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Housework, am I alone?

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lincolnimp Wed 20-Sep-23 13:20:45

Am I alone in doing as little house work as possible---usually only when we are expecting visitors?
Toilets are obviously cleaned regularly, as are kitchen work surfaces /sinks and cooker. Regularly does mean when they need cleaning!!!

I just have far more interesting things to do with my life, as well as newly imposed Grandparent duties. Some of you may know why these duties are non negotiable .

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 20-Sep-23 13:23:24

You are not alone!

Chardy Wed 20-Sep-23 13:25:33

Definitely not alone. (I'm looking at the carpet now wondering if it could last another day or 2 before it needs vacuuming!)

YorkLady Wed 20-Sep-23 13:25:49

You are probably in the majority! Life is too short to be tied to a duster 😂

recklessgran Wed 20-Sep-23 13:31:59

No you're most definitely not alone lincolnimp, I've never been a willing slave to the kitchen sink and won't be going to my grave wishing I'd done more housework. I find keeping the house tidy gives the impression of cleanliness and it's got to the point now that if I start cleaning DH asks who's coming as he knows a cleaning frenzy means visitors! Otherwise, I've got far more interesting things to do with my life, people to see, places to go, help to give etc

Kate1949 Wed 20-Sep-23 13:34:27

No. I do as little as is humanly possible. I have never been remotely interested in housey things. We are comfortable and the house is reasonably clean and the garden neat. That'll do.

sassysaysso Wed 20-Sep-23 14:02:34

"...won't be going to my grave wishing I'd done more housework."

Actually I might. At the moment, everything on the surface looks clean and tidy but I know there are a lot of places that are messy and not quite so clean. My demise will reveal my sluttish ways.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 20-Sep-23 14:05:41

You are not alone. Once the dust gets to a certain level it doesn't seem to get any worse, and cobwebs are natural flypaper, so go and do something more fun.

dogsmother Wed 20-Sep-23 14:05:55

Monday morning bathroom and downstairs toilet cleaned. Towels changed. Kitchen ongoing including floor cleaning every two/three days. Everything else when I really have too.

Esmay Wed 20-Sep-23 14:28:20

I increasingly hate housework .
I didn't used to loath it as much as I do now .
I just have much better things to do these days .
I'd rather watch an interesting programme , write ,read , paint or draw .

I keep the house clean , but admit to having mad blitzes if I have guests .
I had a guest yesterday and before she came - I was like a headless chicken .
I had earache and a sore gland and felt far from great .

At the moment , I'm doing an hour or two in the garden most days .
I'm wondering about reducing the size of a huge flower bed .
I'm totally fed up with my reclusive neighbour's weeds growing under and over his fence .
I only cut them back a month ago and unless I cut again -more brambles will take root in my garden .

sharon103 Wed 20-Sep-23 14:34:25

When I was younger everything had to be done.
I'm coming up to 69 now and I do things when I'm in the mood for doing it.
However when I know when visitors are coming I can go round like a bat out of hell.

TerriBull Wed 20-Sep-23 14:37:16

My husband does most of the heavy duty stuff like hoovering and the cleaning of bathrooms etc., because as he likes to tell me, I have no elbow grease, well I'm happy to accept that! and yes it is boring but he seems to take more pleasure in it than I would, so I let him get on with it, he'll hire a cleaner soon though, he did that in our last house before we moved here. Conversely I don't really like the grind of housework but I love a sparkly, shiny, clean house, I don't like muckyness, I do go round cleaning sinks and toilets when we have guests. I don't want to paint myself as being completely idle! I do my share of ironing including all the bed linen and he does his shirts, because he's ultra fussy about how his collars are ironed confused I would add I did all of it when he was working. I do, change the bedding and towels, I like my bedrooms to look as if the linen is changed regularly, which it is. I did read quite a funny article in a Sunday supplement magazine where a woman described in an interview how she didn't really like guests, including her own children because they mucked the bedrooms up grin know the feeling! so apart from upstairs, I clean the kitchen, round up the washing, do the supermarket shopping and food preparation all that is pretty much my domain.

Fleurpepper Wed 20-Sep-23 14:37:35

Not alone- the woods and the garden are much more enjoyable smile. I clean the parts of the hosue we use all the time- and the rest gets a really could clean when visitors are coming.

Fine by me!

BlueBelle Wed 20-Sep-23 14:44:39

Definitely not alone Do as little as possible to just keep it all ok
Being on my own and out and about a lot there’s not a lot todo anyway but no I don’t waste a moment more than necessary

buffyfly9 Wed 20-Sep-23 14:47:45

I used to be really tidy and everything was cleaned to within an inch of its life. I now put things off when the weather is nice and I'm gardening, then I come in at 5 and the house is a mess as I've left stuff all over the worktops and the dishwasher unloaded. I start to stress out and then I say to myself " this might be the last day I have , (I'm 78)' so I'm going to make the most of it and enjoy it". Housework can wait.

fancythat Wed 20-Sep-23 14:52:40

Done a huge declutter[not totally finished yet].
Making housework quite a bit easier. Which is an extra I wasnt quite expecting.

kittylester Wed 20-Sep-23 14:56:54

I have a cleaner! blush

Delila Wed 20-Sep-23 15:11:43

No, you’re definitely not alone, but I do sometimes feel overwhelmed by the things I need to chuck out. There’s always something more interesting to do though.

Fleurpepper Wed 20-Sep-23 15:19:43


I have a cleaner! blush

Oh I did when I was working- and did for a couple of years recently to help with my new knees. But at local prices- that would be a massive luxury!

Witzend Wed 20-Sep-23 15:24:13

You’re not alone! I do have the odd blitz, when guests are coming, but mostly it’s just what’s needed to keep it more or less presentable. And now it’s just me and dh, TBH that’s not much at all.

rosie1959 Wed 20-Sep-23 15:28:15

I pretty sure I do far too much housework it often seems there is always something to do but slowly realising it’s a thankless task.
I do enjoy a good declutter but I have to be in the mood. My DH is presently looking at retiring and I am already thinking what can be done with our reasonable large office space.
I work far less than him and at the present I do most of the housework gardening and decorating I am also much more physically fit than him

Fleurpepper Wed 20-Sep-23 15:36:54

BTW, what is the current price per hour for a cleaner these days.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 20-Sep-23 15:40:19

I have a cleaner, but I keep it clean and tidy in between as I am not good with dust, fingerprints (GC and DH) and untidiness, it stresses me.

Fleurpepper I pay £15 per hour by direct debit.

Fleurpepper Wed 20-Sep-23 15:45:26

Thanks- that seems very reasonable. It is 25-30 here- so a bit of a luxury.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 20-Sep-23 15:48:27


Thanks- that seems very reasonable. It is 25-30 here- so a bit of a luxury.

They use my cleaning products, dusters and cleaning cloths but do bring their own hoover as they do not like mine 🤣