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Message left in library book

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eddiecat78 Mon 11-Sep-23 06:48:24

Whilst reading a library book late last night I found a hand written note which says
"Dear you
I hope you know you are capable, and brave, and significant, even when you feel like you are not
With love
A friend."
Whilst appreciating it was probably well intentioned I actually found it rather creepy - especially seeing it signed"with love from a friend".
My dilemma is what to do with it.
Leave it in the book for the next borrower or get rid of it?

Joseann Mon 11-Sep-23 06:52:18

Weird and intrusive.. Tell the library when you return the book. They might be able to check who the last borrower was and tell them off.

Calendargirl Mon 11-Sep-23 06:53:15

Probably an old note being used as a bookmark.

Throw it away.

Grannynannywanny Mon 11-Sep-23 06:53:17

Is it possible the previous reader was using it as a book mark and inadvertently left it in the book? I’d just bin it .

nanna8 Mon 11-Sep-23 06:54:13

Maybe it was intended for a friend of theirs and they lost it ? Using it as a bookmark maybe ? I’d just chuck it out, don’t worry about it.

Grannynannywanny Mon 11-Sep-23 06:54:29

Crossed posts Calendargirl 😃

Grandmabatty Mon 11-Sep-23 06:55:06

Maybe someone had received it and used it as a bookmark then forgot about it? I would put it in the bin. Library books are borrowed from the library to read, not to be a recipient of notes, well intentioned, accidental or otherwise. The library staff won't care. I'm sure they have encountered stranger things in books!

eddiecat78 Mon 11-Sep-23 07:01:21

It's on a small slip of paper, written in quite thick felt pen and was tucked well inside the book. It feels like it was intentionally left

Joseann Mon 11-Sep-23 07:01:57

But if it were from a friend, wouldn't it start with My dear friend? Rather than Dear Friend? Or Dear Susan? And similarly, it would be signed, Your friend? It's the anonymity of it that's strange, but then I don't like mystery.

Allsorts Mon 11-Sep-23 07:10:02

I wouldn't read anything into it, ha, no I would just bin it. Librarians wouldn't track anyone down it would be intrusive.

Calendargirl Mon 11-Sep-23 07:11:06

Or perhaps the author of the note just writes various messages and leaves them in random library books?

Their way of spreading life-affirming wisdom?

Either way, just throw it away. Obviously not meant for the OP in particular, how would ‘they’ know she was going to borrow ‘that’ book?

lemsip Mon 11-Sep-23 07:12:36

'My dilemma is what to do with it. ' What?

throw it away for goodness sake!

everything isn't a mystery!

Joseann Mon 11-Sep-23 07:15:04

If it were a £10 note it might be different. 🤣

Nicenanny3 Mon 11-Sep-23 07:17:09

I'd leave it in the book what harm is it doing and it might make another reader of the book happy especially if it was a self help book. What book were you reading?

BlueBelle Mon 11-Sep-23 07:20:26

I think it’s just an affirmation, a little note of encouragement in life, in the same way that people leave little tokens of friendship dotted around to find and painted pebbles and books.
Why on earth would it freak anyone it’s meant to be a little kind gesture not a personal threat !!!
Most people are thrilled when they find them 😊

MerylStreep Mon 11-Sep-23 07:21:54

I think it’s lovely. Why read something sinister in it?
A stranger is only a friend you’ve met.
It’s no different to posts like this put up on FB.

BlueBelle Mon 11-Sep-23 07:21:59

Sorry missed the last bit yes please leave it in the book for someone else to hopefully enjoy

Coronation Mon 11-Sep-23 07:26:36

I liked the message too and think the intentions are good.

eddiecat78 Mon 11-Sep-23 07:27:26

It was in a fairly light weight novel which was ordered in from somewhere else in the county. I'm fully aware it wasn't intended specifically for me

Mizuna Mon 11-Sep-23 07:30:52

I don't think it's meant to be creepy. It sounds like someone trying to spread a little hope and encouragement. People leave messages around our town, sometimes handsewn, always well-meant. Sometimes it's a book with a note on the cover. Someone left an obviously much-loved Bible on a bench with a lovely encouraging note on the cover.

eddiecat78 Mon 11-Sep-23 07:31:16

Your responses so far have confirmed my concern that different people would react very differently - which is what makes me hesitate to pass it on

Nicenanny3 Mon 11-Sep-23 07:35:13


It was in a fairly light weight novel which was ordered in from somewhere else in the county. I'm fully aware it wasn't intended specifically for me

Well it certainly gave you something to think about eddiecat why don't you put a little message in, you could start a new craze leaving random uplifting message in books. Random acts of kindness.

Gingster Mon 11-Sep-23 07:36:17

It’s just someone passing on a positive message. I like it.
Leave it there for the next reader.
Not creepy at all

ParlorGames Mon 11-Sep-23 07:39:31

I don't think it is creepy at all. I rather think it was a genuinely thoughtful message from someone who may have had a difficult time in the past, who has come through it and wanted to pass on their supportive, kind comment. Like Nicenanny3 says "Random act of kindness".

DanniRae Mon 11-Sep-23 07:43:57


It’s just someone passing on a positive message. I like it.
Leave it there for the next reader.
Not creepy at all

I agree with Gingster and all the other posters who said the same! smile