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Good Morning Monday 18th September 2023

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Michael12 Mon 18-Sep-23 05:42:32

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and wet start here in brackley this morning.
Would like to do a bus trip to Bicester , but see how weather effects .
Still have bowel symptoms , but I am starting to drink Diarrhea related powders to see if that makes a difference to capsules.
Take Care,

cornergran Mon 18-Sep-23 07:39:43

Good news gingster. Hoping for a brighter day for grandmab and marydoll.

Pittcity Mon 18-Sep-23 07:48:02

Good morning from a grey, damp Colchester. We had rain and a few claps of thunder overnight. It's still warm though. 17 ATM rising to 20° with more thundery rain to come.

Yesterday remained dry and DGS scored a fabulous goal to add to the success of his under 8's football team. DD has just realised that sporty offspring means taxi duties and standing on the touchline most weekends.

We need to shop for groceries as the cupboards are bare again. Otherwise a quiet day here.

Love to all 🦩 x

ginny Mon 18-Sep-23 07:51:04

Good morning from a sunny N. Bucks after a wet and thundery night.

We have DGS fora couple of hours this morning and then we have friends coming for the rest of the day. We have known them since DH started his apprenticeship in 1969. I’ve made a Turkey , ham and leek pie for dinner.
Hope all poorlies and those feeling sad are soon in a better way.
A good day wished for all.

luluaugust Mon 18-Sep-23 07:55:34

Good morning from W Kent where it is bright after rain. So sorry to hear some of you are down in dumps, September and October aren’t my favourite months either. Somebody told me it is the change of light.
The cleaner is coming this morning but we are in a bit of chaos as we have only just got home and not fully unpacked so we will have to work round one another.
Best wishes to all

BlueSapphire Mon 18-Sep-23 08:01:03

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny 🌞Northampton, but rain is forecast from mid-morning. Looks as though we have had a fair bit of rain overnight.

Hoping I can get to yoga and back before we get more rain - I don't have a lift today, so will need to get the bus. Umbrella will be at the ready!

Had a lovely day yesterday with DS and family; was picked up at mid-day, and had a delicious Sunday dinner of gammon and all the trimmings, cooked by DS. DD-out-law was in charge of wine! But the best thing was just to be with my family - it had been some time. We watched rugby on tv, and there was much chat, smiles and laughter. Caught up with all the DGD's happenings. Then DS and dog walked me home at about 7.30pm, and luckily we managed to avoid any rain.

A quiet day of pottering and reading once I get back from yoga. Will try to finish my massive tome so that I can then start on our next book club read. Our next meeting is fast approaching, Wednesday next week

Not had time to read the thread yet this morning and will have to wait till after yoga to do that.
Hope Monday is kind to us all.

Liberty Mon 18-Sep-23 08:04:58

Good morning from what is now a sunny morning in Suffolk after a stormy and wet night.

Pleased to hear Gingster that your littlest DGD is home and made such a quick recovery once her illness was diagnosed and treated. The power of the young to bounce back is wonderful. Although much less worrying,in the days when GPs did home visits, I remember a few occasions when one of our children seemed quite ill, a GP visit was arranged for the same day. By the time the doctor arrived,said child was buzzing around seemingly recovered!

Trying again to get my Indian visa sorted out and planting some bulbs is on my agenda today. Thinking of those feeling under the weather and sad and those caring for others who are unwell.

rjack Mon 18-Sep-23 08:07:03

Good morning from Carnoustie wet day heavy rain, so cancelled my golf and now will find something to do indoors. Maybe finish off some knitting that has been on the pins for a while. Stay positive everyone , Mick keep your chin up and
keep going. Not always easy.

Gala Mon 18-Sep-23 08:08:09

Good morning from a leaden skied Sefton. Ominous looking sky with lots of wind & rain forecast Oh joy.
Singing this morning culminating in our "summer" finger buffet lunch.... a good opportunity for socialising & chatting. We had hoped we could drift outside & take advantage of the last of the summer sun but no chance.
We enjoyed our Devon break but it's good to get back my own bed & daily routine .... I'm turning into my mother.
((Hugs)) & 💐 for those of you having a fit of the glums. Sometimes it just overcomes you for no apparent reason. The sudden change in the weather hasn't helped. Take care all.

Alygran Mon 18-Sep-23 08:11:47

Good morning from North Yorkshire. Another damp day ahead. It did brighten up a bit yesterday but the garden is very soggy. No bulb pots done yet for the spring!
Mick DH had bowel surgery in 2001 and forever afterwards he had what you seem to be experiencing. It was the new ‘normal’ as a result of the surgery. You should check with your medics before you continue the over the counter treatments. He also needed regular B12 injections.
Another parent group today then back to my knitting if the weather doesn’t improve.
Gingster phew!
Sorry to hear of people feeling down.
Wishing everyone a good day.

Grammaretto Mon 18-Sep-23 08:12:25

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. It rained a lot yesterday and there's a puddle under the skylight. I must persuade the roofer to come.

I felt a bit low yesterday too gMattie and grandmabatty is it weather related? I went for a walk which helped somewhat. The film season has begun again so I saw the Boat that Rocked about a pirate radio station. It was funny/sad. Today I am going to a matinee....a weepie.... and lunch with a df.
So glad your DGD is on the mend Gingster.
Looking forward to pictures of your kitchen kitty or at least something cooked in that new oven.
I hope you have a better week Marydoll. You've had a very tough time lately.

Hope the rain stops for long enough to plant the spring bulbs and the day goes well for everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 18-Sep-23 08:15:13

Morning all, I have stripped the bed and fed it to the washing machine. DH has pootled into work to man the phones as due to a work jolly for one DS and annual leave for staff members they are rather over stretched today.

Shower and gym next and then I shall luxuriate in my empty home. Until I am due at GP’s for annual Asthma assessment.

Gingster what a relief that your little GD is home and on the recovery road 🩷

Safe journey Ashcombe

Hope you all manage to dodge the rain and keep dry, have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Foxygloves Mon 18-Sep-23 08:15:31

Good morning all from N Bucks from me, Foxyhound beside me on the bed and yes-next door’s builders with their “merry builders song “aka Radio 1.
Thunder in the night and heavy rain but as Foxyhound is the first hound I have had in 25 years not to be petrified and reduced to a hyperventilating wreck by thunderstorms, it passed peacefully enough.
Arts Society committee this morning and Women Artists (on Zoom because of time constraints) this afternoon. So a pleasant day in store. I am saddened to hear of those who are down, it can sweep across you like a sudden wave as you walk along the foreshore, can’t it? Sometimes you can fight it but others you just have to wait and let it wash over you -until it’s gone.
Good news about Gingsters GD - delighted to hear that.
Wishing you all a gentle day.

Jaxjacky Mon 18-Sep-23 08:22:55

Morning from a soggy S Hants, we had that storm Ashcombe a real humdinger.
Pleased your granddaughter is recovering Gingster, what a fright.
Sorry to hear some of you are a bit down, hopefully today will bring you a moment or two of joy.
Yesterday was football, a walk, then rugby. Today I’m on the volunteer phone, quiz tonight.

Greyduster Mon 18-Sep-23 08:28:31

Good morning Michael and all GNs. We had a helluva storm around four o’clock this morning and torrential rain. After that what little sleep I managed to retrieve was dogged with weird dreams. Had a jolly Sunday roast yesterday with DD and the menfolk. Lots of laughs. Pineapple upsidedown cake prompted SiL to say I was his favourite MiL. I said I was his only MiL. He said “Well I suppose you’ll just have to do then!” The way to a man’s heart….. 🙄. I am going for a swim this morning and then will think about buying some new walking shoes as mine are getting very worn.
Gingster so glad your little one is recovered!
Have the best day you can folks.

Georgesgran Mon 18-Sep-23 08:28:49

Good morning from Durham - damp again here. Yesterday was tiring to say the least. DGS1’s birthday party with 28 guests! We had an hour to set up and the same to clear the village hall. In between was Bedlam, but it went well, with various games and dancing organised by a hired duo. I was out from 9-4 and came home shattered. Unfortunately, I then fell asleep on the sofa, so have hardly slept overnight.
DD1 wants me to follow her to drop her car off for some work - electrics, so difficult to trace - so I’m off now.
Sorry to hear of some lowness - we are complex bodies - up and down like yo-yos sometimes.
Best wishes to all. X

Grandmadinosaur Mon 18-Sep-23 08:35:56

Good morning from a soggy and wet East Yorkshire countryside. I was awoken by the rain in the night. DH said he was woken by thunder. I said what thunder 🤣 I didn’t hear that.

Yesterday was glorious and we enjoyed a stroll along the quieter end of the prom at Bridlington.

Was due to meet a friend today but we have rearranged it which I’m glad about with the weather. So DH and I will go for a coffee on the park next door. We enjoyed a lovely meal there on Saturday evening and they handed us a card to fill in entitling you to a free main course in your birthday month. I need to hand it in pronto as mine is looming! Then on the way home I want to call in and check out our new revamped Waitrose store.

So pleased your GD is on the mend Gingster

Have the best day you can.

harrigran Mon 18-Sep-23 08:40:19

Good morning from a grey NE after heavy overnight rain.
Lovely afternoon and evening with DD and SIL, they helped me sort out a few problems with computer.
We had a nice meal and then watched one of the proms I had on a recorder.
When they went home I noticed the stuffed peppers meant for dinner were still in the fridge, my memory is dreadful and means food is getting wasted.
A quiet day for me today.
Pleased to hear poorly grandchild is recovering.
Take care all.

GrannySomerset Mon 18-Sep-23 08:46:03

My sympathy to all those feeling down; I think it’s the change of quality of the light as well as the shortening days and autumn always makes me sad too.

I have a meeting about the parish magazine this morning and a flower arranging class this evening though I am not sure about the latter. I belong to the clutch and drop school and have never really got to grips with complicated arrangements with “mechanics” and non-plant components. We’ll see. Meanwhile another week beckons, and I hope it is a good one.

Gwenisgreat Mon 18-Sep-23 08:47:32

Good morning from wettish Harrogate.
Yes Mick check with your GP about your present state.
Sorry to those who are ‘down’ I think probably caused by the last attempts at summery weather which have now passed!
Thankfully my sore throat disappeared and when DD1 invited us for lunch we were happy to go. DGD has now got a permanent friend in their growing puppy

Jacs7 Mon 18-Sep-23 08:50:19

Morning everyone from a bright and sunny north Kent although we had some rain in the night.

Last night’s belated birthday meal with DD and family was very enjoyable. The food was good and the company even better. Had a good catch up with GSs and lots of laughter. GS2 had given me a 100th birthday card as a joke ( I think it was a joke!). He was a bit taken aback when I pointed out that when I am 100 he will be 34!

This morning I am at art group which is always good. I really ought to do some domestic chores, but they can wait for another day.

Glad to read about Gingster’s GD being on the mend. Hope the glums soon disperse and that everyone has a good day

Gwenisgreat Mon 18-Sep-23 08:51:45

Oops posted too soon! The dog is quite large, but insists the tiny bed when he was very small suits him!
We had a lovely time with them am trying to include short video of puppy and DGD.
Have the best day possible folks

Blossoming Mon 18-Sep-23 09:14:58

Good morning Mick and all from cloudy Lancashire where it is currently 15°C and raining.

Yesterday’s trip to the seaside was very cold, with a really strong, biting wind. I couldn’t manage much walking but it was good to seawatch and do some bird watching.

Thinking of all our ‘poorlies’ and those looking after loved ones.

Have a good day all whatever you’re doing 🌹

aggie Mon 18-Sep-23 09:28:10

Good morning, the rain has stopped at the moment. !
Last night was fun , SIL was poorly , his temp shot up so 111 was rung , I was Co-opted to go with my Daughter as pilot to the GP clinic where a Doctor was waiting with tablets for him !
What excellent service , I am impressed , especially as I have heard so many negative reports
Off to top up the depleted larder , I am expecting Eldest son this week , mind you if he gets a better offer I’m sure he will take it !
🙏🏼🕯️💐 are still being offered for our poorly friends here and for the wee boy recovering from brain surgery

Taichinan Mon 18-Sep-23 09:34:14

Just a quick hello and goodbye from a grey soggy Angus coast. I too am with the glums. A friend who lost her DH just a year before I did told me that the changing seasons could be difficult - I think it's just that we have to readjust our thinking and expectations. Yesterday I was missing just walking round the garden and then sitting by the pond watching the fish. There aren't even any plums left on the tree to pick! Anyway, this will soon become the norm - and won't we rejoice in the occasional wintery sunny day. (A bit different for you I know Marydoll flowers)
So glad your wee GD is home recovering now gingster. She'll have bounced back before you know it while all the adults are still feeling wrung out!
Well, off to the jolly dentist I must go this morning, so what to wear? Not the summer togs, that's for sure.
Hope you all have a pleasant day, with plenty of metaphorical if not actual 🌞. Take care x

Scapa1 Mon 18-Sep-23 09:39:04

Over the weekend my niece and her husband and others took part in the three peaks challenge. To climb three highest peaks in each of Scotland, England and Wales over 24hrs for the Firefighters charity with Red Watch Dundee. She is a nurse and he is a firefighter. Unfortunately she was just over the 24hours so she was disappointed but proud of herself but hubby managed. This amazing as after having Covid she struggled with the stairs at Ninewells hospital.
Miserable morning here wet and misty not sure what I will do, probably a few things I have been putting off. Dh starts curling again today which gives me a bit of peace 🤣 and keeps him occupied summer without out it can be trying at times! Thoughts as always with poorlies and those with difficulties.