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Good Morning Thursday 14th September 2023

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Michael12 Thu 14-Sep-23 05:28:14

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark start but dry outside and hopefully a bit more cooler and seasonal .
Today my plans involve using bus to Bicester , depending how I feel returning either after an hour or at the most 2 hours .
Might be tempted to have a half pint of beer see how it goes .
Take Care,

Marydoll Thu 14-Sep-23 08:07:41

GMBatty, that's a shock for you. Fingers crossed that you will both be O.K.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 14-Sep-23 08:17:48

Morning all

Safe journey Sar53 enjoy your time with your GD’s

Gingster enjoy afternoon tea, that hotel serves a really tasty one.

I am going shopping today for a gift for my darling sister, she has an 0 birthday this month and I want to get her something special.

Hope your little pooch is ok Whitewavemark2

You know you need to rest Marydoll

(((Hugs))) to all, have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

harrigran Thu 14-Sep-23 08:19:23

Good morning from a sunny NE 🌞
Dental appointment was fine yesterday, no treatment needed.
I have never seen the surgery so quiet.
We drove straight to the supermarket and got the shopping on the way home including a couple of treats to have with our coffee.
SIL got the stepladders out and inspected the gutters over the porch, they were full of silt and bits of moss. He cleaned them out and sealed a joint that was dripping.
We had dinner, gammon steak with cauliflower cheese and asparagus, with a pleasant Argentinian rose. For pudding I made mini strawberry pavlovas.
Today will be a quiet one, clean linen needs putting away and some tidying round.
Thoughts are with those suffering.

Alygran Thu 14-Sep-23 08:20:03

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s bright and breezy so far.
I managed to redo the front garden planters with new bulbs and pansies and cut the lawns yesterday.
Today it’s housework then off to meet a friend for coffee.
I’m speaking with DD1 later about a quick trip to Palma. We spent half a day there in the summer while staying elsewhere on the island and both thought it merited a visit to explore properly. We have not had any time away together with just the 2 of us before! It will be interesting.
Hope everyone has a good day.

Grammaretto Thu 14-Sep-23 08:20:19

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Its 11° but due to warm up.

I have a lunch date but otherwise my calendar is oddly clear which usually means I have forgotten to write something down. Relying on my memory is not good.

Yesterday I had a quick preview of the local art exhibition as I added a teapot.

Someone has painted a portrait of me. It does look quite like me though the mouth is too big and the face too wide. How can some artists get a likeness and others can't?

I hope your gall bladder removal gives you a new lease of life Whitewavemark.
I wish I'd hear about my cataract op.

Top o' the morning to you all.

Georgesgran Thu 14-Sep-23 08:20:24

Good morning from a bright Durham. A strange day yesterday - began by sorting out my make up - I’ve enough to ‘see me out!’ Then into Newcastle, on a mission for shoes, but couldn’t bring myself to pay £99 sale price for a pair! Called to see DD2 and DGS2 on my way home. He’s so funny.
Coffee this morning with a friend, then a visit to a distant garden centre, where they have Pavers, etc. Garden crew due sometime today.
Best wishes to all.X

Foxygloves Thu 14-Sep-23 08:22:06

Good morning all, it looks like a fine day to come
Roused from my mug of tea and newspaper at 7.55 by yet another BT Openreach engineer who arrived unannounced in connection with my fibre broadband. This must be the sixth of such visits and we go through the same palaver each time re the shared access between the road and my drive , where to dig the trench, and who has agreed to it (all of us) but never actually when. Did most of the conversation from my bedroom window but eventually had to go down to sign something. Poor man, not a happy sight pre shower/hair/face!
We shall see what, when, and if, anything transpires.
Arts Society lecture this morning , we meet monthly and it will be nice to see everybody again, then Lutyens this afternoon, but I will do today’s session on Zoom as the poor Foxyhound will be left all morning and I don’t really want to leave her all afternoon too.
Wishing you all a peaceful and pleasant day.

Urmstongran Thu 14-Sep-23 08:22:49

Good morning all from a wet but mild south Manchester.

Here’s Matt.

Taichinan Thu 14-Sep-23 08:30:09

Good morning all from another glorious September day on the Angus coast. It rained on and off all night - perfect!
Oh dear Grandmabatty, COVID seems very prevalent at the moment again. I hope your mum copes with it, and that it passes you by 🤞
That's worrying about your mum Nannyjan.
Whitewave you have been a saint catering for your little dog's nocturnal needs, but enough is surely enough! Time for the bank balance to take the strain methinks.
RoseandLilac I do sympathise with you about your failing hearing. I was told when I was 20 that by the time I was 50 I'd have the heating of a 90 year old so you can imagine what mine is like now in my 80s 😉. Don't let it isolate you though.
Today is Tai chi again - my more advanced class which I really enjoy. (Though after only three hours' sleep again last night ....... ). Then it's off to the fish shop and Nature's Garden for fresh veg and then Tesco's - and home for 😴
I hope everyone has the best day they can and those who are poorly feel better today x

ginny Thu 14-Sep-23 08:41:47

Good morning. A little dull outside but not too chilly .
Had my appetite with the consultant yesterday and I will be getting my hip done within the next 6 weeks.
DD3 y turned up last evening and we spent a happy couple of hours chatting . This morning she is off to Amsterdam.
A fair bit of ironing to be done this morning and then this afternoon I have sewing club. We are hoping to have some new people come along after out exhibition last weekend.
Thoughts with all who are sad or poorly. Hope you all find a smile in your day.

ginny Thu 14-Sep-23 08:42:20

Appetite. = appointment !

baubles Thu 14-Sep-23 08:43:46

Good morning from cool and damp South Lanarkshire where the sun is trying to break through the clouds.

Marydoll my prayers are with that poor family.

I hope you avoid covid GMBatty, it seems to be rife again.

I got a fair amount of washing and ironing done yesterday, cleaning windows is also on my list but I’m managing to ignore it for the moment.

Today I’m meeting another Gransnetter for coffee and a blether, looking forward to that.

Wishing everyone the best possible day.

BlueSapphire Thu 14-Sep-23 08:54:17

Good morning everyone from a cloudy grey Northampton, but sunshine is forecast - and it is just trying to break through.

I am off to Milton Keynes today with a friend and her husband; we'll probably have a bite to eat in M&S, and then a browse around the shops. I have some vouchers burning a hole in my purse! I also want to get a gift voucher and card for DD and her DH - it is their 11th wedding anniversary next week, and thought they could perhaps get some wine and goodies from M&S.

Had a pleasant afternoon at the well-being cafe; we had a visit from a lady who runs 'Use it or Lose it' classes; she gave a demonstration of the sort of thing she does, which most of us joined in with, which was fun! She would like to come again and do more classes with us, free of charge, before Christmas.

Beechnut, I fear you have got me muddled with someone else - a bungalow is news to me! Funnily enough, I was looking at them yesterday on Rightmove, as there is one for sale just down the road, and I wanted to see what it was like.

Was pleased with my chicken paprika yesterday; there was enough left for two meals for the freezer, and a soup for dinner tonight, with the addition of some vegetables.

Must.get showered and dressed ready for my outing
Have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Thu 14-Sep-23 09:15:08

Good morning Michael and all GNs from a damp South Yorkshire - it must have rained in the night. I had a nightmare about four o’clock this morning and woke up screaming. Hence I am late here because I couldn’t get back to sleep again. Today would have been DH’s 80th birthday. We will go out this evening to his favourite eatery and raise a glass to him. I’m so sad we couldn’t give him a big bash. I will spend most of the day out in the garden which sorely needs attention.
Have the best day you can folks.

Auntieflo Thu 14-Sep-23 09:35:31

Good morning Mick, Annie and all.
It is a beautiful sunny morning here, and nothing planned!
DH has to go out, and I was wondering whether to take myself off on the bus. Really not sure, as I had a disturbed night and still feel wobbly, after waking and being so hot.
Our car service and MOT, on Monday, turned into a fiasco. Firstly the wrong service was done, so had to be collected again yesterday. When it was returned, the service book still hadn't been stamped. We have had a small 'gesture of goodwill' in that the cost was slightly reduced, but it's not what I expected from a large dealership. I am waiting to see what they say today.
A biggish shop needs to be done, but can't summon up any enthusiasm. I think we have enough chicken left over from last night's small joint. Anyway, we won't starve.
Have a good day one and all.

Jacs7 Thu 14-Sep-23 09:41:45

Morning everyone from a sunny north Kent. Feels a bit cooler and less humid.

Quiet few days as I am still feeling the after effects of my recent bout of covid: fatigue, cotton wool stuffed head and a touch of what my grandmother called “the glums”. I am hoping that things start to improve in the next few days. In the meantime I am doing a lot of lolling about, reading and watching tv, although this morning I am tottering down the road to have coffee with a friend who has Parkinson’s which makes my problems pale into insignificance.

Hope you all have a good day

Blossoming Thu 14-Sep-23 09:45:46

Good morning Mick and all from sunny Lancashire where it is currently 16°C.

The plumber did not come yesterday, he rang and will be calling in today instead. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Thinking of all our ‘poorlies’ and those looking after loved ones.

Have a good day all whatever you’re doing 🌹

Scapa1 Thu 14-Sep-23 09:50:08

Sara good luck with your childminding exhausting but enjoyable.

Marydoll I have a cupboard like that and it doesn’t matter how often I tidy it I can never find anything.

Out to lunch with friends today I am driving. Will be nice to catch up as haven’t seen them for about 3months. Hope the sun stays for the day.

brook2704 Thu 14-Sep-23 09:54:20

Greyduster thinking of you today 💐

hulahoop Thu 14-Sep-23 10:20:18

Good morning from West York's where the sun is trying to get out hope it succeeds bedding is in washer.
Ginnythat's quick hope I get told that at my appointment !
Greyduster have a good day with family💐

GrannySomerset Thu 14-Sep-23 10:28:58

Overslept after a fitful night so am not sure which way is up. Highlight of today was expected to be the man to clean the ovens, a luxury I have indulged in since DH was ill. Sadly he is stuck 20 miles away waiting for the AA so he may or may not come at all. Frustrating but not serious.

Otherwise it is a lovely morning and some gentle garden pottering is called for because this glorious autumn weather is to be enjoyed now that temperatures are a bit more reasonable.
Hope everyone has a good enough day.

Bella23 Thu 14-Sep-23 10:29:58

Good morning from a bright and sunny Eden. The washing machine is on and with luck it will stay sunny.
DH has also decided to clean the cooker and the house smells of burn,doors and windows will have to be open . He is busy cleaning the shelves and had forgotten we are having Canneloni for tea so will have to hurry!

Litterpicker Thu 14-Sep-23 10:43:31

Good morning from sunny East Lothian. It rained last night which will be good for the garden.

Jacs7, my sympathy. DH and I both seem to be battling fatigue and “a touch of the glums” (love that!), after having Covid two weeks ago. Hope yours lifts soon. Grandmabatty, I hope your mum recovers soon and you haven’t caught it.

DD having blinds fitted in several rooms today so may keep out of the way. I need to find a good blackberry patch. Bramble & apple jelly is an essential for our winter store cupboard.

Mick, I hope you get your half pint of beer 🙂

Kalu Thu 14-Sep-23 11:25:52

Good morning all from a very soggy Glasgow.

Gbatty Hopefully your mum has a mild dose of covid and you have managed to avoid catching it.
DD1 and GD1 tested negative after eight days but it has taken another week or so at home before feeling much better.

Have the best day you can all.

dustyangel Thu 14-Sep-23 11:36:17

Good morning everyone, a cloudy start to the day has improved immensely and it’s bright and sunny now a very pleasant 27°.

I’ve dipped into the thread but now of course can’t remember exactly who said what. Some folk are in my prayers and fingers firmly crossed for Grandmabatty. 🫰