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Housework, am I alone?

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lincolnimp Wed 20-Sep-23 13:20:45

Am I alone in doing as little house work as possible---usually only when we are expecting visitors?
Toilets are obviously cleaned regularly, as are kitchen work surfaces /sinks and cooker. Regularly does mean when they need cleaning!!!

I just have far more interesting things to do with my life, as well as newly imposed Grandparent duties. Some of you may know why these duties are non negotiable .

lixy Tue 24-Oct-23 10:06:25

Spotless is an aspiration here, accomplished once in a blue moon. It's rather like estate agent speak - one described my last house as 'immaculate' - I thought 'if only you knew' and hoped he would never encounter my 'stuff' lodged in the daughter's garage while he took the photos !!!

Clean is a good everyday working average.

Fairycakes Wed 25-Oct-23 11:00:21

I'd like to do a lot less and spend more time on hobbies, but I have a husband who is very particular (probably has undiagnosed ADHD). He finds chores for me to do, as he doesn't believe in sitting around 'doing nothing' grin. Yesterday morning, I came downstairs to find the hoover waiting for me in the sitting room - a clear indication that he felt the carpet needed hoovering, lol! Fortunately, I don't mind housework once I get going.

Bellanonna Wed 25-Oct-23 11:35:24

Blimey, Fairycakes, is there something preventing Mr Fairycakes from pushing a hoover around himself? Iโ€™m afraid that would be a signal for me to sit down and ignore it,

Fairycakes Wed 25-Oct-23 12:58:43

You are quite right, Bellanonna, that's exactly what I did grin.

Sallywally1 Wed 25-Oct-23 16:25:41

As Claire rayner said, women are not born with a duster and polish in their hands!

AreWeThereYet Wed 25-Oct-23 16:48:15

Clean is a good everyday working average.

I think that's true for most people.

Having said that, my idea of clean is not the same as MrA's idea of clean ๐Ÿ˜