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Good Morning Monday 18th September 2023

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Michael12 Mon 18-Sep-23 05:42:32

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and wet start here in brackley this morning.
Would like to do a bus trip to Bicester , but see how weather effects .
Still have bowel symptoms , but I am starting to drink Diarrhea related powders to see if that makes a difference to capsules.
Take Care,

hollysteers Mon 18-Sep-23 09:55:58

Good morning Mick and all from sunny Salzburg. Last day and the weather looks to change here tonight so we have been very lucky.
Travelled up to the top of the fortress and the views were lovely. Mozart museum, birthplace and river trip all ticked off as well as the ubiquitous Sound of Music tour. Beautiful churches too. Salzburg museum today and then I might need a wheelchair to the airport after a week’s sightseeing …Restless night last night, bitten, tummy trouble and lumpy pillow.

I have lost an expensive merino wool cardigan which irks me. In a restaurant somewhere.🙄

Hope your system rights itself Mick, great news Gingster and will read through tonight after another day of high culture 😁

Kalu Mon 18-Sep-23 10:05:49

Good morning all from a gloomy, soggy Glasgow.


Gingster so pleased to hear your GD has bounced back from her bout of gastroenteritis. Children are so resilient.

Kind thoughts to those struggling on with troubled times and low moods which seem to appear from nowhere, there is no other choice than to keep on going hoping for better days. 💐

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 18-Sep-23 10:11:32

Good morning after a very wet and thundery night, first clap of thunder at 1.45 and the last one at 4.30am, it wouldn’t normally bother us but we are dog sitting and she is terrified, so we walked her up and down the garden on a lead in the torrential rain on and off for 3 hours as she just wanted to be outdoors, not sure why she doesn’t prefer to be inside.
She is fine now and hunting rabbits in the garden, she knows they are there somewhere…..
So we are shattered and will have a quiet day.
Hope everyone has a good day, best wishes to those who aren’t so chipper today.