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Good Morning Thursday 14th September 2023

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Michael12 Thu 14-Sep-23 05:28:14

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark start but dry outside and hopefully a bit more cooler and seasonal .
Today my plans involve using bus to Bicester , depending how I feel returning either after an hour or at the most 2 hours .
Might be tempted to have a half pint of beer see how it goes .
Take Care,

Baggs Thu 14-Sep-23 12:51:47

Morning all! A quick update on BTDD and Co. It was GS1's 14th birthday yesterday and his mum was there to see it and feeling great.

Hope to see them all in November.

Grandmabatty Thu 14-Sep-23 12:59:36

Thank you folks for your kind words. I feel fine at the moment and non covid -y. I haven't heard how mum is today. I did message my brother last night too but have heard nothing from him. No surprise there! I appreciate your kindness very much x

annsixty Thu 14-Sep-23 13:24:20

That is such heartening news Baggs
I am so pleased for you all that your DD is doing so well in spite of her prognosis.
I remember well you posting photos of your second GS but probably not around when the first one was born, I hope he had a very happy day.

I have had an expensive day.
I went out for the first time since last Friday.
I had an appointment too have my eyes tested p, I have to go every 6 months now as the AMD has gone into my right eye, however there was no change thank goodness.
I did order new glasses though as I don’t like my last pair!!
I had to have taxis there and back and when I looked at my watch it had stopped so I had to get a new battery fitted.
I shall be taking in washing soon to just keep up.

I hope you all have the best afternoon you can, as for me, I’m going to “rest my eyes”

Beechnut Thu 14-Sep-23 16:44:42

You can’t annsixty. I’m bringing my washing over 🤣

annsixty Thu 14-Sep-23 21:19:19

Too late Beechnut.
My post was intended for Soops Kitchen but greeting to you all.