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What are the rules for gender reveal?

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Cambsnan Mon 28-Aug-23 15:28:08

Grandsons girlfriend is have in a gender reveal party. I expect their will be a baby shower later but do you take gift to a reveal?

AGAA4 Tue 29-Aug-23 17:05:06

Daddima 😂

Its all a bit tacky though. Much better to wait and celebrate a healthy birth.

Mollygo Tue 29-Aug-23 17:30:12


So, we now have ‘gender reveal’, baby shower, then maybe christening or ‘naming ceremony’. How long before we’re invited to attend the birth, or, God forbid, the conception?

Don’t speak too soon!
For some couples a gender reveal is where they tell you what gender they’re going to use for their child, regardless of what sex it turns out to be.

maddyone Tue 29-Aug-23 17:38:27

I’ve never been to a gender reveal and I think it’s all rather tacky. Thankfully I’ve never been invited to one either. I’ve never been to a baby shower either except when we did one for a colleague who was going on maternity leave at the school where I worked. I did buy a small gift and then give another proper gift when the baby actually arrived.

Doodledog Tue 29-Aug-23 19:13:38

Surely it should be a sex reveal as the baby will choose its 'gender' later or have one 'assigned' by a midwife?

I haven't been to one, although a niece was talking about doing it. I said I wouldn't be bringing anything if I came, as I was making a cross stitch picture for the nursery that wouldn't be finished in time, and was costing a fortune by the time the kit and the frame were paid for. I have a lot of nieces and nephews, so am not getting into reveals, showers and so on. They all get a present for the baby when he or she arrives - the firstborn in each family gets a cross stitch picture (although I'm beginning to regret starting that tradition as my eyes aren't as good as they were!) and subsequent ones get clothes or toys with small gifts for any toddler siblings to fight off jealousy.

Hetty58 Tue 29-Aug-23 19:56:06

Thank Heavens my family and friends don't do these reveals and showers. Instead, we wait for the birth to find out - and celebrate - much nicer.

If I were invited to one, I'd take a small gift (as I never go empty handed) like some cotton baby hats or bibs, something plain but useful.

BlueBelle Tue 29-Aug-23 20:01:37

Never been to one never want to, thankfully none of my children had gender reveals or showers just ordinary pregnancies and births
Hate this tacky stuff trended over from US

Shelflife Tue 29-Aug-23 20:04:12

I have no time for gender reveal parties - self indulgent and attention grabbing. It's a baby for goodness sake , of course a new baby is cause for celebration but I feel parents should wait till their child is born before they start inviting people . Why on earth should their friends and neighbours be expected to revel in the gender of their unborn child !?

Callistemon21 Tue 29-Aug-23 20:16:44

It reminded me of that episode of Only Fools and Horses where Raquel has just given birth and Rodney asks excitedly "What is it Del?".
Del replies in wonderment "It's a little baby, Rodney!"

Smileless2012 Tue 29-Aug-23 20:29:57

Callistemon grin one of the most memorable episodes, had me laughing one minute and crying the next.

Tenko Tue 29-Aug-23 22:00:49

I don’t agree with either as my sister sadly had 2 stillborn babies at 7 months, yes thankfully it’s rare but does happen .
I went to my first baby shower recently as the mum to be is the dd of a very good friend. Mum to be commented that the reveal would be at the birth .

Callistemon21 Tue 29-Aug-23 22:17:22


Callistemon grin one of the most memorable episodes, had me laughing one minute and crying the next.

Yes, just brilliant.

Damien went on to unintentionally terrify Rodney 😁

NotSpaghetti Wed 30-Aug-23 05:20:27

Doodledog you are right... it should be a sex reveal.

I expect some people would be thinking like Daddima then! 😆

NotSpaghetti Wed 30-Aug-23 05:24:46

I have to admit that this is irrelevant to me though (so maybe I shouldn't really even be on this thread)!
I don't care if babies are boys or girls and I can't see why anyone would bother with an "event" like this.

I wouldn't have wanted one for my babies and now I wouldn't want to go!

Cabbie21 Wed 30-Aug-23 06:38:13

Tenko, you beat me to it. The time to celebrate ( and reveal ) is when the baby has arrived, and is safe and well. With all the sad stories recently of the deaths of so many young babies in hospitals or births that went wrong, I feel very uncomfortable about the idea of a baby shower and as for a gender reveal, I would run a mile.

PamelaJ1 Wed 30-Aug-23 06:43:47

Count me out.
I’m taking no notice of the baby list my relative has put on Amazon either. She has even asked for disposable nappies on that!
She has masses of stuff already and I have a gift for when the baby is born.

Joseann Wed 30-Aug-23 07:10:17

Daddima that's so funny! 😆
I agree with all the above. It's just another excuse to have a party, a bit like proms, hen and stag dos etc. I would just take flowers.

Joseann Wed 30-Aug-23 07:29:29

It must be exciting for you though Cambsnan to soon be a great grandma. Something to look forward to!

Grammaretto Wed 30-Aug-23 07:48:50

Presumably this reveal party is taking place at about 20 weeks gestation to give you time to knit in the appropriate colour.
It is really pretty ridiculous isn't it but any excuse for a party and why not take a pink and a blue cardi and whip out the correct colour to the utter amazement of the other guests?!

Witzend Wed 30-Aug-23 11:51:10

I’m unashamed to admit that I won’t ‘celebrate’ until the baby has arrived safely and both mother and baby are well.

This feeling was reinforced quite recently when a friend of a dd tragically had a baby stillborn - for a reason discovered only at the post-mortem - at only a very few weeks before the due date, when all had apparently been 100% fine beforehand.

Grantanow Wed 30-Aug-23 12:01:56


InTheCove Wed 30-Aug-23 12:09:56

No gift - it's just a fun party. Gift is given at the shower.

nanasam Wed 30-Aug-23 12:17:03

I went to a baby shower once and found it very tacky, the friend organising it had silly games and quizzes to play, which went down like a damp squib. People were deciding who'd bought the mot expensive present and I found it quite uncomfortable. Will be sorting out my sock drawer if I ever get another invite!

5553n Wed 30-Aug-23 12:19:20

If I was ever invited to something like this ,I would take a batch of home baked fairy cakes iced 1/2 blue 1/2 pink.

schnackie Wed 30-Aug-23 12:20:30

My friend's DD is pregnant and when the dad was asked which gender he hoped for, he replied "I don't care. As long as it stays the same." grin

Mollygo Wed 30-Aug-23 12:22:18

Schnackie 🤣🤣🤣