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Good Morning Tuesday 12th September 2023

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Michael12 Tue 12-Sep-23 05:32:20

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but dry start here in brackley this morning .
Yesterday I did catch the bus to Bicester and will do a similar journey today .
Returning to lunch and then the final week of the Vuelta starting today as well .
Take Care,

Mizuna Tue 12-Sep-23 05:48:42

Good early morning from Cornwall where there's a little rain, which won't last sadly.

No idea yet what I'll do today, maybe some sewing or tackling my neighbour's overgrown patio while she's away, as it's green recycling collection this week so I should fill my bag. She can grow prize-winning brambles!

This evening my book club are meeting at a pub in a village nearby. I may join them if my knee is in agreement by that time of day. We'll be discussing whatever book we're reading individually and collecting the next group one. We're a nice mix of ages, including some University students.

RosesandLilac Tue 12-Sep-23 05:51:37

Good morning Mick and following GNers, it was dry out when I last looked an hour or so ago, haven’t checked since.
Yesterday was a Notalot day, apart from dog walks and usual chores nothing of note happened 😊
I have a pedicure booked for later today, so I will enjoy being pampered for an hour.
Hope today goes well for you all 🌹

grandMattie Tue 12-Sep-23 05:52:55

Good morning from a still dark Bristol.
The toddler group went well, but, goodness, the noise. There were about 26 mothers, then their assorted offspring. I now realise why I was asked to help. They want someone to think up crafts of various sorts, nothing too messy. Not sure my imagination can stretch that far, and weekly!
I was very tired after that, but did a bit of preparation for the assembly of my quilts. I shall arrange the squares to my satisfaction this afternoon, after my tai-chi class.
Good vibes to all who need them. Carpe diem🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

LauraNorderr Tue 12-Sep-23 06:36:45

Very good morning Mick and all from dark but dry Anglesey, certainly cooler this morning.
Goodness knows why I’ve woken at this ungodly hour but here I am.
Gosh gMattie you are busy and very much in demand, I do hope bathroom problems are soon resolved and your cosy new abode begins to feel like home.
I must say I’ve enjoyed lots of wonderful gn holidays, Sago’s jaunt through Spain and BlueSapphire’s magnificent cruise to name but two.
We are in the throes of trying to sell our house, keeping it tidy and sweet smelling (neither bread making nor brewing fresh coffee).
Lunch out today at the Seacroft in Trearddur Bay, just the two of us, a little treat for no particular reason.
Wishing everyone as good a day as possible

Ashcombe Tue 12-Sep-23 06:37:03

Good morning from a dull corner of La Sarthe, following rain yesterday morning, which was welcome.

You are a good neighbour, Mizuna! Those toddlers sound like hard work, grandMattie! I expect you’ll come up with some ideas and there are ideas online. Here’s just one example:-

Today, DH is going back to Le Mans to have his stitches removed. We had thought of both going and having a day out in the city but the changeable weather has deterred us. Instead, I’ll stay here and play the domestic goddess (not!).

Yesterday, our gardener managed some outdoor tasks between the showers and I'm sure her goats and donkeys were grateful for the brambles she took back for them. She has an eco friendly smallholding from which we often benefit. Yesterday she brought spinach, courgettes and two huge turkey eggs!

I hope today is kind to everyone. 🦩🥰🌧💐🦩

Grandmabatty Tue 12-Sep-23 06:37:53

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 8° and dry. Big change in the temperature yesterday continuing today. GrandMattie I take my hat off to you. One toddler and a pre schooler is enough for me.
Yesterday we had a lovely day. I took the boys to the Falkirk Wheel and dgs1 spent some time in the play park and then splashing in a children's pool. He then spoke to some tourists from Holland who were travelling by motorbike. The Wheel had many tourists at it yesterday. Dgs2 was a bit fed up stuck in his buggy so we headed back to play in the garden. I was very tired by night time and didn't visit mum.
Today I'm really still tired. I have tidying up to do from yesterday after I drop dgs1 off at nursery. I might take dgs2 to the park. Have a good day all

grandMattie Tue 12-Sep-23 06:42:06

Thanks, Ash , I shall look into it.
Where are you off to, LauraN? Staying in Anglesey? Selling houses is horrid, isn’t it?

karmalady Tue 12-Sep-23 06:47:33

Good morning from a flat sky s somerset. Nice temperature and no sun

Lovely day of doing, yesterday. Plenty of mental challenge with complicated sewing. Silence all day but radio was always handy. Silence was good because I needed to think, to avoid another sewing mistake. Up and down stairs, much on my feet and moving around. Made a lovely soup and carried on picking from the garden

I definitely must get out for a brisk walk today, the weather is better for that

Have a good day

Greyduster Tue 12-Sep-23 06:55:57

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a wet grey misty South Yorkshire where rain is set in for the day. At least its cooler. I swam for an hour yesterday morning. The pool was quiet and my hip got a good workout. The afternoon was spent pottering about. I will do a small shop this morning, make cheese scones this afternoon and try and get some “homework” finished for writers group tomorrow.
Have the best day you can, folks.

LauraNorderr Tue 12-Sep-23 06:58:13

We’re taking a leaf out of Urms book gMattie. Looking for a small flat in Cheshire and a bolt hole in sunny climes. We are also hoping to spend a year catching up with family and friends in Australia, NZ and Fiji.

monk08 Tue 12-Sep-23 07:01:36

Good morning all from a wet Black country looks like its here for the day not heavy but constant.
Hairdressers this morning, then we have a carvery booked for later taking advantage of the free meal offer.
Nice to see you posting LauraN.
Enjoy your day everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

Grammaretto Tue 12-Sep-23 07:08:03

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. It feels like Autumn and has rained overnight.
Yesterday I went on a U3A history walk along the old railway line . We were shown the remains of stations, sidings and Victorian bridges still as good as ever. At one time there were 3 railway lines serving the town, but now none.

It's our local art festival soon so I have been preparing the pottery studio for opening to the public.
Between now and then I'm going to DD's as it's DGD birthday and I've not been for ages.
Small children can be very noisy . gMattie you are a brave woman!

You sound much better Mick

Hoping everyone has a good day.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 12-Sep-23 07:14:18

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. I have a list of things to do in Oxford today. OH May or may not come with me. I have to move some money which will entail calling into the bank and building society. I am getting an International Driving Licence. I’ve never had one for France before but someone suggested I should. John Lewis emailed the other day to say the mattress topper I bought ages ago is a fire risk. So I am taking it back for a full refund. There are also one or two things I need to buy.
Have a good day everyone.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 12-Sep-23 07:18:54

Good morning from a cloudy cooler South Downs. Forecast showers today.

Dog slept all night, and I will give him fish and rice again today. 🤞 he is better.

Today will be the first day of my autumn clear up, bulb planting etc. so in my bee and butterfly bed I have cosmos seed to collect and label then pull up the cosmos and dig over, put on some garden compost. I might plant a clump of 10 assorted daffs at the back corner of the bed. I leave most of the flowers when they seed for the birds, ladybird hideaways etc until the spring. It doesn’t look tidy, but then nature isn’t is it? I am toying with the idea of re-arranging the planting as the echinaceas seem to be all in a clump - the planting doesn’t look quite right somehow. But that will be for another day.

Must shower soon and redress my knee, if it still isn’t looking better after a couple of days with gms cream I’m off to the pharmacist.

Fish day - Moroccan fish stew - poached pears in chocolate sauce.

Peace and harmony to all

Pittcity Tue 12-Sep-23 07:27:17

Good morning from a muggy Colchester. The temperature didn't drop much overnight. It's now 18 rising to 22 but showers are forecast.
Tuesday is charity shop volunteering day. We have a new manager in training, so plenty of chat. Must remember to take my brolly.
Love to all 🦩 x

Beechnut Tue 12-Sep-23 07:30:49

Good morning everyone from Severnside. Cloudy and much cooler. I woke up hot though. I think it’s because I’m anxious about something and when I’ve decided what to do things will settle.

Off to have a swim today and maybe a bit of garden work.

Have good day all 🌺

brook2704 Tue 12-Sep-23 07:42:49

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s much cooler and cloudy.
What exciting times ahead LauraN hope you get a buyer for your house soon and you can start your adventures
No childcare today as SiL is looking after the two DGC, we had them Sunday night and yesterday and they were hard work. I still love having them though! They’re back to school tomorrow thankfully. So I’m off to the gym this morning to try a new class, and then pottering in the garden this afternoon
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

cornergran Tue 12-Sep-23 07:43:12

Morning a Mick, morning All from a damp corner of Somerset after welcome overnight rain.

GP was happy with Mr C yesterday, offered some advice which I hope he absorbed. Enjoyed coffee afterwards and a wander round a store where I was horrified to see a fully stocked Christmas display.

A bit grumpy this morning after little sleep. Three long phone calls filled yesterday afternoon. Two from our Welsh friend who has been stressed and unwell after fainting on a beach. She’s very distressed and poorly, sadly we can’t help in any practical way as we have before. Our elder son will offer instead. A long call followed from our frantic goddaughter struggling with a personal safety issue that has arisen with her mum who lives in a care home. Both were whizzing round my head. It’s so frustrating not being able to help other than by distance listening.

Today is another day, a grocery delivery then I’m determined to do what I need to indoors. Tomorrow I can be out in the garden enjoying tidying. Goodness, I’m a misery, seem to bring nothing but gloom lately.

Take care everyone. Hope Tuesday is gentle with us all.

Taichinan Tue 12-Sep-23 07:43:20

Good morning all. Sunrise had a rosy glow to it today, but there's a definite chill in the air here on the Angus coast.
Glad your day went to plan yesterday Mick
Lovely to see you again Lauranorder - sounds like you have an amazing few years ahead of you! I hope your house sells quickly.
What busy ladies you both are, grandmattie and karma, and enjoy your 'domestic goddess' day Ash.
Life here has descended into a bit of a trough at the moment, which is nice and relaxing but doesn't give me anything to talk about on here! However we are doing an in-house tai chi workshop at the weekend, which will be interesting - and I'll be able to take a large bowlful of freshly picked Victoria plums with me. It's being a massive harvest from my one little plum tree this year.
Today is Tai chi, bank and a visit to the fish shop.
Have a good day everyone.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 12-Sep-23 07:43:26

Good morning from East Yorkshire. It’s miserable here being dark and with rain.

We are having a couple of windows being replaced. I shall escape to my coffee morning whilst that’s being done. Then a quick Aldi shop. After school we have GS coming and I am all prepared with puzzle books that he loves to do and his favourite foods for tea.

Exciting times ahead Lauranorder

Can I come for tea WWM2 that menu sounds delicious!

luluaugust Tue 12-Sep-23 07:45:10

Good morning from a wet N Norfolk. Not sure yet what we will do today but we are not rushing to get out this morning. A run round the coast yesterday showed how many of our favourite shops have gone since we were last here.
All the best to all

Foxygloves Tue 12-Sep-23 07:47:14

Good morning from N Bucks where it has cooled down a tad but only after a sticky night.
After posting yesterday, I was browsing on my iPad in my favourite reading chair by the bay window overlooking the drive, front path etc when I saw my neighbours’ slightly tubby and elderly Jack Russell trotting up the path! He hadn’t had to cross a road, but because there are building works going on next door and comings and goings of builders vehicles etc I was concerned at the absence of his humans. So I shut Rosie in the sitting room, let Alfie in and kept him in the kitchen while I rang my friends who hadn’t realised he had wandered off! He checked out Rosie’s bed, feeding bowl had a good sniff around and generally made himself at home!
He was duly collected but I hope he doesn’t make a habit of escaping as they are devoted to him (as we all are to our pets) but I would worry at this new urge to explore the wider world.
A quiet day today,I have been putting off tidying up paperwork, ironing, “sorting” because it was too hot - let’s see how I get on with that.
And with kind thoughts to all who may be poorly or care for poorly partners I hope today is kind to you all.

GrannySomerset Tue 12-Sep-23 07:48:07

Still sticky but definitely more comfortable overnight. I have supermarket shopping and a difficult meeting this afternoon- a new committee member has caused an upset and now I have upset him so not sure whether tact and diplomacy is the right approach or getting things out in the open. On the whole I favour the latter I think.

Right - shower and bed changing first I think, though might leave the washing till tomorrow since showers are promised for today. Such exciting choices!

Marydoll Tue 12-Sep-23 07:50:04

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where its only 7°C.
Gosh some you were early this morning !

Another quiet day ahead. DH and I usually go out for a run on a Tuesday, but yesterday wasn't a good day. I had hoped to get into the garden for an hour, however, I was feeling light headed and nauseous.
I have a cornucopia of apples from DD's garden, so I make bake. The only problem is that the freezers are full of useless, indeterminate items.. blush

DD popped in unexpectedly after work, that's three days in a row, I have seen her. I think she is worried about me. I tell her I am fine when she messages me, I really don't understand why she doesn't believe me! 😉

Wishing you all pleasant day and special thoughts for all who have mountains to climb every day. 💐