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Good Morning Monday 18th September 2023

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Michael12 Mon 18-Sep-23 05:42:32

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and wet start here in brackley this morning.
Would like to do a bus trip to Bicester , but see how weather effects .
Still have bowel symptoms , but I am starting to drink Diarrhea related powders to see if that makes a difference to capsules.
Take Care,

Grandmabatty Mon 18-Sep-23 05:59:25

Good morning Mick and all. 14° and very wet here in Polmont. I hope your system settles down quickly.
Yesterday was a quiet day. I have been down in the dumps the last few days. Nothing specific just life!
Today is a long childcare day. Nursery drop off and pick up included. Dgs2 and I may go out for a walk to the swings although he isn't as enamoured of those as his brother. Anyway, steak casserole for dinner later. Have a good day all.

karmalady Mon 18-Sep-23 06:06:19

Good morning, it is cooling down in s somerset, a mixed weather day, autumnal

I had a lovely satisfying indoors day yesterday, even got myself into the garden early and the green tomatoes are all picked and indoors to ripen. Rain was torrential after that

This is a week of a few appointments so I need to keep my diary open, first one is a craft group later today.

Have a good day

grandMattie Mon 18-Sep-23 06:07:00

Good morning from Bristol. I can hear birdsong so assume it must be dry. We are forecast dreadful weather for the next week.
Quiet day yesterday. I was ambushed by sadness in church yesterday and spent the day snivelling. One of my occasional “soggy days”.
I did half my Spanish homework leaving the harder half for some other day.
Got toddler group this morning. I have prepared a crafty thing ( thanks for hyperlink Ash ). This afternoon, I’ve got a WI meeting. I’m not sure I’ll carry on with it.
Hope today is quiet for everyone. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩

Sar53 Mon 18-Sep-23 06:25:09

Good morning from Kent. Still dark here but we had a tremendous thunder storm at about midnight.
I will be leaving to go home in about an hour when DD2 takes the girls to school.
I've enjoyed being here but looking forward to getting home.
I hope everyone has a pleasant day xx

Susan56 Mon 18-Sep-23 06:32:31

Good morning from Shropshire.A day of sunshine and showers forecast.

Yesterday stayed dry until early evening so DH got the bedding plants in.We had over bought so we have a few extra tubs on the patio.I did more sorting in the garage and my neighbour was the happy recipient of some toddler toys for her grandchildren.

Today we will drive over to Cheshire to visit my mum.We will go out for lunch and then to the supermarket.I also have to try and book her winter jabs.My mum has always been difficult but is mellowing.It makes visiting easier but seeing the change in her and how frail she is becoming is difficult.Her memory is definitely failing and it is all so upsetting.

Grandmabatty I am sorry you have been feeling down in the dumps.I think sometimes life and responsibilities and what ifs can overwhelm us.I hope you have a good day with the boys and feel better very soon💐

Safe onward travels to Ash and olddudders.

Have the best day you can everyone🌺🦩

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 18-Sep-23 06:39:32

Morning all from a damp West Oxfordshire. I was woken at 3 am by torrential rain, thunder and lightening. We had a lovely day with old friends yesterday. There is some lamb left so I’ll probably make a shepherd’s pie for dinner. I have my usual Waitrose shop and laundry, OH has to do a bit of woodwork for his beehives. Have a good day especially those of you who are feeling sad.

cornergran Mon 18-Sep-23 06:39:54

Morning Mick, morning All. A dry start to our corner of Somerset, rain due later.

Goodness it poured yesterday, some localised flooding. If the forecast is right we’ll have webbed feet by next weekend. Two unexpected family visits brightened our day, good to see them all. Neither group had coats or umbrellas in their car and dripped a bit. No, I don’t understand either.

Two bags to drop off at a charity shop this morning after Mr C’s nurse appointment, courtesy of my between visits clothes sorting. The shoes I’ll tackle later today although dust is also asking to be removed.

Safe trip sar and anyone else on the move. Go gently grandmattie flowers. Why not take some advice from your nurse team mick? Perhaps better than experimenting

Wishing you all the best day it can be.

Mizuna Mon 18-Sep-23 06:56:53

Good morning from Cornwall where it's wet and windy, the sort of day that really excites me.

Yesterday I stayed in and finished my knitted snails, generally sewed and Poirot'd. My neighbour came in her big white fluffy towel to use my shower. Come church time at 4pm it was too wet and slippery outside for my crutches, which don't like the granite pavement edges. My knee replacement is only two months and 10 days away, yippee.

This morning I'm meeting an allotment friend and fellow fungi enthusiast outside my flat before we decide where to have coffee. There are 12 cafés within a few minutes' walk from my steps so we'll faff around making a decision!

Sorry some of you are sad. And Mick I do hope you're in touch with your nurse about your symptoms.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 18-Sep-23 06:58:07

Good morning from a stormy South Downs. Thunder during the night, but thankfully now Duncan is almost completely deaf, he slept through. Hope the same happens with the fireworks.

Yesterday got some more bulbs in and put away the very hottest wear clothes. Son phoned to check up on us , talk politics - he is very political - like his mother 😊 and offered to do Christmas - he did it last year snd we all had tremendous fun. It is actually his sisters turn, but nothing has been mentioned yet - so her tactic might be see what brother says😄, although she has only just come back from one of her holidays, so will still be in holiday mode.

I am sorry to hear that a couple of our posters have got the glums. Hopefully it will soon pass but it is miserable while it lasts.

Today will be housework day I think as rain is forecast until late afternoon. I must phone hospital and get blood test done for pre-op. I did email but no reply. I had a letter on Saturday to say that I must report to the local hospital - which is good - on 12 October. So I’ve treated myself to a new dressing gown, as my current one isn’t really fit for man nor beast.

Aubergine ragu with pasta followed by melon and stem ginger.

Those struggling please know that you are kindly thought of. Everyone else

Pease and harmony

Gingster Mon 18-Sep-23 06:58:43

Good morning all and we still have had very little rain here in Essex. We desperately need it. I’ll probably be sorry I said that 😏.

Little DGD is out of hospital 🙏. They diagnosed gastroenteritis. Once she was put on a drip to rehydrate her and a drip for antibiotics , she seemed to recover In front of our eyes. She had looked so poorly the day before.
She must drink/eat little and often- .
Thankyou all for your thoughts and prayers for her.💗.

Grandmabatty sorry to hear you’re down in the dumps. These types of days are horrid. We all have them . Hope you feel better today. Enjoy your little boys.

Sar safe journey home and thanks so much for your and GG’s pm. .

Shopping today and a bit of tidying up. We plan to go to Suffolk this week , so must get things in order.

Enjoy your days and send some rain down to us. 🌻

Mizuna Mon 18-Sep-23 07:02:28

Phew * Gingster*, about your granddaughter. They bounce back, don't they?

RosesandLilac Mon 18-Sep-23 07:13:13

Good morning, it’s a damp start here on the edge of the Cotswolds hill after yesterday’s rain. No thunderstorms here sadly, I love watching lightning ⛈️
Yesterday the dog had a good chase around with the others on our walk, she slept all afternoon 😁
We had venison casserole for dinner, plenty left for today, then I did nothing all afternoon. I was completely knackered!
Today it’s a bit of tidying up in the garden before it rains then I’m sorting out my wardrobes. I’m sure there’s plenty that can go to the charity shop this week.
I hope you all have a good day 🌹

Allsorts Mon 18-Sep-23 07:17:19

Good Morning from a damp West Midands, it rained heavily on and off, from about 4pm until the early hours, now it's drizzle. However the garden needs it and prefer itvtontgat dog long weather. Off to local U3A to a new class this morning , I try to go out each day and keep weekends for gardening and jobs.,Sorry done are fiend shed Joe you feel better soon.

Grandmabatty Mon 18-Sep-23 07:17:53

Gingster such good news about your dgd.

Allsorts Mon 18-Sep-23 07:19:14

Last sentence should have read. Sorry some of you are down and hope you feel better soon.

baubles Mon 18-Sep-23 07:19:30

Good morning from rainy South Lanarkshire.

Mick, perhaps you could chat to your nurse or GP about your ongoing symptoms.

gM thanks

Pleased to hear your little GD is so much better Gingster.

Yesterday was a very bitty day, church then straight home as DH wasn’t up to going out for brunch. I did a few loads of washing and a bit of ironing and took the daft dug for a long, soggy walk.

Work today, my penultimate Monday. On Saturday I was given a card by one of our regular customers, I was taken by surprise and her written message brought tears to my eyes.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

kittylester Mon 18-Sep-23 07:21:08

Good morning all. North Leicestershire is very wet. DH says we had thunder in the night but I missed it.

The final bit of kitchen fitting is promised today - the cooker!! Hooray. DH is off to the gym and then he and DS1 are going to the football. Luckily their tickets include food as I doubt I will have got to grips with the cooker before they go.

I have to go to the seamstress to collect the coat she has altered for me. I want to take her some flowers too as she has been having a rough time.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 18-Sep-23 07:24:28

*kitty’ are you pleased with your kitchen?

Marydoll Mon 18-Sep-23 07:24:53

Good morning all from a showery Glasgow.

I'm so pleased to hear your DGD is on the mend and out of hospital.

We spent a lovely couple of hours with Babydoll, she is off on her holidays today, so we won't see her this week.
My DIL went for her flu jag and was asked if anyone in the family was vulnerable. She mentioned me and (much to surprise) was able to tell them my conditions. She was given the vaccine. I must alert DD, who is now reluctant to hug me, 😪 because many in her office have/had Covid.

Big panic last night, I remembered that yesterday was injection day, but I had forgotten to do it. It was marked on the both the paper and electronic calenders, for goodness sake! Then even bigger panic when I messed it up!
I'm beginning to worry about this forgetfulness. Today, I have to go and pick up the prescriptions, which I forgot to pick up last week!

I hope your mood lightens GMBatty and GM, it's not a good to place to be. I'm finding it difficult to shake this low mood. If only there was a magic potion we could take.

Wishing you all a pleasant day, whatever your plans. As always, healing thoughts for those with worries and ill health.

brook2704 Mon 18-Sep-23 07:25:52

Good morning everyone from a very grey and wet Inverness, don’t think I’ll be gardening much later
So pleased to hear about your DGD gingster but sorry to hear about others sadness, life’s so tough ❤️
We’ve got DGS here just now, he stayed last night and he’s just up. Need to talk him into getting a shower before breakfast and being ready for school on time. After we’ve dropped him off I’m going to try a new slower yoga class at the gym before coming home
Safe travels to all those on the move
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

monk08 Mon 18-Sep-23 07:30:23

Good morning all from the Black country, blue skies here at the moment don't know how long they will last. Yesterday we didn't have to much rain started early evening and not very heavy.
Gingster good to hear your DGD is out of hospital and on the road to recovery.
We heard yesterday my nephew has become engaged he proposed while on a weekend break in Torquay.
Sorry to hear some of you are feeling a bit down may you soon bounce back.
Enjoy your day everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

Ashcombe Mon 18-Sep-23 07:30:57

Good morning from a fine looking Portsmouth after a thunderstorm and torrential rain.

We had a smooth crossing on a very full ship. Full marks to the Immigration authorities here who had us checked in, including searching the car, and on our way within half an hour! It was good to see my favourite receptionist on duty at Travelodge who remembers me as I’m rather a frequent guest!

I hope you have a better day, Grandmabatty. You have a lot of responsibilities but be kind to yourself, too. Susan56 also gives out to family (and all of us!) a great deal. I hope you enjoy the Toddlers’ Group, grandMattie and your DGD continues to make good progress, Gingstsr.

Travelling home to soggy Torbay today! 🙄💦🌧️💧🙄

grandMattie Mon 18-Sep-23 07:32:35

So pleased it was only gastroenteritis, ging. Such a relief! flowers

Whitewavemark2 Mon 18-Sep-23 07:37:01


So pleased it was only gastroenteritis, ging. Such a relief! flowers

gingster and me