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Good Morning Sunday 10th September 2023

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Michael12 Sun 10-Sep-23 05:30:53

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark here in brackley this morning but remains dry after a hot day yesterday .
Plans later to get a Chinese Take away, but otherwise general chores .
My system seems to have improved allowing me to get more mobile , but will take each day as it comes .
Take Care,

hulahoop Sun 10-Sep-23 10:02:46

We had a storm last night plenty of lightening so cooler this morning . Good to see you back posting Marydoll welcome Romolo .Sending ((hugs)) to Alygran. A takeaway for us today.

Bella23 Sun 10-Sep-23 10:23:14

Good morning from sunny Eden. Yesterday's face time with GD was lovely she really was enjoying her birthday and the present we got her.
Neighbour from next door came around and we sat in the sun porch.
A quiet night after a supper of this years grouse. DH engrossed in the Rugby
Good luck to all those with relatives in the Great North run.
Watch the tick bite, DH had a terrible reaction when parts of one were not fully extracted he was bothered for months.
A happy relaxing day to all.

Blossoming Sun 10-Sep-23 10:29:29

Good morning Mick and all from cloudy Lancashire where it is currently 22°C and feeling hotter. Rain and lightning forecast.

Yesterday was hot and sunny all day so was able to get all the laundry done and line dried. No real plans for today, a quiet day indoors for us,

Glad you enjoyed the party Foxygloves, I wouldn’t fancy those motorways especially in this heat.

Kudos to your DD and friend Greyduster, a tough challenge in any weather. I hope the event has plenty of water stations and support along the way.

I will look up those walking tours of Rome Marydoll, I loved meandering around despite my mobility problems and climbing all those steps. I would not manage it now!

You may need to get your foot x-rayed if it doesn’t get any better Grandmabatty.

Welcome to the thread Romola

Thinking of all going through sad times today flowers

Have a good day all whatever you’re doing 🌹

monk08 Sun 10-Sep-23 10:55:29

Alygran 💐 thinking of you.
Welcome Romolo 👋 where do you hail from?

Jacs7 Sun 10-Sep-23 11:12:39

Morning everyone from somewhere on the M4 as we travel back from my sister’s in Herefordshire home to north Kent.

Thank you for the birthday wishes on Friday. I had a lovely day with a visit to a beautiful garden and lunch out. DH cooked a delicious dinner so felt very lucky.

Yesterday we travelled from North Wales to Herefordshire and spent the day with my DS and BiL. My nephew and niece came over to see us which was lovely as we hadn’t seen them for sometime. It was great to catch up with them all.

Hope you all have a good day or what’s left of it as I am late posting

hollysteers Sun 10-Sep-23 11:17:05

Good morning Mick and all from a dull northwest coast.
A nice party yesterday a bit further down the coast with DS, GF and friends in their cottage which is literally in the sand dunes and only accessible along a long bumpy trail. I’m not a dog person, never had one, but their ancient husky cross breed took a big liking to me and I rather fell in love with him.

Today I had a text message for appointment at nearby hospital but not sure what for? It’s the day after I arrive home from Salzburg (tired I’m sure) and can’t contact them until tomorrow. I leave for Salzburg on Tuesday so today will sort the house out and get some outfits together. I love trips, but hate the palaver.

Air show here today, I usually go into ‘my’ sand dune at the bottom of the road to watch, but instead will get on with things here. The racket will be ear splitting.

Welcome Romolo, I hope things continue to settle down Mick and thoughts to all with worries 🌹

Scapa1 Sun 10-Sep-23 11:40:57

Take care Marydoll lots of people care about you.

cornergran Sun 10-Sep-23 11:57:19

Good to see you marydoll but, please don’t overdo things.

Welcome romolo. You’ll soon settle in.

Alygran, be good to yourself today flowers.

🤞 for all running today.

We’re waiting to hear how our ex daughter in law got on yesterday, a 26 mile charity walk in the Wye Valley. Not the easiest terrain. Hope she didn’t melt.

Auntieflo Sun 10-Sep-23 14:05:21

Good afternoon Mick, Annie and all.
Marydoll, there you are! Great to see you posting, and even a Novella can be written in chapters, with a little break in between. 🤗. Make sure you keep an eye on that tick bite. How very dare he.
Anyway, I'm late again. Church this morning, and I daren't start on my iPad early, as then we would be very late and no parking spaces to be had.
Coffee in Waitrose was lovely with air con, so when we got outside, it was so humid again.
We have been hunkered down inside the house for several days, only doing the bare minimum, but I did get to defrost both freezers yesterday. 1 is now completely empty, awaiting a shop soon to re- fill it.
The car is going for a service and MOT tomorrow, so I have emptied all the seemingly necessary its and bobs that accumulate, and will try and discard most if them.
Cornergran, nice to see that Mr C is making progress, even if slowly. Well done, and good luck with the roast.
Foxy, do you find your Dyson is good? I think ours, upstairs, is not nearly as efficient as the Netta tower fan downstairs.
Best of luck to Greyduster's DD and also Cornergran's ex DIL, in their running today.
To Urms, Kalu and Alygran flowers
Welcome to Romolo.
Have a good day one and all.