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Good Morning Sunday 10th September 2023

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Michael12 Sun 10-Sep-23 05:30:53

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark here in brackley this morning but remains dry after a hot day yesterday .
Plans later to get a Chinese Take away, but otherwise general chores .
My system seems to have improved allowing me to get more mobile , but will take each day as it comes .
Take Care,

Marydoll Sun 10-Sep-23 08:18:44

Good morning all, thank you for caring about me. The PMs were much appreciated. 💕
I've been quite unwell again, particularly during Friday night. The congestion around my heart and lungs has been particularly bad. I'm hoping it's the heat. I don't feel as breathless today. 🙏
I used have good and bad days, but recently there has been little respite. This mountain I'm climbing seems to be becoming more inaccessible and I'm not very happy about it!!

DH, having to remove a tick from my wrist yesterday, added to the drama. (How can you get a tick lying in bed???) My family are now panicking, worrying I will contract Lime disease, because I'm immunocompromised! I'm fine!!
Between Friday evening and yesterday morning, they all appeared, including my beloved Dollie and Rosie, They must have been concerned! My heart was bursting with joy that my three best girls (including) DD were there! 😍 I suspect the jungle telegraph had been going strong!

A morning in bed today and an afternoon conservatory rest should help. I have discovered You Tube walking tours in Rome and am reliving my trips. However, I think I could have done better! The have omitted the fabulous Porto Portese market, my early Sunday morning highlight! 😉

I haven't been able to keep up with all your news, apart from Ash's news, which was too close to home and upset me greatly. God help that poor family.

My friend, whose wife has the failing transplant, received a new grandson into the world yesterday, at 25 weeks old. I wept tears of joy, because the mum has been unwell and in hospital for most of the pregnancy. They got them to a specialist unit in Edinburgh just in time, there were no beds anywhere else, apart from Newcastle! Please keep them in your prayers.

You will be saying, She can't be that ill, she still managed a novella!

Have a good day, everyone.

Urmstongran Sun 10-Sep-23 08:18:46

Good morning everybody from south Manchester. We have a warm and sunny start to the day.

Here’s Matt. x

Mizuna Sun 10-Sep-23 08:22:09

Lovely display ginny.

Mizuna Sun 10-Sep-23 08:23:21

And great to see you Marydoll.

Susan56 Sun 10-Sep-23 08:23:35

Good morning from Shropshire.A much cooler day today with a temperature of 22 forecast, very welcome after yesterdays 29🥵

We had a lovely day in town yesterday.There was a pleasant breeze and lots of activities for the children to enjoy.Barbecue at DD’s then a relaxing evening.

Hoping for a relaxing day today.Like Jax we will be distributing our surplus crops to the neighbours today.

Hoping all is well with Marydoll 🙏🏻thinking also of other missing good morningers💐

Have the best day you can everyone🌺🦩

NannyJan53 Sun 10-Sep-23 08:23:41

Good morning from a still humid Black Country.

Coach trip with u3a to Lydney Harbour and Tewkesbury yesterday. We were meant to go to Gloucester, but apparently there was a cycle ride ending there and Gay Pride was on, so would have been impossible for the coach to park. My friend came with me as a guest, so a lovely day out.

No plans today, just a general tidy up and carry on reading my book, by Victoria Hislop 'Those Who Are Loved', a very interesting story based on how Greece fared in WW2.

Hoping Marydoll is ok and thoughts too with Urms

NannyJan53 Sun 10-Sep-23 08:24:38

Crossed posts, glad to see you are back with us Marydoll

NannyJan53 Sun 10-Sep-23 08:28:24

Alygran flowers

Gingster Sun 10-Sep-23 08:29:11

Good morning all 🥵. I’m envious of those who have rain forecast.
Yesterdays day trip to Buckingham Palace was lovely despite the heat. The palace and surrounding area was looking absolutely beautiful, clean, glittering in gold and I felt very proud to be British . (Can’t often say that). Fairly cool inside and the garden tour was shady, so not too bad all considered. We sat in the cafe and chatted to a couple of American tourists who were over the moon to be here. They Have been watching ‘The Crown’ on Netflix and wanted to see all things Royal. We put them straight on a few confusing issues.🤣.

The coach was air conditioned and a pleasure to be in on the journey home - no problems on the roads.

Dh has just gone to his fishing club to help clear the pond and surrounding trees and bushes. So I’ll take it easy for a couple of hours and then cook the chicken for lunch.

This afternoon I’m going swimming with ds1 and family. Looking forward to that.

Hope we hear from Marydoll today.🙏.

Enjoy your Sunday and keep (your) cool.🌻

Gingster Sun 10-Sep-23 08:31:13

Oh there you are Marydoll 👋

Sago Sun 10-Sep-23 08:33:35

Good morning all.

MaryDoll please call your GP and get antibiotics, I had a tic bite and felt unwell, a bullseye appeared which is not a good sign!
A GP prescribed an antibiotic immediately.
I recently met someone whose son got a bite abroad, ignored it and now has Lymes disease!

Had my first lay in for weeks, in bed drinking tea with the grandchildren still fast asleep, we had a fab wedding yesterday although the heat was a bit much!
We were rewarded with a magnificent storm.

Happy Sunday all.

Grandmabatty Sun 10-Sep-23 08:35:20

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 16° and cloudy. I have had an awful night's sleep and have woken up with a headache. Alygran 💐. Marydoll good to see you posting.
Yesterday I had a very busy day and achieved much. Today I intend to do little. I'll take my brother his birthday present and then take my son in law his birthday present. The rest of the time, I'll potter about. I dropped a heavy metal table on my foot and it's painful so I won't be walking much. Salmon salad for dinner and I'll roast a chicken for tomorrow. It's easier to cook it today rather than when I have the boys. Have a good day all

Romola Sun 10-Sep-23 08:39:28

My first Good Morning post, just wanted to thank you all for the company and to wish Marydoll, Urmstongran and all of you good day.
Went to a fundraising garden party yesterday - lovely but very hot. Nothing planned for today apart from a trip to the garden centre to buy some 💡 no nothing those!

grandMattie Sun 10-Sep-23 08:49:40

So glad you’re back, Marydoll. Sorry you’ve been feeling so rotten.
I agree with Sago re. antibiotic. In your circs, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

multicolourswapshop Sun 10-Sep-23 08:54:47

Morning all it looks like it’s to be raining here today on the east coast of Fife but I don’t care I’m off to Blackpool tomorrow for five days it’s going to be great fun I’m staying at the Bond hotel so if any of you gransnetters are nearby why don’t you drop in.

Have a good day my friends

Jaxjacky Sun 10-Sep-23 08:57:04

Welcome Romola I need to get some bulbs too.

GrannySomerset Sun 10-Sep-23 08:58:28

Like almost everyone else I am desperate for this hot and humid weather to break as I have no energy and no urge to do anything useful. I did however enjoy the Last Night despite my reservations about the words of certain patriotic songs and am full of admiration for Marin Alsop.

Might make evensong later but nothing else appeals. Sorry that Marydoll feels so rough and agree about the antibiotics. Keep cool, everyone, because we know that the rain will find us soon!

brook2704 Sun 10-Sep-23 09:01:23

Alygran thinking of you today 💐

Marydoll Sun 10-Sep-23 09:02:17

Sago, thanks for the advice. I'm on permanent antibiotics for life and also keep pack of a different one for emergencies.

I wanted to say hello to Alygran. 💐. She was always so supportive of me.

Grandmachrisy47 Sun 10-Sep-23 09:10:42

Morning all from a thankfully cooler Co Durham.
Glad to see you Marydoll. Welcome, Romolo 💐 Alygran.

Kalu Sun 10-Sep-23 09:23:23

Good morning all from Glasgow. No sunshine but it’s warm and dry.

Good to see you back Marydoll

Aylgran warm wishes to get you through such a poignant day💐

Have the best day you can everyone.

Urmstongran Sun 10-Sep-23 09:27:50

Alygran 💐 are for you on this sad anniversary. Hold tight to all your happy memories. He’d want you to do that. x

Taichinan Sun 10-Sep-23 09:31:33

Good morning Mick and all from a sunny Angus coast, where it feels slightly cooler today - a max of 20° and rain forecast for this evening. Better get some more of those plums in - never known so many - and start cooking!
Alygran flowers. A hard time, and still raw. Good luck to your DD on her run.
Whitewave a very sobering conversation with your son, and it does leave one feeling hopeless - and helpless. Our local town is at sea level and the dunes which protect it are disappearing rapidly. But what can anyone do now?
Anyway, not the subject for a beautiful September morning. All we have is now, so let's enjoy it.
Sending loving thoughts to all poorlies, including the silent Marydoll, and may you all find some happiness today - and a little bit of thunder to clear the air x

Grandmadinosaur Sun 10-Sep-23 09:40:37

Good morning from the sunny East Yorkshire countryside.

It’s a bit fresher this morning. The air is cleared after a terrific thunderstorm here last night about 8pm. We had been to Bridlington late afternoon for fish and chips. Big mistake it was still heaving. Anyway we arrived back about 7.30 and DH was sat outside reading and saw flashes of lightening over to the East. It lasted for quite a while and we had to come in and close all the doors. It moved over to the coast and soon after I saw dramatic mpictures of it were on a fb page.

No plans today no visitors an easy day and easy meals.

Glad you enjoyed BP Gingster I’m going next week. Been before but it’s still an amazing sight to see.

All the best to your daughter for the great north run Alygran a poignant day for it💐

Taichinan Sun 10-Sep-23 09:41:00

Crossed posts - glad to see you back Marydoll, and welcome to Mick's lovely thread Romolo.