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Good Morning Sunday 10th September 2023

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Michael12 Sun 10-Sep-23 05:30:53

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark here in brackley this morning but remains dry after a hot day yesterday .
Plans later to get a Chinese Take away, but otherwise general chores .
My system seems to have improved allowing me to get more mobile , but will take each day as it comes .
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 10-Sep-23 05:50:39

Good morning from Bristol. Still dark dry.
We have an outdoor service at church this morning. I’m rather dreading it because if it’s fine, it’ll be very hot in the sun, if it starts to rain as forecast…
It’s still very hot and sticky. Because I was born and brought up in the tropics, I’m always told I should be fine in this weather. The truth is that I always hated it, always suffered, turned puce with any exercise, etc. I loathe this humid heat.
I hope Maydoll makes an appearance today, and that it was a blip. Love to the Urms, and others in similar situations.
Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

grandMattie Sun 10-Sep-23 05:55:09

It’s just started to drizzle. Will be interesting where we hold the church service!

RosesandLilac Sun 10-Sep-23 06:13:13

Good morning! We’ve had some rain thankfully, hoping that’s the end of the heat 🤞🏻 I really can’t tolerate those temperatures nowadays.
Yesterday DH walked the dog early, I tidied around and then I spent the rest of the day doing very little other than crocheting,
I did have a lovely long chat with DS, they may come away with us to Wales at half term or they can stay at our house while we’re away.
Today nothing in particular planned, I will see how the weather goes, hopefully cooler and more rain although it’s still going to be 27° ☹️
Take care everyone 🌹

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 10-Sep-23 07:00:32

Morning all from a humid West Oxfordshire.
Gosh it was so warm and clammy yesterday. Apart from a wander round the garden I didn’t go anywhere. I rang younger son for a chat and he was in Berlin. He was on holiday for a few days with friends. Church this morning, where it will be cool. Something light for dinner but I’m not sure what. OH cooked chicken curry last night which was perfect. I do hope Marydoll makes an appearance. I miss the stories of her day. Others too such as Urms, who I hope is having a good day. Try not to melt in the heat!

Mizuna Sun 10-Sep-23 07:14:26

Good morning from Cornwall where it's hot and wet. A huge thunderstorm in the night has done nothing at all to disperse the heat!

Today my son, grandson aged 13 and I are going to my allotment to tackle the fallen tree. I'll make us hot dogs on my gas ring in the shed.

An email last night saying that the remaining five Creation paintings are being collected today and will be on the church walls next week. It's been a long wait but at last I'll have some proper space in my workroom. My neighbour is making me a roast dinner this evening in exchange for today's shower. Yum.

brook2704 Sun 10-Sep-23 07:19:54

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cloudy and we’ve got some light drizzle. It’s forecast to be cooler today at only about 20º so I think that’s the end of the good weather up here.
I’ve nothing much planned for today, hopefully a nice quiet day but we may see the DGC later. DH is working this morning so I’ll have a lazy couple of hours and then look busy
Hoping all is ok with marydoll and we hear from her today
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Ashcombe Sun 10-Sep-23 07:23:47

Good morning from another warm one in La Sarthe with no sign of rain, sadly.

We were drinking TIB at 5.00am then went back to sleep for two hours. Now we’re awake we’ve been joined by the cats, which is becoming their routine, once they’ve had breakfast. Both go out happily at night in this weather.

No plans for today other than keeping cool.😎

Hope to hear from absent friends like Marydoll and it’s good to see Urmstongran when she feels up to posting. A blessed Sunday to all. 🦩🥰✝️💐🦩

cornergran Sun 10-Sep-23 07:25:14

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset looks quite bright if hazy.

Not a drop of rain here or in the forecast which changed overnight from storms to dry and sunny. I’m quite disappointed. We’ve some suffering shrubs.

Daft as it may sound we enjoyed yesterdaystrip to a quiet, air conditioned supermarket, Mr C came and counted it as his daily walk. Sounds odd for sure but the freshness was wonderful

Little on our agenda today, all very quiet here although we may get a visit from our elder son and his daughters, depends how the covid tests go. Mr C has requested a roast meal. I nearly refused but then anything he’ll eat is a bonus as he’s very thin now, a roast it will be. Oh heck.

I too am hoping to see marydoll, been thinking of her and all people with personal mountains to climb.

Hope Sunday is kind to us all.

cornergran Sun 10-Sep-23 07:26:54

Yesterdays trip - no one stripped 😂

BlueSapphire Sun 10-Sep-23 07:30:32

Good morning everyone from a brightening Northampton; looks as though we have another sunny day in store.
Had a nice little trip to the shops yesterday; met a couple of ex-school colleagues and had a bit of a chat.
Too hot to sit out even in the shade yesterday, so spent the afternoon reading the papers and watching world cup rugby. Recorded the England match as I wanted to watch Last Night of the Proms - and have the recording playing now. (I do know the result!)
Will be more of the same today I think.
Lamb chops for dinner tonight.

Hope Marydoll is ok.
Have a pleasant Sunday everyone.

Foxygloves Sun 10-Sep-23 07:34:24

Good morning all from me and my Dyson fan without which last night would have been unbearable.
Yesterdays family birthday bash was wonderful! The children -6 of them ranging down from 13 -2) kept cool by getting very wet in the garden .
The journey down was appalling - just bumper to bumper on all 3 motorways (1,25,11) but I was in no rush and just enjoyed various Radio 4 programmes then a bit of Classic FM because Any Questions is bad for my blood pressure!
Coming home in the evening was actually a doddle once I got on to the M11 and certainly better than driving directly into low sun which I had done last week coming home from Norfolk. Back to the second half of the rugby- pretty dire, but a good result, interspersed with Last Night at the Proms.
Funny to think I was there just last week.
So feet up today, and very much hoping it cools down, the Foxyhound was hyperventilating in the heat last night until she found the direct “line” from the fan.
With kind thoughts, I hope today finds you well and brings you peace

Greyduster Sun 10-Sep-23 07:36:14

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a sunny, warm South Yorkshire. DD and the menfolk came over for a BBQ yesterday afternoon. It was lovely to eat outside but the wasps got on my nerves. They cut my back lawn while they were here which I was grateful for. I had a very early night, but was woken in the dark by two cats having a stand off under my bedroom window. What a racket! I have no plans for today - I certainly don’t intend to get into the car unless it cools down considerably. DD is running the Dig Deep trail race this morning with her running friend. It isn’t called dig deep for nothing! I think they’re both mad in this heat but when they sign up for these things they have no idea what the weather is going to be like. Thunderstorms expected later.
Have the best day you can folks.

luluaugust Sun 10-Sep-23 07:37:03

Good morning from a very warm N Norfolk. Went to view a flower festival at a local church yesterday. The flowers were beautiful and the church cool.
We have a lunch booked for today but goodness knows how we will eat it.
I also hope we hear from Marydoll
Best wishes to all

Pittcity Sun 10-Sep-23 07:39:47

Good morning from a sunny Colchester. It's been cool early morning and late evening but unbearable in-between. Today is forecast to reach 29° with no sign of rain.
Laundry from DH fishing trip and roast lamb dinner is all we have planned today.
Love to all 🦩 x

Whitewavemark2 Sun 10-Sep-23 07:42:21

Good morning from a milky sun South Downs. Forecast another hot 27c day.

We’ve slept all night!! I starved the poor dog and then I gave him a tiny bowl of tuna in spring water and cooked rice. He’ll have a larger bowl today and hopefully that has done the trick. So no more tramping the night streets. I am too nervous to go into the dark fields etc.

Not a lot planned whilst it is still so hot. DS phoned yesterday and depressed me with the climate forecast (he is an environmental scientist and works on all things water related) apparently the sea is rising much quicker than forecast. I say yes and no, but really feel a bit hopeless about it.

Well must drink my tea and off for our quite late for us morning walk.

I echo peoples concern about marydoll

Peace and harmony to all.

Georgesgran Sun 10-Sep-23 07:49:08

Good morning from Newcastle, where it’s very overcast and misty. Not sure if or when it’ll burn off.
Enjoyed a meal in a very noisy Italian restaurant last night - the Town (Toon) was buzzing.
Going for coffee and cake with both DDs and little ones this morning, then I’ll drive home. After his nap, DGS2 and his Mummy are coming over to play in my garden. That’s about
it for the day.
Hope our absent posters are ok.
Best wishes to all. X

harrigran Sun 10-Sep-23 07:53:06

Good morning from a dry, sunny NE where it is 17 degrees.
Yesterday was so hot that it really left us feeling drained. SIL collected me and drove to a restaurant in County Durham so we could meet up with the rest of the family. The air con in the car was not working so we had to do the old fashioned thing and have the windows open.
While we were out we found out that GD's friend who she sits next to at school had covid, they only went back on Thursday.
I had only water and melon during the evening and watched the last night of the proms.
SIL will return this afternoon and we will have dinner together, not sure what we will have yet.
Thoughts are with poorly people and their carers.

karmalady Sun 10-Sep-23 07:56:54

Good morning from s somerset, still hot and humid here but relief weather is in sight

Horribly hot bedroom last night, 27.9, I expected to be wakeful all night and I was, in spite of dyson. Then Alexa turned lbc on very loud, without my say so and that was that.

Sewing keeps me going right now, slow sewing and I will do a bit more later

I went into my en suite with my specs on yesterday and oh my, I could see what I could not see the day before. I spent some time in there, deep cleaning shelves etc and removing items for good. That helped the feng shui and was very satisfting

Still plodding today, while looking forward to cool and breathable air tomorrow

Have a good day

monk08 Sun 10-Sep-23 08:05:07

Good morning all from the Black country no change in the weather still hot and sticky.
No plans as yet for today, roast gammon for later and will find a cool spot to finish reading my book.
Good you slept all night Whitewave and your dog is on the mend.
Lovely looking cats Ash they look so contented.
Thoughts with Marydoll
Enjoy your Sunday everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

ginny Sun 10-Sep-23 08:09:11

Good morning from N. Bucks. Hopefully another sunny day to enjoy.
Popped over yesterday afternoon to help out at the craft exhibition. Our groups display looked lovely in the church.
Nothing planned today so will see what turns up.
Enjoy all your visits and kind thought to all with troubles or illness.

Alygran Sun 10-Sep-23 08:11:15

Good morning from Newcastle. I can see the sunshine between the buildings from our hotel room. DD2 is running the Great North Run for Macmillan. It’s 6 years today since DH died so it’s a bitter sweet day.
I often read but hardly post. Wishing everyone a good day.

Jaxjacky Sun 10-Sep-23 08:13:50

Morning from high cloud in S Hants, 20 already, no sign of rain.
We too did very little yesterday, rugby then caught Land of Hope and Glory at the Proms.
Today will be similar, meat draw in the pub later, we’ll be taking a load of veg to give away, it’s been my most prolific season.
Have a pleasant day if you can. 🦩🦩

kittylester Sun 10-Sep-23 08:15:49

Good morning from a sticky North Leicestershire.

We are going to Derby for lunch. DGD1 is cooking a curry for us. At 14, she is a good cook but I don't envy her standing over the stove today.

Have the best day possibly everyone.

Liberty Sun 10-Sep-23 08:16:00

Good morning everyone from a sunny but quite fresh Suffolk. Yesterday evening was quite cool as the sun went down but no rain yet and none forecast here until at least the middle of the week…. And that might well change.

We watched “ Last night of the Proms” and remembered how we used to watch the second half every year with the children after going out for dinner on what was the weekend before the new school year started. As DD2 pointed out, it will be 30 years next year since she started at the senior school.

A quiet day today although DS is coming to do a few jobs around and about the house for us. I imagine that DGS3 will be coming to ‘ help’.

Hope those unwell or caring for others have a positive day and those missing from regular posting will appear soon.