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Good Morning Thursday 14th September 2023

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Michael12 Thu 14-Sep-23 05:28:14

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark start but dry outside and hopefully a bit more cooler and seasonal .
Today my plans involve using bus to Bicester , depending how I feel returning either after an hour or at the most 2 hours .
Might be tempted to have a half pint of beer see how it goes .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Thu 14-Sep-23 05:58:44

Good morning from a cooler corner of the Sarthe.

Yesterday remained dry for our trip out to meet friends. Their car had broken down so we picked them up from their hotel and went out for lunch at a nearby bistro. We sampled ostrich steak which was “interesting”.

Such sad news from Marydoll yesterday; I hope the bereaved family receives good support. 💐

A day of catching up at home awaits. I hope it’s a good day for others. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

grandMattie Thu 14-Sep-23 06:05:16

Good morning from a still dark Bristol. Quite chilly start to the day but warming to a pleasant 20C or so by the afternoon.
I’m getting on really well with my quilt. It should be finished by the weekend. Actually, I was making a big one, but changed my mind and am using the squares to make two smaller ones…
In the afternoon, I went to my book group. We were reading “84 Charing Cross Road”, a rather sweet but very slight book. Few understood why it made such an impact at the time of publication.
Today, I’ve got tai chin in the morning, dining with DD and family, then staying on to child mind; both parents have evening commitments. I have made a lemon drizzle cake for DD’s PCC meeting tonight, at her request.
Mayer yo E have a pleasant day, especially those in need of comfort. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

grandMattie Thu 14-Sep-23 06:08:05

Ash, yes ostrich is interesting, but not much else, isn’t it? My Philip was always keen to sample all sorts of food. As a boy, he and I were the only ones who would order snails in France.

cornergran Thu 14-Sep-23 06:22:47

Morning Mick, morning All. Looks dry out there, our corner of Somerset is forecast a sunny start with evening rain. We’ll see!

Yesterdays sunny weather was just right for garden sorting. Had a thoroughly good time. Mr C wielded some shears for a few minutes, he loves to reduce the size of anything that grows hmm before retreating to the conservatory and his latest jigsaw which I fear will be with us for a few months.

Ironing with my name on it this morning. If Mr C is able we’ll have a light lunch in our little local garden centre. First time since surgery 🤞.

Thinking of all with personal mountains to climb. Hope Thursday is kind to us all.

karmalady Thu 14-Sep-23 06:26:19

Good morning from s somerset, it is going to be a lovely sunny day and a very pleasant temperature

I plan to work on a paper pattern after I have put my big wash outside and been on a cycle ride. The garden is full of flowers so I shall just be titivating in there, pulling up weeds if I see them

I like days like this,no tail wagging the dog, no appointments. no rush

Have a good day

Sar53 Thu 14-Sep-23 06:38:17

Good morning from a grey sky on the Essex coast although I believe it will brighten up later.
Later this morning I will drive to DD2 in Kent to look after two of my DGD's whilst their parents have a couple of days away.
The 15 year old is no trouble, the nearly 6 year old needs my full attention.
I have some ironing to do before I go and some shopping to get for DH as he will be without a car until Monday.
I hope everyone has a great day xxx

kittylester Thu 14-Sep-23 06:48:29

Good morning all from a dullish North Leicestershire.

Today, a friend and I are hoping to go to visit my best friend who is in hospital. She had chemo yesterday so we will need to see how she is.

Kitchen plumbing Today.

monk08 Thu 14-Sep-23 06:56:13

Good morning all from the Black country where it is dull and think it will stay that way all day.
Dgs2 starts school today they go a week after everyone else although their teachers have done house visits to each child, I think its something new they are trying it wasn't done when his brother started.
Shopping today and then friends are coming later.
Enjoy your day everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 14-Sep-23 07:06:11

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. I have a marzipan fruit cake to finish off this morning. It’s a Nigella Lawson recipe and one of my favourites. I may need to pop into Oxford at some point, but I’m not sure. This evening I’m either meeting friends in person or on Zoom. That is also undecided. OH bought some wood yesterday. He will attempt to construct a woodpecker guard for his beehives today. It definitely feels like autumn.
Have a good day especially those of you experiencing difficulties.

Mizuna Thu 14-Sep-23 07:16:01

Good morning from Cornwall where the sun is going to shine later. After a very sociable day yesterday I'm happy to be quiet and spend the day on my own. May go to Porthleven on the bus. Or not. I love the luxury of choice of what to do with days like this.

My daughter-in-law in law absolutely loved Swan Lake last night and we talked for ages afterwards about it.

luluaugust Thu 14-Sep-23 07:18:16

Good morning from a bright N Norfolk. An enjoyable day out yesterday to Sandringham and Kings Lynn rounded off by fish and chips. Face timed DS for his birthday. Today more of the same
Good wishes to all

Gwenisgreat Thu 14-Sep-23 07:28:54

Good morning all from cloudy but dry Harrogate. Yesterday the washing machine was doing overtime- making the best of the weather after getting back from Scarborough. I had to go into town twice cause of a problem with my Apple Work Book - it’s sorted now. Today I go to my Breath Easy group this am, then someone is coming to see how they can improve our bathroom.
Have the best day possible folks

Gingster Thu 14-Sep-23 07:29:55

Good morning all and it’s brightening here in Essex.. lovely temperature yesterday.
Dgd1 arrived at tea time and we had a lovely evening together chatting about her life and some hurdles with her mum. Completely different personalities.
She chose to live with her dad from the age of 11 and he has been her rock. She had councelling and this inspired her to follow the path into Mental Health Nursing. Very interesting listening to her experiences so far. She is passionate about her chosen career.

We are taking her for afternoon tea at a lovely hotel on the seafront.

Sar safe journey and enjoy your time with your gd’s. Hope all is well with S.

ostrich ! Ooooerrr! Ash . The strangest thing I have ever tasted was Crocodile! Not recommended! 🤔.

I hope you all have a gentle day. 🌻

RosesandLilac Thu 14-Sep-23 07:31:48

Good morning from the edge of the Cotswolds, a bright start today.
Yesterday we had a lovely long dog walk through woods and meadows, then a coffee on the way back to the car. We’ve found a supply of sloes so will be making sloe gin in a while.
Today I have stitch group this afternoon, I’m in two minds as to whether to go, my increasing deafness often makes it hard work trying to hear what everyone is saying
. I get embarrassed by having to keep saying ‘Pardon’ ☹️
Have a lovely day 🌹

brook2704 Thu 14-Sep-23 07:43:09

Good morning everyone from a bright and breezy Inverness. Forecast to be dry today with a bit of sunshine but with a cool wind.
Sounds good progress that you’re DH was out in the garden corner, I hope you manage lunch out today too
Nothing at all planned for me today, I’ve bedding to change and lots of inside jobs to catch up on and I’ll be in and out of the garden DH is working and then taking DGS to his football practice so I’ll have time to myself too.
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Grandmachrisy47 Thu 14-Sep-23 07:48:37

Good morning from a dry Co Durham. I actually have plans for today!!
Dentist and hygienist this morning then lunch locally with a friend.
Hope everyone has as good a day as possible.

Liberty Thu 14-Sep-23 07:51:47

Another lovely sunny Suffolk….good morning everyone.

I have my stretch class this morning and will pop into a local town afterwards for a few bits. Little dog is now much happier after having her rigid plastic collar off,necessary to stop her trying to scratch her eye after a nasty infection there. Our neighbour who was looking after her during our recent holiday thinks it might have been caused by the spraying going on in the fields surrounding our houses….probably toxic stuff.

I think we’ll take her to the beach this afternoon for a walk there and tea at a beach cafe which is at the beginning of the part of the beach which is open for dogs all year round.

Hope today is a pleasant one for all,especially for those with worries.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 14-Sep-23 07:53:17

Good morning all from a drizzly East Yorkshire.

Yesterday was full on ending in an impromptu visit in the afternoon by DIL and Gd and Gs joined us after school. I let Gd see the contents of my jewellery cabinet and she loved trying things on especially some pearl bracelets. She’s a real girly girl. Hurrah after all those boys in my family!

Another busy day with a small shop,meeting DS for lunch and school pick up for Gs. I think after school we will go to M&S as I have a parcel to collect and we will treat him to a Colin the caterpillar hot chocolate in the cafe. That will go down well.

NannyJan53 Thu 14-Sep-23 07:54:53

Good morning from a dull and damp Black Country.

Thursday walk this morning, so hoping rain stays away. It is one of my favourites which means a stop for lunch at a canalside pub.

Then take Mum to a hearing aid appointment in town. Her memory is slowly worsening. She rang me last week as she had made a Doctors appointment (which I didn't know about) to say she couldn't remember where the Surgery was!!

MrJ is on his way to Bristol to help his DD with a house move.

Wishing you all the best day possible

Whitewavemark2 Thu 14-Sep-23 07:56:50

Good morning from a sunny cooler South Downs. There isn’t a breath of wind, which is just as well as once again I was tramping the streets with the dog at 1.30am, 4am and just back from a 6.45. He’s off to the vets today!! He seems absolutely fine in himself- so we shall see. More bills.

I’ve had a date for my gallbladder removal - 12 October, which is good I guess😬😬. Just requested another blood test for no more than 5 days before the procedure.

Going to have an easy day today as feeling a tad jaded, so will get a frozen meal out of the freezer I think.

Peace and harmony everyone.

Grandmabatty Thu 14-Sep-23 07:57:29

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 12° and bright outside.
Yesterday I visited the partner of my friend and we blethered for a couple of hours. Later a received a phone call from the hospital to say that mum has covid. I was with her on Tuesday night and she was coughing a bit. Apparently there are a few people in the ward with it. I'm keeping out of everyone's way until the weekend. I have sent for tests. It's a nuisance because I have had to cancel plans but I don't want to pass it on if I have picked it up from her. So an enforced quiet few days for me. I shall potter about. So far, fingers crossed, I have no symptoms. Have a good day all

Beechnut Thu 14-Sep-23 07:59:24

Good morning everyone from Severnside. Small patches of blue above me this morning.

I’ve had a good long sleep and dreamt I bought BlueSapphires bungalow set in parkland and she left me a comfy sofa 🤣.

Had a nice day out yesterday at two talks and I did some crafting too. Out for the weekly shop this morning and see how the day goes.
Have a good day all 🌺

Marydoll Thu 14-Sep-23 08:05:32

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow and 12°C. Alexa says it is sunny! She is telling lies. 😄

Yesterday, I saw my friend, he was broken. There were no words I could say. 😪 Thank you all for your kindness, the wee one's death was such a shock.
Just as we were chatting, the other sacristan appeared to tell us he had been in A&E the previous day and would be taking time off. That means the three of us are out of action. I wonder if the PP will notice how much we do. He is going to be busy!

I have no plans for today, just taking it easy. I was so cold yesterday, that DH put on the heating for me. I looked out and saw my friend wearing a sleeveless top, I had on a fleece indoors. 😂
My ankles were badly swollen, a sure sign I was overdoing things again and I need to be a good girl.
I may tidy the cupboard where my hospital bag is stored just in case.. I keep all my Christmas, presents in there and DH will have problems locating it in an emergency, despite the bright ribbon tied to ir.!
Who knows what surprises I will find. 😁

Enjoy your lunch Mr and Mrs C. Mizuna, as a student, I was holidaying in St. Ives and we took the bus to Porthleven, it was so picturesque.
Have a good day folks and love to all, who have mountains to climb.

Pittcity Thu 14-Sep-23 08:07:35

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Cooler nights mean that I'm back under the duvet. We use a 4.5 tog all year round. DH is sticking to his single sheet. He is always hot and has windows open in the middle of winter.
22° and dry is today's forecast, just right.
Nothing in the diary today, so I'll change the beds and do the laundry. Probably a walk later.
Love to all 🦩 x