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Housework, am I alone?

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lincolnimp Wed 20-Sep-23 13:20:45

Am I alone in doing as little house work as possible---usually only when we are expecting visitors?
Toilets are obviously cleaned regularly, as are kitchen work surfaces /sinks and cooker. Regularly does mean when they need cleaning!!!

I just have far more interesting things to do with my life, as well as newly imposed Grandparent duties. Some of you may know why these duties are non negotiable .

downtoearth Wed 20-Sep-23 16:32:09

I have light minimal furniture in a small flat,so dust can be ignored as you cant see it.
Small kirchen and bathroom,sinks bath toilet every day.
Wooden floor small amount carpet 1-2 a week.
Hate housework,just spent all day reading my kindle,lots of new books on order to read.

Katie59 Wed 20-Sep-23 16:51:49

The same with me I am not a good housekeeper, it doesn’t cause a problem because OH will do it happily which just leaves me to have a quick whip round when visitors are due.


Germanshepherdsmum Wed 20-Sep-23 16:52:16

I often think it must be wonderful to have a cleaner but I can’t pay someone to do things I can perfectly well do, and have plenty of time to do, but just dislike doing. Nor would I like the intrusion into my space whilst I was there. I know it provides work for someone but I would feel uncomfortable and that I was insulting them with menial, dirty work. I had a cleaner for a very short time when I went back to work after having my son at 11 weeks and needed to get into a work/baby/house routine. I never really trusted her after she told me what she did for Mrs X in the village (what would she say about me?) and was glad to be able to say I could now manage fine, thanks. So I will KBO.

eddiecat78 Wed 20-Sep-23 16:58:31

I don't mind housewife too much but absolutely loathe cooking - and OH doesn't cook at all

eddiecat78 Wed 20-Sep-23 16:58:52

Obviously I meant housework not wife!

Primrose53 Wed 20-Sep-23 17:03:54

I don’t do anywhere near the cleaning I used to but no dogs and no small children now. Nobody notices.

If I see anything that looks like it needs sorting, I do it but only If I feel like it.

farview Wed 20-Sep-23 17:05:38

This is my go to poem now...a few weeks ago I was overwhelmed with life in a lot of of those being housework....

Oreo Wed 20-Sep-23 17:28:37


No you're most definitely not alone lincolnimp, I've never been a willing slave to the kitchen sink and won't be going to my grave wishing I'd done more housework. I find keeping the house tidy gives the impression of cleanliness and it's got to the point now that if I start cleaning DH asks who's coming as he knows a cleaning frenzy means visitors! Otherwise, I've got far more interesting things to do with my life, people to see, places to go, help to give etc

👋🏼Can I join the me too club?

Oreo Wed 20-Sep-23 17:30:03

Brilliant poem Farview 😄

Hetty58 Wed 20-Sep-23 17:39:51

Oh, yuk, I wouldn't want somebody bringing a hoover that been used elsewhere. I did have a cleaner when I worked full time - and I'm thinking of getting another one soon.

Cleaning floors bores me rigid and when/if I do some cleaning, I limit it to one corner, wall or room (sometimes half a room).

Gone are the days of doing all the windows or hoovering the whole house. I'll set the kitchen timer for 40 minutes and that's my lot, I'm done!

Franbern Wed 20-Sep-23 17:49:30

WHen my twin were born their three older siblings were then
2 1/2.,4 1/2. and 5. 1/2. That wonderful first year still stays with me, although nearly fifty years ago. . I breastfed them for their first nine months , would feed them and have the 2 1/2 year old sitting with on the bed reading books to her (upside down) Then the older two were there, we read books, played games, messy artwork, etc. Friends would come round and exclaim if they saw dust on the surfaces' You poor dear, no wonder you have no time for housework.' Yes, I did have time, but no inclination. Whereas the dust would still be there in future year, those precious times I had wih my five children during their formative years would never happen again.

Must say, as I got older I tended to do more and more housework, Not a great deal now. Living by myself, find little need. Everywhere tends to remain pretty clean and tidy.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 20-Sep-23 17:54:14

I envy you Fran. I had no choice but to work full time and to have only one child. Would that things had been different.

LadyGaGa Wed 20-Sep-23 17:54:39

Count me in as a sloven. When I worked full time with three small children I was always cleaning - a regular day each week was set aside. I never left the house in the morning without making the beds and wiping down the bathroom. What a plonker 😂 Now I just potter and go manic for visitors - although a downstairs toilet mean they never have to go upstairs (phew!) I am envious of people who never have a bit of dust on their skirting boards, fluff down the back of the setee or no dried up cat food stuck to the floor. But it doesn’t last long. Life’s too short to clean corners! 😝

lincolnimp Wed 20-Sep-23 17:56:17

Farview Brilliant, I will take a copy of that and read it frequently smile

kittylester Wed 20-Sep-23 17:57:47

Our cleaners are also £15 ph.

I have had a cleaner since I had 3 children under 4, a big old house and dogs and cats. More children, with more commitments didn't leave time for cleaning and I have no intention of starting to do it in my old age. I have much better things to do with my time now.

Nannylovesshopping Wed 20-Sep-23 17:58:37

Housework, no thanks, too many other interesting things to do!

MerylStreep Wed 20-Sep-23 18:01:40

You can do both. I really dislike clutter and untidiness. Because I don’t accumulate stuff and things are put away.
I’m always telling my daughter dont pick something up twice
Because live like this housework doesn’t take up my time, plus when we moved in 2014 it had to be to a smaller property because I knew the time would come when I couldn’t do it all.

Urmstongran Wed 20-Sep-23 20:31:59

This. 🤣

Dogmum2 Wed 20-Sep-23 20:36:06

Oh no, you are not alone. The older i get, the less bothered i am, i would rather be doing something, anything else smile

Septimia Wed 20-Sep-23 20:41:27

I'd rather read a good book than do housework. I'm another one who only does it (with DH's help) when expecting visitors - or when I can't stand it any longer!

Kim19 Wed 20-Sep-23 20:51:36

When I moved out on my own, my lovely Mum despaired at my lack of the domestics 'arts'. She implored me to at least keep my place tidy as 'it gives the impression of clean!' This I have always practised!

Floradora9 Wed 20-Sep-23 21:40:15

Well I quite like to keep my house clean and sparkling myself with DH's help . We set aside one morning a week to clean all our bungalow and I feel satisfied when it is done . We had a cleaner at one stage but , having had two people working in our house for a morning , I thought it would only be if I really could not do it myself that I would have one again. I also enjoy cooking even for only two of us most of the time . I enjoy planning meals and have gone for about three weeks without repeating a main course . We have had different fish dishes , curried , Chinese , casseroles etc..

Attlee Wed 20-Sep-23 21:52:30

I like things to be clean and tidy and I actually enjoy housework. When the children were at home and I was working I felt that I was constantly just scratching the surface.
I love to put my music on and crack on with whatever I feel like doing.
I also like to sit down with a cuppa and a book when it's all done.

Luckygirl3 Wed 20-Sep-23 22:02:35

I had someone come in and do a late spring clean for me (first tome in 3 years) - it does not look that much different, which just endorses my view that housework is a waste of time. If things are relatively sanitary that will do for me. I clean things if they happen to look dirty. Nothing more.

henetha Wed 20-Sep-23 23:29:03

I've always loathed housework so now I have a bad back I have a good excuse not to do it.