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Good Morning Saturday 16th September 2023

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Michael12 Sat 16-Sep-23 05:52:51

Good Morning Everyone,
Its still dark but its dry outside here in brackley this morning.
Today will be spent at home , as cyclin on Tv later this morning,and I am hoping later as most past Saturdays to get a Chinese Take Away .
Take Care,

Grandmabatty Sat 16-Sep-23 07:58:08

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 9° and wet. It's rained most of the night too. Susan I'm glad the plumbing issue was quickly sorted. And well done to your dgd. Ladyleftfieldlover Delia always comes up trumps with desserts. Ash safe journey back tomorrow.
Yesterday dd visited with dgs2 for a while. She brought me a lovely bunch of autumn flowers. While here, the council drain cleaner was in the street which appealed to dgs2. I'm glad it had been because the drain at the foot of my drive was clogged by leaves from next door's tree.
Today I'm watching dgs2 for an hour or so while dgs1 has his swimming lesson. Sil has to work. Later on, if I test negative, I'll visit mum. Thank you everyone for your kind words regarding mum and me. I feel absolutely fine so I'm hopeful that I escaped it. The casserole I made yesterday from fridge bits has enough for tonight too. I look forward to seeing the first of Strictly tonight. Have a good day all

Marydoll Sat 16-Sep-23 07:58:23

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow. We had rain of biblical proportions all afternoon yesterday and it is still raining. I spent the evening worrying about DD driving up the treacherous A9 to a wedding in torrential rain.
I don't know what you all mean by this hot weather! I was so cold yesterday afternoon that I had on a fleece and socks and DH put the heating on for half an hour to stop me complaining!

DH suggested we go to the local inn for lunch yesterday, because I hadn't been out and we didn't manage our usual weekly trip down the coast.
I wasn't really up for it, (too much effort to get ready 😉) but the bonus was that I wouldn't have to make dinner.
Surprisingly, it was empty, then as it filled up, they were mostly people I knew from another life, mainly former parents of children I taught or parents of my own children's friends. I used to bump into lots of familiar faces when I was able to go for a walk and a few commented on my absence over the last couple of years.
I had a great time, but DH's face was a picture, as I wandered chatting to people and all he wanted was to get home. 😄
It is only a five minute walk, but because of my awful night, I was already very tired and breathless. On arriving home, I went into the conservatory and slept solidly for two hours!

Today, we have safeguarding Training in our parish, organised by the Diocesan team. It's been a week of chasing up a portable screen and projector, our over head one is not working, but the PP omitted to tell me. He also revealed at the last minute he had double booked the parish hall 😡 and we are consigned to a smaller room.
He knows I am really annoyed with him, so is avoiding me like the plague!
Tonight the Bishop is coming to say Mass, so I won't be alone with the PP and be able to give him a piece of mind mind--which I will--.
As we say here in Glasgow, he is on a shoogly peg!.(Thin ice)
I am a volunteer, not an employee and am close to walking away. I think my low tolerance level and lack of patience may be partly linked to not feeling 100%

I wish you all a pleasant day. I am extremely envious of all your ravel, activities and busyness.

Have a good day folks and and prayers for all who need them.

grandMattie Sat 16-Sep-23 07:59:02

I forgot to mention that Iris’ team came second, yesterday. She was delighted.

Liberty Sat 16-Sep-23 08:02:28

Good morning from yet another lovely sunny Suffolk.

I think,from the forecasts,this might be the last for some time. We have a quiet day ahead but think that,apart from the ironing,which still beckons,we’ll start on some garden tidying up. The roses,which are magnificent in their second flush of blooms,are a bit straggly and things like the peonies,which finished flowering a couple of months ago,still have all their foliage to cut down.

I think my style of gardening is a bit of one of benign neglect as I prefer(DH doesn’t mind) things to tumble a bit. We have a gardener who is great at keeping the grass and hedges neat and tidy but the rest is my domain.

A neighbour has just harvested his main crop potatoes and presented us with a bagful yesterday. He lives alone and always generously shares his produce so I’ll probably make him a fruit or date and walnut cake today.

Hope today is kind to all.

Taichinan Sat 16-Sep-23 08:03:51

Good morning Mick and all from a cool and wet Angus coast. What a difference in the temperatures between north and south - we're 10° rising to a heady 14° this afternoon. I'm not putting the heating on yet though - but it's on with the trusted Oodie morning and evening.
Safe journey home Ash - I hope your hip feels better.
I join all those who are in awe at Mizuna's 'quiet' day!
Enjoy your day with the cycling and Chinese meal Mick. I might join you in the Chinese department after a day of tai chi workshop. But then after getting home after a day of workshop I probably won't have the energy to go and collect it!
So, off soon. All my 'preparation' is done in my head and how my part of the proceedings goes then depends upon how the participants respond. Wish me well!
Enjoy your day everyone and I hope all those who are poorly or have worries find a bit of respite x

Aldom Sat 16-Sep-23 08:09:50

Gingster enjoy Cambridge Botanical Gardens. On Wednesday I visited Oxford Botanical Gardens. We had a wonderful afternoon.

ginny Sat 16-Sep-23 08:11:47

Good morning from N. Bucks where we are promised a bright sunny day.
On the agenda today is a mundane food shop after which DH andI are going for lunch at a restaurant we have not been to before. It is 14 stories up and I dreamt last night that there was no lift. That would be fun with my hip !
Afterwards a quick trip to Hobbycraft to pick up a few item for craft club and then we’ll drop in to a local nursery for some bulbs.
Wishing you all a good day with a smile along the way.

monk08 Sat 16-Sep-23 08:12:01

Good morning all from a dull Black country.
Thank you all for my Anniversary wishes yesterday we had a lovely day, weather was sunny but not to hot.
Mizuna if that's a quiet day I wouldn't like one of your busy days. Our local train travel is free with bus pass but they have put the fare up to £1.50 before 9.30am as we found out yesterday.
NannyJan enjoy your day you'll be catching me up soon same day as my niece's birthday.
Well Saturday once again full English calling so will catch up later.
Enjoy your day everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some. ☀️.

Jaxjacky Sat 16-Sep-23 08:13:55

Morning from high cloud in S Hampshire, 15 already, warmer later.
Garden pottering with garden scissors in hand, Saturday paper and football today.
Safe journey back tomorrow Ashcombe
Enjoy your days out all who are venturing.
Thoughts with those struggling 🦩🦩

Stilllearning Sat 16-Sep-23 08:16:25

Morning from my bit of South Lanarkshire, rather dreich.

DD4 has just arrived off night shift and gone straight to bed so I’ll be creeping about although she says she’ll not hear anything
Can’t remember why she’s here, her arrangements always sound very convoluted, but it’s nice to have her.

Going to see a friend this afternoon who is just back from her annual pilgrimage to Medjugorje, not for me but she loves it.
We are like the optimist and the pessimist, I live in daily expectation of disaster and she, who is 82 and has at least three very serious heart conditions, walks with the help of a rollator or two sticks and falls frequently, said that she hopes that the chef in the hotel will have changed by next year or she will have to go somewhere else!

Prayers and love to all who need them x

Alygran Sat 16-Sep-23 08:29:59

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s cold and damp today.
Walked up on the moors yesterday, it was warm but very misty. One section of the walk had stations of the Cross and ended at a very pretty little Chapel. It must have links to the nearby Mount Grace Priory which is now run by English Heritage.
It was cold enough last night to need a fire on.
Village coffee morning today then some admin for the charity where I am treasurer and secretary.
Have a good day everyone.

Gwenisgreat Sat 16-Sep-23 08:33:33

Good morning all from cloudy Harrogate. I read worn out reading about your quiet day Mizuna! Safe journey tomorrow Ash and your DH.
Yesterday did a bit of baking, then had to get ready for a chair being collected for recovering, what a mess it made! The other chair will be done when that returns - I had Hoped both would go together then I can clean the carpet!
Have the best day possible folks

hollysteers Sat 16-Sep-23 08:47:59

Good morning Mick and all from sunny Salzburg. Our luggage turned up a day late, better late than never…
First time here and enjoying it, although I think my days of tramping around cities sightseeing day after day are sadly coming to an end. I had to come back to the hotel in the heat yesterday afternoon for a rest and left my friend to do more culture vulturing 😁 We went on the Sound of Music tour yesterday as he (not me!) is a huge fan. Beautiful scenery outside Salzburg.
Today by funicular up to the fortress and Salzburg museum. Hope my back holds out…I have a back support, Voltarol, paracetamol, and hot pads.

Thoughts to all with worries and will read your news later🌺

aggie Sat 16-Sep-23 08:50:38

Good morning from a damp Co Armagh, it’s 11 degrees and will rise to a heady 13 later !
Everything is dripping
Daughter and SIL arrive home today from three weeks away in France , they better have their big coats on ! I’ve missed them , but I’m looking forward to seeing what they have brought back , I have a collection of Supermarche bags , they are prettier than our local Tesco 🤣
When I was on holiday in Killarney a couple of weeks ago , I used my bus pass , half a dozen of us went to see Muckross House , the bus took us there and back to the Hotel ,
Hope today is peaceful and happy for everyone , the local child is still in recovery , please add him to your prayers

Beechnut Sat 16-Sep-23 08:52:46

Good morning everyone from Severnside. It’s overcast here.

As rain is expected for the weekend and coming weeks I cleaned my car yesterday morning and enjoyed sitting in the sunshine with a late lunch and G&T in the afternoon. Pulled up six weeds.

I’ve promised myself that I would sort admin on a rainy weekend so I might get that started today or tomorrow.

Have a good day all 🌻

Foxygloves Sat 16-Sep-23 08:58:56

Another beautiful September morning - good morning all!
On what is my darling late DH’s birthday I am unsurprisingly in reflective mood.
How lucky we were to find each other all those years ago (1966) and however much I miss him, I realise how privileged I have been to share my life with all its ups and downs with this gentle and principled man.
As to his legacy I only have to look at our lovely daughters and our wonderful grandchildren. The youngest was born just two years ago yesterday- sadly DH never knew our youngest D and SIL were expecting their much wanted babies.
How happy he would have been for them.

With kind thoughts to all with worries or in pain and wishing you all a pleasant day and safe travels to those out and about.

Grammaretto Sat 16-Sep-23 08:59:48

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders.
It's been wet and I must gather flowers for the tables at the community café this morning.
Yesterday I waded home from visiting the df with the badly broken ankle. Her pregnant DD brought us tea at intervals while we 3 set the world to rights.

My shift at the shop was fraught. Someone's card payment didn't go through he'd left the shop by then
The card reader stopped working as did my panic button and to cap it someone had wrongly written a V beside the quiche on the blackboard menu and a vegan diner wasn't happy.

Still in the greater order of things.......

Hoping for safe travels and painfree days for everyone.

Kalu Sat 16-Sep-23 09:03:50

Good morning all from Glasgow where, dreich and wet sums up today’s weather.

No gardening today…..again.

Have the best day you can and hopefully a more settled day for all with troubled minds.

Mizuna Sat 16-Sep-23 09:04:31

Lovely photo Foxygloves.

BlueSapphire Sat 16-Sep-23 09:07:34

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny 🌞Northampton, so I have just put a load of washing in, and have another load to do. Thought I may as well get it done as rain is forecast for the next few days.

Had a lovely morning yesterday; was picked by friends and we visited the complex in the grounds of a local large private mental hospital (they also take a good proportion of NHS).
There were several workshops to provide occupational therapy and employment for patients - ceramics, cookery, woodworking, which are all open to the public; a large wholefoods shop called Daily Bread which also provides work for women who have spent time in the prison system, with the aim of getting them back on the right tracks; a large garden centre, and a beautiful coffee shop as well as a charity shop.
We made a beeline for the coffee shop and had wonderful cherry scones along with our coffee - they were enormous! Then spent a pleasant hour or so wandering around the workshops and garden centre. I also met a friend there (mum of one of DS's schoolfriends), who volunteers in Daily Bread, so had a chat and a catch-up.
On the way home I asked to be dropped off at Sainsbury's, as I had forgotten one or two things on my visit on Thursday.
Then home, where I made a start on tackling the border in front of my new fence. It hasn't been touched for years and was full of weeds, and absolutely back-breaking. I think I cleared a square metre which took me all afternoon. But then suffered the consequences all evening with a terrible backache.

Washing to hang out this morning, then an early lunch and out to rugby this afternoon, where I shall have a catch-up with DD and her husband.
Steak for dinner tonight.

Wishing all a good weekend.

BlueSapphire Sat 16-Sep-23 09:09:20

Foxygloves flowersflowers

Stilllearning Sat 16-Sep-23 09:14:05

Quick dash back, meant to add my congratulations to Mr and Mrsmonk for their Golden wedding and also this morning 💐 forFoxygloves

monk08 Sat 16-Sep-23 09:22:11

Foxygloves 💐

MiniMoon Sat 16-Sep-23 09:24:00

Morning all. On our way to Newby Hall to the Harrogate Autumn flower show. I hope the weather improves as it's rather drizzly at Washington services where w are having a comfort stop. I've never Ben to the show at Newby Hall so looking forward to it.
Have a good day everyone.

dragonfly46 Sat 16-Sep-23 09:27:46

Foxygloves flowers