed 30-Aug-23 15:12:26

What a lot of moaning grans on here!
Enjoy the celebration of a new life and take a small neutral gift 😀

cc Wed 30-Aug-23 15:13:28


I find that gender reveals are nothing more than an attention grab. Personally, I haven’t waisted any time attending one despite several invites.

I agree, just a present grabbing excuse.

Peaches7 Wed 30-Aug-23 15:25:09

Never been to one,never had them in my day,the sex of the baby was revealed the day he/she was born,

Blinko Wed 30-Aug-23 15:48:34

When I first came across 'gender reveal' events, I thought they must be where someone decides to identify as another gender....hmm

ParlorGames Wed 30-Aug-23 15:51:14

Personally, I wouldn't take a gift - prefer to know the gender of the baby and buy accordingly.

Gwenisgreat Wed 30-Aug-23 16:01:04

What is the purpose of gender reveal - we are all supposed to be 'its' these days?

4allweknow Wed 30-Aug-23 16:08:39

If invited to one, I would definitely have a prior engagement.

GrammaH Wed 30-Aug-23 16:29:46

I'm definitely not a fan of these reveals, very American & usually quite grasping from what I've heard from family & friends. Fortunately DS & DIL didn't go down this route - they had to go through a late termination due to extreme deformities of the baby. It was a harrowing time for them & all concerned, I'm so glad they hadn't had a party beforehand.

fluttERBY123 Wed 30-Aug-23 16:31:31

I remember a time when nothing was ever bought for a baby before the birth in case something went wrong. Does anyone else remember that or is it just me disremembering?

Pinkarolina Wed 30-Aug-23 16:58:35

I had a baby shower ( in England) before my daughter was born. 35 years ago.. It was arranged by the girls at work and held just before I left for maternity leave. They are hardly a new thing over from America. My daughter and her friends have had gender reveal parties after their 20 week scans. I haven’t ever been invited to a gender reveal party but I think a present would be unnecessary.